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The Balm of Love

Love Balm's biggest draw for me is the natural ingredients. I love when I can use something and not worry about all the chemicals that it contains. Love Balm is also multi-purpose which I love and it allows me to give a sensual massage and lead right into foreplay because I can use this balm as both a massage oil and a lubricant. No more worrying that I need to go wash my hands before moving from the back or thighs onto more sensitive areas.
silky smooth feel, simple and natural ingredients, non-irritating
becomes liquid when warm which can make it messy, not too long lasting
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Love balm from Sensuous Beauty is a coconut oil based balm that has many uses. You can use this silky balm as a massage oil, a lubricant, a moisturizer, or even in the bath tub as a moisturizing bath oil. I have the ylang ylang scented oil, and it smells slightly flowery and smells very fresh. While it is a bit too herbal for my liking as a moisturizer that'll be on my skin all day, it's sensual enough that I like it for massages and as a lubricant. I love that the ingredients are so simple. The ylang ylang one is made up of Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and essential oil of ylang ylang. I found it to be non irritating and coconut oil itself has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It's not latex safe and is not suitable for use with condoms. If you're going to be using this with toys be sure to use it on ones that can be exposed to oil lubricants, like hard plastic, glass, aluminum or stainless steel.

When I first got my love balm it was a liquid. It was back in June and the weather was still pretty hot then, about 90 some degrees when it was being shipped. I figured that it would solidify within a day of being in the air conditioned house. I was wrong, and after about 4 days in 74 degree air it was still liquid. I was starting to think that something was wrong with mine and that we weren't going to be able to use it as much. See, when it's liquid it's hard to get out of the jar without making a huge mess. You can't really pour it, you have to just dip in your fingers and scoop it up. So when it's liquid this is really messy.

I ended up putting it in the fridge for a few hours and sure enough it did harden again. After it was back out though it liquefied again. Eventually I did get it to maintain a soft yet solid state by keeping it in a drawer and away from sunlight, which I guess kept it a bit cooler. Now it's soft enough to easily scoop some out but hard enough that it doesn't immediately drip off my fingers. Once it's out and on your hands it liquefies really quickly. This is sped up if you rub it between your hands. That's what I usually do if using it for a massage or as lubricant. For using it as a massage oil I like to get both hands covered in the oil before massaging my husband's back and for lubricant I will use one hand on my husband and the other hand on myself so that we're both well lubricated with it. It also makes a nice show for my husband since he's turned on by me rubbing it on myself.

I love the jar because I love to be able to just scoop some out, and there is no need to have to try to squeeze it out when it gets near the bottom. I am not sure I'd want to travel with this though, as when it's liquid it can get kind of messy, even with the top securely on. When I first got it in the mail the outside of the jar was kind of greasy from escaped oil.
Lubricant: I'll start with using this as a lubricant, which was why I originally purchased this balm. As a lube I started with using it to stroke my husband's cock. It wasn't entirely long lasting, and I did have to reapply it after about 5 minutes. It was absorbed but my hand still glided easily over his cock and didn't drag the way some water based lubricants do once they are dry. But, it did not offer a lot of slickness which is what we are looking for with lubricated hand jobs. When using for sex it didn't last all that long and after about 5-10 minutes it kind of felt like we had no lubricant on at all. We continued for a while like that but eventually we decided to switch to water based lube, which was more satisfying for both. I feel the need to explain though.. we've just recently gotten into using lubricant for sex. Before recently we didn't really see the point since we didn't actually NEED it. But now that we've been using it we find that we like the added lubrication. There is no reason why love balm would not work for vaginal sex, it did not hinder it at all, it just didn't feel as good as water based lubricants did and I guess we're kind of "addicted' to them right now! For hand jobs though, I'm in love with this balm, it felt very sensual and I liked how it made his cock feel under my hands more than I do with regular lubricant. It was like giving his cock a warm and sensual massage, and even the sound of the oil rubbing was more of a turn on than water based lube's sound is. But, I think for penetration we'll continue to switch over to water based.

Massage: This is not the longest lasting oil for massage, but it does absorb nicely and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, not greasy. I liked not having to worry about switching from a massage to foreplay and the irritation that might come from a lotion or different oil. It also feels very sensual and silky and warms easily during use.

Bath Oil: Love Balm can be added to the bath, just scoop up a bit and add it to your water for a luxuriously silkening dip in the tub. I love the simple ingredients for this use and don't have to worry about it irritating me. I felt absolutely moisturized afterward and the scent in the tub wasn't too overwhelming, it was nice and relaxing.

Daily Moisturizer: I didn't like the scent for this purpose. I don't know what it is about the scent because I do like it, I just don't want to smell it all day long. It's just a bit too earthy or herbal. It does do a good job of moisturizing though, so if you have a different scented on, or like the ylang ylang scent it's great for moisturizing those areas that need just a bit more than a lotion can offer.
Follow-up commentary
I absolutely love this stuff. I'd actually up the stars to 5 because it's just fantastic and it's the lubricant I reach for most often. I just love the way it glides and the smell is very arousing. It's awesome for hand jobs and for sex, it's just not something we use when oral sex will be involved because it's very herbal tasting. If we're going to be mixing in oral I usually use a flavored lube first and then will add this on afterwards. The natural oils allow it to be longer lasting than water based lubricant and there is absolutely no sticky leftovers. It leaves me feeling moisturized and it's actually soothing.

Really the only downfall is that I can't use it with some of my toys. Oil lubricant isn't compatible with silicone and some other similiar materials but it can be used on glass, metal and plastic toys and if one of those materials is being used we definitely reach for this!
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  • Carrie Ann
    Coconut oil (the base for this) turns fully liquid at 76 degrees and mostly liquid at around 70 - 72, I've found.

    It's much nicer in the winter months, for sure. Less mess, anyhow!
  • Alicia
    Yea, I had thought that it would be liquid at 76 and then solid anything below that. I've found that if it starts solid it'll stay at least somewhat solid at 72ish...soft enough to scoop easily but not a full liquid. But, if it starts off warm it has to get really cool to solidify.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the cooler months with it so each time it won't be a surprise of whether it's solid or not!
  • P'Gell
    Thank you! My Man is a massage whore! He'll do anything to get rubbed. I bought some crap from KY and I hate the texture, it's almost gritty. (I'm not putting THAT in my Yoni!) This sounds like a lot of fun, and I have found the aroma of ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac, so I do want to try this.

  • Owl Identified
    Mmmm, this sounds awesome except for the fact that it doesn't last that long. I love coconut oil and the texture actually doesn't perfect for me. Great review.
  • darthkitt3n
    This sounds like it would be great for a massage, though probably not during the summer.
  • Alicia
    @P'Gell, you know I think the smell is for me too, it's weird that I don't like it during the regular part of the day, but during massages or sex I'm finding I really do like this smell, I don't know what it is, it just smells very sensual to me! And yea, the drugstore massage/lube stuff scares me! I looked into it a while back and I couldn't find anything I was willing to have anywhere near me, and it all looked like it'd leave the skin incredibly sticky and/or greasy too.

    @Sex, Lies & Law I have found that if you use a lot it lasts a bit longer for hand jobs and massages anyway..but for vaginal, it just can't hold up to the friction I guess, no matter how much we use. Mike said if we used anymore we would be turning me into a slip n slide!!

    @ darthkitt3n Yea...we used it last night and it was actually liquid that time, I guess it got so warm in the house even with the AC on that putting it in a drawer didn't keep it from getting warm enough to liquefy! I was able to get it out of the jar without much mess but then it was like..hmm, ok now how do I put the cap back on?? I had to one handedly find tissues and then put the jar on top of the tissues on a table that was far enough that we wouldn't kick it over and then put the top on later lol I think it'll be much easier to use during the fall and winter
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