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Love balm Love balm

Cream by Sensuous Beauty

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Love balm reviews

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9 reviews

NOTE: I bought both the Lavender Bergamot and the Ylang Ylang. Because of this lube, I made the change to go much more natural in my own body products. And after going green? I am never going to go back. I use it from head to toe and as a lube. My hair is thicker and much more softer and shiny, my skin feels more softer and looks more young, my colour tone is much more even. My vagina has no complaints even after months of use.

I have no regrets about buying this product. Literally, I went right ahead within an hour of opening this and ordered a second jar. It's THAT good. It may seem a bit pricey, but it's totally worth it. I can't stop applying it, it's one of my new favorite products!

The love balm is quite the sensual massage oil. Use it with your partner for a full body massage/genital massage, or swirl a teaspoon of the balm into your warm bath water to enjoy a sweet smelling relaxing bath experience that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth for you and your partners pleasure. My partner and I love this oil and recommend it to everyone who needs massage oil.

Sensuous Beauty has another winner in its subtly-scented Love Balm - easy to apply, not lingeringly slick and useful in any number of applications, this company has done well to tap coconut oil for its many fabulous attributes. Unfortunately, it does not take the step further to set Love Balm apart from any store brand coconut oil. Though it has many great ingredients and an overall quality that is truly remarkable, its price is unreasonable when considering the cost of production.

Overall, this is a good massage balm that you don't need to re-apply. I did feel the need to wash it off after my massage due to an overly greasy feeling, which killed the sexy mood that was created by the massage.

Love Balm's biggest draw for me is the natural ingredients. I love when I can use something and not worry about all the chemicals that it contains. Love Balm is also multi-purpose which I love and it allows me to give a sensual massage and lead right into foreplay because I can use this balm as both a massage oil and a lubricant. No more worrying that I need to go wash my hands before moving from the back or thighs onto more sensitive areas.

Tropic of Love is just one of four scents this product comes in and I plan to try them all. This body safe lubricant can be used for sexual activity, as a massage oil, a bath oil or simply as a skin softener. It's a bit pricey, but worth it.

Do you like sexy, silky lubricants that can double as massage oil, bath oil and aromatherapy? If so, then give this a try. It creates a wonderful exotic feeling and is a great for your body as well. I may experiment with some of the other scents in the future, but this one was my first pick from the line. This is a great product that covers several bases and can enhance solo and couple play, in a very sensuous way.

Sensuous Beauty's Love Balm is fantastic for all it's possible uses. Whether you use it as lube, lotion, a massage aid or a bath oil, it absorbs into the skin beautifully and leaves you luxuriously, sensually soft and sweet smelling with no oily residue. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and organic, this balm is a practical, healthy indulgence.

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