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Absolutely WONDERFUL!

If you want something to transform your lips into the lips of a princess, this is the stuff! It comes in great gift packaging, and the tubs are definitely great for traveling. The scrub gets rid of all your dead dry skin while the balm repairs any cracked or dry areas. Perfect for any girl... or guy!
Peppermint smells/tastes great, Exfoliates, High quality, Cute packaging
Strawberry is gross
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extremely useful review


I suffer from the dry cracked lips year round. Whether it's hot and humid outside, or cold and dry. It's just something that happens to me unexpectedly, and fixing that problem is often very hard. Being a professional beauty consultant, you'd think I would have this under control. I mean, there are only two simple steps to keeping your lips beautiful:

1 - Exfoliating at least 3 times a week, daily if you don't get irritated.

2 - Moisturizing with a good lip balm regularly when you feel dry. About twice a day.

Even though I own a million lip glosses, balms, and chapsticks, I have yet to find a great exfoliator for the lips. I've tried lip masks, homemade scrubs, and even pure vitamin E oil. Nothing ever works for me.

I purchased this set, and for the first time I have found a product that works fantastically! It's simple to use and the tubs are travel friendly - so I can take this set to work if I need to!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity


The scrub has a texture like petroleum jelly with sugar. The mix seems to be close to 1/3 sugar, and 2/3 moisturizer. I can tell that whatever is in the product is high quality, because you almost don't even need the balm once you've used the scrub. Your lips just feel amazing.

The scrub is not at all sticky, and you could remove it with the simple wipe of a damp cloth, or by just licking it of or wiping it off with your fingers. It tastes great, by the way! I prefer just wiping what I can off with my fingers, and then licking any remnants of sugar off with my tongue. It makes the process easier.

There are no specific directions for use, but I prefer to apply the scrub and use my finger to exfoliate as much as I can. Preferably until the sugar crystals "dissolve" and there is only what feels like balm on my lips. I focus on the very dry spots and spots with dead skin. I've repeated this first step a few times if I feel that there is a lot of dead skin.

(NOTE: I just wanted to add that I've purchased both the strawberry and the peppermint. The strawberry seemed to have less sugar in it than the peppermint. I added about 1/4 of a teaspoon myself and I ended up adding a little more to the peppermint as well.)

The balm:

This balm is a bit harder. Think of the best lip balm you've ever tried... this is better. You would have to circle the tub with your finger over and over to loosen it up, as it is quite hard. So this stuff isn't going anywhere anytime soon. You'll run out of the scrub faster than the balm.

It moisturizes very, very well. Your lips stay moist all day long, and at the most you would have to apply this twice, but I doubt it. For once, I only needed to use this once! I do keep one set in my purse because sometimes I'll go out for lunch and end up wiping my lips a lot.

Taste / Aroma

Peppermint: You can smell the peppermint as soon as you open the tubs. Both the balm and the scrub smell the same, but the scrub seems to have more peppermint because your lips sort of "tingle" with that peppermint sensation. I find the peppermint to be my favorite... just like peppermint candies!

Strawberry: I'm not a huge fan of this set. Why? The taste/aroma are awful. You taste the balm itself more than the flavor.(By the way, you don't taste a thing except peppermint and sugar in the peppermint set.) It actually doesn't really smell like strawberry. I don't know what it smells like! I keep this set for use at home because it is unpleasant to me.


This product works great! The scrub gets off all the dead skin, and there's a good chance you will see the skin on your fingertips like I did during the first use. I like to get the areas around my mouth as well, because I get a bit of dead skin there too. It doesn't leave you greasy, so there's not a huge risk of breakouts if you are acne-prone. It only takes a little bit to do the job, too! So you'll have this set for a while.

The balm does such a great job at moisturizing your lips that you probably wont need it more than once a day. After a good 3 days of use you will find that lip gloss or chapstick is not an important part of your life anymore. Your lips will look smooth, healthy, and moist! Ready for kisses!


The two tubs have cute labels that are printed on, rather than on a tape-like label. They do not scratch easily, so they are always cute. It is the same cute label that the gift box has. The gift box is just so cute because it makes it easy to give this to someone as a present. No wrapping involved! I bought a few of these as stocking stuffers and gifts for girls at work.

Special Features

- Exfoliating

- Peppermint has a great scent and taste

- Moisturizes very well
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    I am buying this now..peppermint ofco..
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    Cons:Strawberry is gross
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