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Massage candle by Jimmyjane

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Little Afterglow Sampler isn't so little, and it makes an amazing gift.

I have tried several other massage candles in the past, but Jimmyjane is by far the top quality product out of that list. The packaging make their items perfect for gift giving, and the candle massage oil leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. This Little Afterglow Sampler gift set is perfect to find out your favorite scent, and is worth every penny. Once you find the scent you love, you can purchase the original sized massage candle!
Candles lasts a long time, candle/massage oil, reusable holder, 6 scents, leaves skin soft.
Didn't like the taste.
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JimmyJane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist.

The Little Afterglow Sampler by JimmyJane, is a wonderful gift set of six small candles. The candles can be used to set the mood for lovemaking, refresh any room, or use the liquid for a heated body massage. Each candle holds it's own fragrance, perfect for whatever mood you may be in. Each candle burns to product a luxurious massage oil, perfect for all occasions and to help add a little spice in the bedroom. This gift set is gorgeous, and would make for an awesome gift. It's also a good way to find out which candle scent you like the most, and then purchase your favorite scent in a bigger candle size.

JimmyJane's natural blend of spa-grade ingredients features a precise balance of Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, Aloe and other botanical extracts to offer silky sensation at the perfect temperature.

If you want to use candle for a massage, allow the oil to melt to the container's edge before pouring (about 30 minutes) so that the candle will continue to burn evenly with every use. Once candle is ready, blow out the flame and get started!

Drizzle the warm oil onto the body to excite the senses. Start with a small amount of oil (about the size of a quarter), as you can always add more.

You can use this candle and massage oil almost anywhere in your home, as it's not greasy or messy. The oil gets massaged into the skin, leaving it soft and silky to the touch. The good thing about this massage oil is that you don't have to wash it off. The fragrance, and texture of the massage oil truly help set the mood for romance.

You can use this product in the bedroom, and not worry about staining your sheets. You can use this in the bathroom, to set the mood for a nice long bubble bath... but not recommended during a shower or bubble bath! This is the perfect item if you're a fan of being pampered at a spa. It's top quality and it's good enough to use at a spa.

Even though these candles produce a wonderful massage oil, stay clear using it on the genital region, as the ingredients are natural but may be too harsh.

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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bridal gift
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body excluding genitals and face

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When it comes to the texture of the Little candles, they have an oily feel even before being lit. It's not a bad feeling, it's a nice silky, slick, smooth texture, that glides easily across your skin once melted. The candles are a creamy white color, and once lit, within a couple minutes you can see the liquid forming. The candle should be good to go roughly about 15 minutes of burning, to be able to give a full body massage. Once extinguishing the flame, and pouring some oil in your hands, it's nice and warm and slick on your skin. This product makes you feel like you're at a spa, its so luxurious, as it's top quality.

It's slippery in the beginning, but will absorb into the skin. You will want to re-apply the oil several times to enjoy a long session. The oil doesn't leave your skin greasy, but eventually gets thicker as it cools. The liquid from the candle should stay warm and liquefied for quite some time. You should be able to give a 30 minute massage, before it starts to harden again. The oil pours very easily, as the design of each candle container has a little spout. It pours like you're pouring baby oil on someone's skin, and leaves the skin soft as a baby's bottom.

The oil absorbs nicely into the skin, and once absorbed doesn't leave a greasy feeling. Careful getting this product on your bedclothes, as it will stain.

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    • Oily
    • Slick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

I love how this sampler kit comes with six candles that each have a different scent. Each are equally pleasing , it just depends what your mood is at the time. They all smell stronger before being lit, but once they're burning for a period of time the scent mellows. The different scents are:

Cucumber Water: A wonderful clean scent, very soothing and relaxing, with a hint of spice. It is supposed to symbolize "wit", and they gave this scent the title "Explore".

Pink Lotus: A wonderful sweet, yet warm and spicy scent, smells like a lotus flower. This is a very romantic scented candle, and will make you want to be extra intimate. This is supposed to symbolize "Charm", and they gave this scent the title "Connect". The title for this is is perfect, as it really helps connect you closer to your partner.

Truffle + Gardenia: A wonderful sweet, yet flowery scent, with a hint of spice. This is also a very romantic scent, and will awaken your senses. This is supposed to symbolize "Kink", and they gave this scent the title "Seduce". This candle really does help seduce!

Grapefruit: A nice clean, fresh, fruity scent, with a hint of spice. I love this scent, and is more of an every day kind of massage candle. This is supposed to symbolize "Wit" as well, and they gave this scent the title "Provoke".

Dark Vanilla: A yummy sweet smelling candle, that reminds me of baked goods. This will awaken your senses for some sweet fun with your partner, and leave you craving something yummy. This is supposed to symbolize "Charm" as well, and they gave this scent the title "Flirt".

Bourbon: This is a nice unique scent, that is sweet, spicy, with a hint of bourbon. The flavors of this candle is quite rich, and will leave your mouth watering. This is supposed to symbolize "Kink" as well, and they gave this scent the title "Intrigue".

All of the candles smell wonderful, and will fill up the room with their scent. If you're planning on giving oral during a massage, they don't taste very good. They all taste like perfume, so I wouldn't advise licking it off anyone. These candles set the scene for romance, and make you feel like you're being pampered at a luxurious spa.
    • Bad taste
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


JimmyJane massage candles are made w/ paraffin-free natural waxes and other plant extracts, making the wax blend a nourishing emollient for the skin. The wax is biodegradable and the wick is lead-free, leading to a clean and efficient burn and keeping the air free of pollutants and soot.

Burn time: 12 hr
Width:2 1/2"
Height:1 1/4"
Special Features: Scented, all natural.

You do not have to wash this massage oil off, as it will soak into the skin. Before putting the candles away, re-center the wick while the oil is still liquid to ensure a clean burn the next time you use it. The candle will cool and re-solidify naturally. You will want to store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

For best results and to maximize burn time, you will want to trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch before each use. If you don't do this, you run the risk of having soot in your oil, and please remember ALWAYS put out the flame before using the oil!

Overall, this is an excellent product and I highly recommend. I've tried other massage candles in the past, and Jimmyjane is by far the best out of the bunch. They are long lasting, and the candles are in reusable porcelain holders. I like to keep the original holders and use them to put tea lights in. Once washed, they also make an excellent milk or cream holder for on the table, or a gravy boat. Of course if you're going to use it for food, you would have to make sure you clean it well.

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I love that there's six different scents in this package, so if there's one that you like the most, you can purchase it in the regular size. I also love how there's a theme to every scent, with different symbolism, makes for an excellent presentation and added fun.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting


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When it comes to the packaging of this product, it's not lacking anything. It's the perfect gift, that doesn't really have to get wrapped. It came in a clear plastic bag for protection, and then a sealed box measuring 11.5" in length, 8" in width, and 1.5" in thickness. The original box is made of a high quality cardboard that is recyclable, and the background of the box is white. On the front of the box there is a grey design that looks like splattered paint, which is to the left of the box. On the lower right of the box is the "JIMMYJANE" written, along with their logo.

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The back of the box is the same solid white, and has the grey splatter pain design on the right side. At the top on the back is a big sticker that takes up half of the box, which includes a description of the product, as well as the ingredients for each candle.

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The gorgeous part of the main packaging, is that there's a nice pink ribbon that ties the whole thing together. In the original photos on Eden Fantasys, they have it tied in a bow, however, when i received mine it was just laying flat. You're able to easily tie it in a bow, they probably left it flat to keep it nice and clean for travel. I also liked how the box was properly sealed, so you can tell that it's brand new.

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Once you open the box, the first thing you will notice is a big white piece of high quality paper/cardboard. This shows what each candle scent is, with a cute little cartoon icon that shows the flavor, as well as what it symbolizes and title.

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On the other side of the paper, it includes the "Experience Guide". It gives you a full breakdown of what each scent means and symbolizes, and full instructions how to use product.

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Underneath the sheet of paper is a small little booklet, which contains instructions on the product, with safety precautions, and instructions on keeping your candles in working order. The booklet measures 3.25" by 3.5", and is in a few different languages (english, french, italian, spanish, dutch).

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When it comes to the box that the candles are in, it's designed to properly hold each one. Each candle is hugged by the box, as it has a nice little insert to keep the candle from moving around. Each candle is protected with a clear velum type coating on top, which has the Jimmyjane logo embossed on it. Each candle measures just under 3" in width, and 3" in length, and 2.5" in height.

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    • Recyclable
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift


This is a gorgeous gift set, and I would be proud to give it as a gift to someone. The presentation of the packaging is over and beyond, and protects the contents inside. I've used the candles over a dozen times, and they are all still going strong. This gift set will last quite a long time, as remember each candle will burn for at least 12 hours.

The massage oil from the candles leave your skin refreshed, soft, and silky smooth. In the beginning you would think it might be greasy, but give it a couple minutes to soak in. Once the oil gets absorbed into the skin, it's not greasy at all, in fact it's quite slick, and silky smooth. I love the shape of the porcelain containers that the candles are in, as they make it easier to pour the oil, and they're reusable once the candle is finished.
Follow-up commentary
I gave this gift package as a gift for the holiday season, and my cousin and her husband loved it. I also have the same product, and still love it to this day. The candles are top quality, that last super long. I've had mine for a year now, and it's still going strong. You get what you pay for, and this is worth every penny.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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