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Lip lovely set

Lip balm by Bella Il Fiore

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We love these new skin care products at EF!!

In cold or very hot, dry climates the lips are the first to suffer. We all carry around a stick, tube or cup of something to moisten and soften our lips. This is a lovely kit designed to heal and maintain kissable lips. Try this and you won't be disappointed.
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Bella Il Fiore's Lip Lovely set is a set of 2 containers, 1 each of lip scrub and lip treatment. Any person, male or female, can benefit from using this set. Those of us living in cold weather climates at this time of year know the heartbreak of dry, chapped lips. The packaging of these products are rather feminine, but there is nothing feminine about the product itself. This product is designed to be used as part of your morning and evening hygeine routine, but can be taken to the office for use during the day. Better yet, puchase an additional set and tuck it away in your desk drawer (or pocket!). It also makes a great item for your young teenage girls--I would say age 13 and up.

Both products are made of all natural ingredients, including Vitamin D which is widely touted to have both soothing and healing for your skin. Because the ingredients are natural, I think that allergies and/or sensativities would be of low risk. But, since these products are designed for use on your lips and it is impossible to prevent a small amount from being ingested, place a small amount of each pot on your forearm amd wait 24 hours. If you are super sensative, after the forearm test, do a 2nd test with a small amount on your bottom lip. With concerns of recations to product, make sure you are not alone during the initial hour of the test period. Also, be cautious of your partner's allergie profile.
    • Bridal gift

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The first product to apply is the Sugar Kisses Lip Scrub. It has a slightly thick texture while in the jar, but thins out quickly with the heat from your fingers. Small granuales are suspended in the scrub. Lightly apply/rub the material on your lips--the granuales help remove the old cells and get the lips ready to accept the lip treatment. Why waste the treatment on old skin that shouldn't be there in the first place? After wipiing off the residual scrub, you will notice a smoother, finer texture to your lips.

The Rescue Me Lip Treatment is much thicker than the scrub. It is actually a solid that when you slide your finger across the top of it, some melts onto your finger. Rub your finger across both lips and the treatment will move from your finger to your lips. This both softens your now kissable lips and continues to heal them. You can re-apply the treatment as often as you feel necessary--if you are drinking and or eating frequently you may want to do this several times during the day but a better option is to purchase the Belle II Fiore Moisturizing Lip Balm, which comes in a separate 1 ounce jar for only $9.99 on EF.

After using both products, some people may want to apply makeup which includes lipstick. You can use any color and any brand. Both Bella Il Fiore lip products are colorless so they will not interfere with your color choices.

This product is designed for use only on the lips and should not be applied to other parts of the body.
    • Creamy
    • Sticky
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

The set comes in 2 flavor options--strawberry and peppermint. I purchased this set for the Mrs. but since I have kissing rights, I chose the peppermint (don't you love those creamy, chocolate covered patties? Yum.). Neither of us are big fans of "fruity" scented or tasting cosmetic products. The taste and smell of the scrub and treatment are positively peppermint but not overwhelmingly so. If you like peppermint, you will be pleased. If you don't like peppermint you probably won't choose this option anyway. I'm not familiar with the strawberry so I can not comment or recommend it to you. But, if you are a strawberry fan, I'd definitely give it a go. The basics of how the products perform would be the same.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


I can honestly say this is my favorite part of this review. I have no hesitation to recommend this product to anyone reading this review. It has a wonderful scent and it works great. Any time something for sale does what the company claims is OK in my eyes. Often companies exagerate or hype up their products to increase sales/profits. This company seems very low key when they could very ethically shout from the rooftops about their great lip scrub and treatment products. Both items in this set go on and off effortlessly and are effective. It is probably the easiest part of your daily hygeine/skin care day.


This is packaged well for gifting. The 2 small, plastic round jars are tucked in a small cardboard carrying case like box. The box isn't very strong and won't last long, but the jars are very sturdy and will surely stand up to multiple daily uses. The pink, black and white box the product comes in is more for show and would make a nice gift presentation.

Surprisingly, no insturctions are included in the box or on the jars. However, if I could figure out all by myself how to use these products, anyone can do the same. It isn't hard to figure out that you scrub with the textured stuff, wipe it off and apply the smooth lip treatment. That's it--probably about 2 minutes out of your morning routine (maybe less time).
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly
Follow-up commentary
Well, the lips are still lovely and quite kissable so this stuff must be working. It hasn't snowed much but it has been cold and windy and so far, since we have had this kit, neither of us have sore or chapped lips.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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