Lip lovely set

Lip balm discontinued
by Bella Il Fiore

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While this set isn't something that I'll use on a regular basis, it's not a purchase that I regret, either. The packaging is great for a gift, but for the price you can find much higher quality sets elsewhere. Still, it's fun to use.

Lip Lovely makes lips lovely

If you're always looking for quick things to add to your beauty regime, look no further. Bella Il Fiore has come out with a product that takes only minutes to use, but moisturizes for the entire day, and helps keep lips looking gorgeous, feeling soft and luscious, and is without chemicals, glycerin, or parabens. The adorable packaging makes for a great gift, too.

A great product for any one with cracked or dry lips. Easy and fun to use! No greasy residue or bad taste.

This lip treatment is great for men and women alike. I would recommend this to anyone, whether they have soft lips or dry and cracked, it works for anyone.

This is a cute little package that would make a great gift for a girlie friend. The scrub and lip treatment make a great minty-fresh lip care combo!

For peppermint lovers this lip set will be a welcome addition to a cosmetics box. The sugar scrub is easily the best tasting scrub I have ever tasted and it is very soothing to dry, cracked and irritated lips. The lip balm soothes and eases chapping due to wind and dry weather. It will leave others wondering what yummy little piece of candy you have been sucking on!

Fall in love with your smooth, sexy, plump, and kissable lips after treating them to a little TLC for a small price with the great sugar lip scrub and rescue me lip treatment balm!

In cold or very hot, dry climates the lips are the first to suffer. We all carry around a stick, tube or cup of something to moisten and soften our lips. This is a lovely kit designed to heal and maintain kissable lips. Try this and you won't be disappointed.

This set is the best gift I got this year. Okay maybe not the best but its darn close! I get the smoothest lips when I use it and it smells great. It's all natural and I don't have to use a ton of product. I would have given this set a 5 if the balm had been more unique but a 4 isn't bad. You should try it.

The Bella II Fiore Lip Lovely set in peppermint is like spa treatment for dry, chapped lips. It heals and moisturizes. If you already have healthy lips it's just extra pampering for them. The scrub gets off dead skin cells while leaving your lips cool and tingly. The balm coats and protects your lips leaving them feeling smooth, cool and hydrated. If you want healthy, kissably, tasty cool lips then this set is the way to go!

I really love this set! The scrub is exactly what I needed, the smell is pretty nice, and the packaging is crazy adorable. The balm isn't really much of a balm, though.

I'm going to be somewhat generous and give this three stars. I do like the lip scrub and would buy that again separately if possible unless I can find something better locally. But when I look at the size of the lip balm and the way it feels on my lips and think about how much Vaseline I could buy for the same price (if I wanted to use that and get the same thick feeling), I'm very disgusted. Pass up the set and get just the scrub.

If you want something to transform your lips into the lips of a princess, this is the stuff! It comes in great gift packaging, and the tubs are definitely great for traveling. The scrub gets rid of all your dead dry skin while the balm repairs any cracked or dry areas. Perfect for any girl... or guy!

I love this set; it works great and smells awesome. For lip care this is a great buy and affordable. You need these products!

It's not necessary for lip balm products to contain products such as petrolatum, although those often come at higher costs due to the quality ingredients. But if you're looking for a cheaper product and have no issues with certain ingredients, this may be a great two in one purchase.

Soft, sexy, luscious and smooth kissable lips are now within your reach! Get ready for all those kisses under the mistletoe with the Lip Lovely set! Give your lips some sugar with the gentle exfoliating scrub and make them oh, so soft and ready for kisses with the lip treatment! This set is a must for the holidays! Treat you mom and other friends with this pretty and very useful non-sexual oriented gift!

When winter months come, I love a good lip scrub and balm. This is a solid kit. The scrub is just the right amount of abrasion to get the skin cells off without injuring sensitive skin. The balm is thick without being goopy and feels amazing. I can wear it for extended periods without it coming off or annoying me. I noticed a significant difference in my lips in just a few days with this kit.

Bella Il Fiore Lip Lovely set is a terrific product that does all that you expect it to do - give you silky smooth lips in two easy steps - and does it well. It is luxurious to use, elegantly packaged and smells wonderful too.

If you are looking for a cute pampering set for yourself or to give as a gift, then you’ll love this kit. If you are like me, and are hoping for a kit that will do an excellent job in exfoliating and moisturizing your lips, I would not recommend this kit. It's pretty and smells good, but the scrub grains are weak and the moisturizer doesn't absorb.

This product is well worth the price that is being asked. I plan on getting more when it runs out, but I don't see that happening any time soon because there is so much of it!

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