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Little afterglow sampler

Massage candle by Jimmyjane

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A Beautiful Collection of Natural Massage Oil Candles and a Safe Intro to Wax Play

This is a wonderful introduction to both massage oils and the joys of hot wax play. The waxes in these candles are all natural, clean and cool burning. They are not intimidating to the novice to candle wax play, and the scents are sexy and inviting. Whether you like your wax hot (and these do not get TOO hot) or prefer it cooled off, you massages will be more sensual and moisturizing using this product.

Six of the best scents are chosen for you in a beautiful, satin ribbon tied gift box.
Various high quality scents, cool burning wax, good packaging, cute booklet
Expensive, ingredients not given in English
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JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler is a great introduction to hot (or warm) wax play, and also is a beautiful assortment of scents of massage oils. These candles also provide a good deal of illumination, are all natural, with a Soy Wax and Jojoba Oil base.

These massage oil candles are good for couples, Play parties, regular parties or just for One. We use these mostly in the dark. We've used them in the evening, but we especially like to use them before or after making love in the morning, before the sun has come up. They can be used to warm up for sex, to relax after making love, or just for a sensual massage, after enjoying the soft light and warmth they provide.

As the winter approaches, there is more darktime, and more time to illuminate your world with candles and these candles have warm aromas, and you can use them to be as Vanilla or as Kinky as your imagination pleases.

As the ingredients were not available in English, either in booklet or on the JimmyJane website, I am not sure of all the ingredients. However, these are not tested on animals, contain no animal products, no petroleum, paraffin or fuel oil, sufates or phthalates. The wicks and base are lead free, and the wicks are also all cotton.

Those with Soy or Aloe allergies or with respiratory problems may want to be careful with this product.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Sex
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere you can lie down and relax
    • Bedroom
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Massage oil for skin. external use only

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Each scent has a slightly different consistency, owing to the ingredients and essential and massage oils that make up each scent. Most are the consistency of soft lip balm or Vaseline (although they contain NO petrochemicals as Vaseline does.) One lights the candles and enjoys the warm or invigorating scents, then blows the candles out, to use the pooled, melted wax as a massage oil.

The little containers have a pouring spout, perfect for either pouring directly on your partner or yourself, or into your hand. (Always blow out the candles before using oil. You can feel the oil with your finger in the container to get the temperature you or your partner likes.) It pours like thick cooking oil and smooths onto the skin nicely. For this type of product, it is surprisingly non-greasy and is not sticky at all. There is some oiliness to the product, but not a greasy feel. As the candle wax cools, it thickens, and can either be relit to pour again, or you can dip your finger into the container to dip up just enough thickening oil to finish the massage you were giving.

This wax does not harden like regular candle wax does. It starts soft, turns to velvety oil, then returns to a semi-solid state. Although I enjoy the feeling of regular wax hardening, and cooling on my skin, these candles were so beautiful and the massage oil so smooth and nicely scented that I didn't mind or miss the average candle wax experience.

The Pink Lotus oil had some "sweat" on it before use, the Bourbon was the hardest and the thickest. Lotus also liquefied the most quickly, rehardened quickly, while Bourbon took the longest to liquefy and the longest to reharden. The other scents were in between these two in consistency.

The feel of these massage wax/oils are very luxurious, and they absorb into the skin easily. What is left after the massage can be wiped away with a clean dry cloth to avoid staining bedsheets or clothing. A slightly waxy, but very protective coating is left on the skin. This consistency is actually very good for keeping skin hydrated, especially during the winter months.
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

I would not suggest tasting these. They taste awful. They are for external use only. They are also not meant for sexual lubricant use.

The sampler offers six different scents. They are divided into three categories by JimmyJane


Explore with Cucumber Water; Cucumber scent is said to not only refresh but to sexually arouse the female bodies among us. This candle has an invigorating scent, with a clean finish.
Provoke with [Grapefruit]; Grapefruit scent is the sweetest among the candles. It is exciting and tends to help with alertness, but I also found it to be the most cloying. Those who enjoy fruit scents (which I personally do not) will find this a very workable massage oil.


Connect with Pink Lotus A feminine scent. Very arousing and not too sweet. Flowery but not cloying. This is my favorite out of the collection.It is well suited for a strong, yet flexible woman, or anyone, male or female bodied, who enjoys playing Submissive from time to time, or all the time.
Flirt with Dark Vanilla I am not a big fan of Vanilla Scent. Most of them remind me of cigar tobacco. However, JimmyJane's Dark Vanilla had a less sweet than average Vanilla Scent, it is warm and inviting and relaxes as it excites.


Seduce with Truffle & Gardenia This scent is very warm, spicy and sensual. It has an earthy aroma, tempered by the slightly flowery gardenia. Gardenia has been used as an antidepressant and Truffle is an exotic treat, thought to be an aphrodisiac. This is my second favorite in the collection. It is a mix of Earth and Air and suits my personality well.
Intrigue with Bourbon Bourbon is a smokey, masculine, very Yang scent. It reminds one of a Men's club late at night, where deals are made and leaders are created. I didn't think it smelled a lot like Bourbon, but My Man, who considers himself a Scotch and Bourbon Connoisseur said it did indeed smell the way good Bourbon tastes. He liked this scent the most. I think it is well suited for a Dominant Male or anyone who enjoys taking charge.

The scents are not strong while the candles are burning, but come to fruition when the flame is extinguished and you and your lover begin to rub each other with the resulting oils.

I found the Grapefruit a bit overpowering, even when not burning, but the wax itself wasn't too strong. The other scents come into their own while being used as a massage oil and body wax.
    • Bad taste
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


The instructions and the website say each 1.7 oz candle will last up to 12 hours of burning time. The directions are to light the candle, enjoy for about 45 minutes, then put out the candle and use the oil/wax for a sensual massage.

We found that burning for as short as 20 minutes would yield enough oil for a good massage for two, using 2 or 3 candles at one time. The flame must be put out before use, then you can feel the wax and use it at the temperature you enjoy. [editors note: Candles should be burned for long enough that the entire top layer of wax has become liquid all the way to the sides of the container. This ensures that they burn evently, not just down the middle. Blowing out too soon and pouring off wax will cause them to hollow in the center and the sides will not burn next time you light, reducing your overall burn time]

Some people enjoy hot wax dripped on their bodies during sexual play. These candles could be used for this purpose. They are a good introduction to Wax Play, as they burn at a very low temperature, lower than regular candles and even the most apprehensive person will find the right temperature for their liking, letting the candle cool before use. The candle causes a puddle of wax/oil to melt as the candles burns. When the flame is extinguished, you wait until the wax is at the temperature your partner enjoys, swirling the oil in the easy to hold ceramic holder, until it comes to the perfect temperature. Then you can either place the oil in your hand, or drip in directly on your partner or yourself.

These not only help with a great massage, but bride the gap between sensual oils and hot wax play. The cool burning soy wax is perfect for the beginner, either right after the flame goes out, or waiting until the wax/oil cools down. Some may choose to wait until the oil/wax is starting to harden and dip the wax out of the container to use this way. The pretty White square candle holders have a useful pouring spout that helps control the wax and oil flow.

We wiped the excess away, after the massage with a clean cotton cloth. I didn't notice any staining on the fabric or the sheets. I spilled some of the oil on the "Pleather" bumpers on our waterbed, and there was no staining there, either. I would be careful with expensive fabrics and sheets.

This wax does NOT harden up and peel or chip off like regular candle wax, and if placed full strength on fabric, it could be very difficult to remove. Think of trying to remove lip balm, lip gloss or other semi solid balms from fabric.

The product left our skin feeling soft and nourished. Our skin felt very moisturized as well as smelling great. It did leave a slight wax coating especially on the hands, but as in the winter, hands may get so dry, this is actually a benefit. The waxy coating washed away if one were to take a shower, a bath or simply wash one's hands.

Normal Safety and Common Sense should always be used around flames, hot wax and candles.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural


The six candles come in a beautiful white JimmyJane gift box. This box is secured with a pink satin ribbon, and each candle has it's own nestled compartment to store it in and a heavy plastic film over the candle, which can all be reused. The box contains a booklet on how to use the candles and a large thick cardboard cover, with each scent on it, a picture of the scent's inspiration and a short description. The box opens with a connected lid, which can be closed, after the candles are cooled and placed back into their nestlers. You may then secure the box and then tie the ribbon to be sure it is pretty and clean for the next time.

I always wipe off the candle holders after each use with a clean cloth.

My only concern is that the ingredient of each candle was included in every language (there were about six different languages in the booklet) BUT English. As I don't speak any other language, I still have no idea exactly what is in each candle.

The main ingredients, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy Wax and Aloe and essential oils were on the website, but I would have liked ingredients in English due to allergy concerns. I had no problems with my skin or respiration during or after use, so I assume the product does not contain any allergens that I am concerned with.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Recyclable
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

The candle holders are beautiful square "Iconic" JimmyJane white ceramic containers with lovely little pour spouts with finger holds.

Although the box says they are recyclable, my recycling service doesn't take ceramic. But, I can think of many uses for these receptacles after the candles are gone. Everything from Pony Tail holders, to rings and bracelets, to small cosmetics could be placed in the containers and put for display. You could even clean the containers very well, and a number of condoms could fit in the empty container, which could be placed on your nightstand or dresser or in a drawer near the bed.

Also, many of the essential oils in the candles are touted to be useful for everything from perimenopause (the Soy Wax) to antidepressant properties (the gardenia and others) to reduction of blood pressure to arousal (Cucumber and others) to general relaxation and contentment. (More about these above.)
    • Increases sensitivity
    • Warming

Personal comments

We love both the scents and the texture of these massage oil/wax candles.

We will use these often. These scents and the constancy is perfect for the winter months.

We are searching for the "Perfect Massage Oil" and this is certainly different than any other we have tried. It was novel enough to get our interest, and high quality enough to keep us interested in using it, and we will use it frequently in the future.


My Man was slightly afraid of hot wax on his body I had no fear, and enjoy intense stimulation. This was a nice introduction for him, as he liked the way the Bourbon candle smelled and LOVES getting massages.

Also, I finally got an oil massage with these. The first time we used them he was hesitant, but after I showed him how to do it without burning anyone, he began gingerly applying it to me, and although he insisted on placing the oil in his hand first (I sort of wanted the oil directly on my body) he was giving me my massage as much as I was in receiving it.
Follow-up commentary
We love these massage candles and continue to use them. Some of them are nearly gone from this set. Our favorites turned out to be the Bourbon, the Gardenia and Truffle and the Pink Lotus. Sadly, My Man hates the Dark Vanilla, so it had not been used much.

We have actually bought the full size versions of our favorites, plus the Absinthe and Sugar Water. All have pleased us completely.

My Man and I use these repeatedly, our skin stays soft and gently scented, the aromas of the candles have not faded from when we opened the box the first time. A few of our favorites are about to be cleaned out, as they are nearly gone. We can use the empty porcelain containers for everything from jewelry, to condoms to whatever else we can think of. We don't use condoms often (My Man asked for one the other day and we were out, I usually only use them for certain toys) but these small containers are perfect for storing them in the wrappers, after cleaning the container.

We gave these as a Christmas present to someone special to us, and they were familiar with the brand and seemed very excited to receive these as a gift. These would make a fantastic gift for any holiday.

I continue to recommend these to everyone and anyone. They are the best massage candles and trump even the most expensive massage oil.

I hope to purchase the Contour M massage stone to use with these soon.
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