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Little afterglow sampler Little afterglow sampler

Massage candle by Jimmyjane

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Little afterglow sampler reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

This is a nice set, looks good, smells good but leaves something to be desired when it comes to the actual feel of the oil. It's a bit thicker and tackier than I would have liked and requires showering afterwards. Makes a nice set or home decoration too.

I would highly recommend this sampler box to anyone who wants to try massage candles, but isn't sure they will like having warm/hot massage oil. It's also a great way to try the Jimmyjane scents without going broke. I give it 5 stars for sure, even though I hated the Grapefruit scent. Being able to try six of the scents made up for it, and I discovered 2 scents that I really liked.

As candles these little guys fell down on the job. I don't know if my bedroom is just that drafty or what the problem was but it was a disaster on the mood lighting front. HOWEVER, this set gets super high marks for elegance, for the quality of the oils and for the amazingly complex scents of the oils.

This is a great gift for anyone or yourself! I love the variety of scents, the packaging, and the candle holders are reusable! I think that it is a bit pricey, but its worth the price, I would say.

A frangrant, sensual massage that leaves behind soft, smooth skin and gets you ready for whatever comes to mind. The candles burn for many hours and when you are done with the masssage oils, you still have 6 small white pots that women love to fill with little things like earrings, rings and lipsticks. It comes wrapped for beautiful gift giving--with Valentine's Day coming up, this is the perfect gift for lovers!!! You'll be happy you took this oldman's advice!

Through the Little Afterglow Sampler and a few excursions into limited edition Afterglows, and even an Ember, I've tried a lot of scents. This review doesn't go into the details of the candle, it just gives my thoughts on the nine scents I've tried, and the three candle sizes. Don't let this be the only review you read, but if you already want an Afterglow and just want to know which scent to get, read on!

A fan of candles and a fan of massage, this item really peaked my interest. I was excited, yet nervous, to actually try the candle as a massage oil, but my husband I are adventurous and were very pleasantly surprised with how hot, yet enjoyable it was. If you are looking for a deep relaxation, I highly recommend!

These are such a wonderful treat! An amazing gift (you can give the whole shebang or give them out individually as little gifts), or gift for yourself! This warm, velvety oil is thick, luxurious, fragrant and long lasting, and contains many skin nourishing ingredients. Equally wonderful for a massage, or for a pampering skin treatment. The fragrance is pretty intense, so those who dislike strong scents should steer clear, but scent junkies will love the variety in this box.

I have tried several other massage candles in the past, but Jimmyjane is by far the top quality product out of that list. The packaging make their items perfect for gift giving, and the candle massage oil leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. This Little Afterglow Sampler gift set is perfect to find out your favorite scent, and is worth every penny. Once you find the scent you love, you can purchase the original sized massage candle!

My favorite thing about the sampler is the fact that it's a sampler. It's difficult to choose scents over the computer, and if you've never tried anything by this company before, there's no need to worry about choosing wrong! You get enough of everything to get an accurate idea of how you like it, and you won't feel like you're wasting anything if you don't like some of the scents. You really can't go wrong with this set.

These candles are absolutely worth every penny whether you are shopping for yourself, a couple that you know or your mother. They make a great aromatherapy gift or can really add to those sensual moments. I honestly don't have any cons on this sampler set. The one thing I can think of wouldn't stop me from buying it over and over. These candles will definitely be in my possession as long as they are being made!

The best part about sets of things is that you can get a good feel for whether or not you'd like a full size of something without having to end up stuck with full size stuff you don't like. With this set, you get to sample 6 lovely candles from JimmyJane. Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

When I am looking for a little "Me" time I will light a couple of the JimmyJane Little Afterglow candles and line the tube with them for a great aromatherapy bath and then once done with my bath I choose a candle to use to rub into my skin as a moisturizer. It makes me feel like I have been to the spa.

The Little Afterglow Sampler is enticing! If you haven't tried JimmyJane products, you must. If you have, try the sampler, it will blow your mind! The sampler includes 6 candles all with their own identity wrapped in an elegant ceramic holder.

As with all candles, Jimmy Jane Afterglow should be burned responsibly in a safe environment. That being said, they burn evenly, smell fantastic, and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. The scent lingers with you making you feel sexy, and these are the perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas. They even come wrapped and ready to go!

The Little Afterglow Sampler is about the best idea anyone has come up with in years. It allows you to try various scents of this amazing candle without committing to a full size and also allows you to mix and match scents to create an intoxicating experience that stirs all the senses. These are the best massage candles on the market, bar none.

This is a wonderful introduction to both massage oils and the joys of hot wax play. The waxes in these candles are all natural, clean and cool burning. They are not intimidating to the novice to candle wax play, and the scents are sexy and inviting. Whether you like your wax hot (and these do not get TOO hot) or prefer it cooled off, you massages will be more sensual and moisturizing using this product. Six of the best scents are chosen for you in a beautiful, satin ribbon tied gift box.

The Little Afterglow Sampler Set is a sumptuous smelling assortment of six decadent candles from luxury company Jimmyjane. Arriving in sleek packaging and tied off with a pink ribbon, the sampler makes a perfect gift. And from the porcelain candle votive vessels to the provocative scents themselves anyone would be happy to receive them...including you! Treat yourself or a loved one to a little taste of Jimmyjane's finest sensual products.

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