Cream discontinued
by Sensuous Beauty

Turn cold nights to balm-y weather.

Do you like sexy, silky lubricants that can double as massage oil, bath oil and aromatherapy? If so, then give this a try. It creates a wonderful exotic feeling and is a great for your body as well. I may experiment with some of the other scents in the future, but this one was my first pick from the line. This is a great product that covers several bases and can enhance solo and couple play, in a very sensuous way.
Smooth, silky, and feels oh so good. A sexy aromatherapy session.
Bad for latex, scent may be to strong for some as well.
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I'm trying out the Sensuous Beauty Love Balm in the lavender-bergamot scent. Going to give the extended review option another go with this one. So, what do I think is the best use for this product? Well I'd have to start with the recommended applications. This product has more than one; it is recommended as a lubricant, a massage oil and a bath oil. I personally got it to use as a lubricant, though I can see how it would be a great massage oil. The scent is a little strong for me to use as any kind of daily lotion. That's a personal preference; others may find it appealing.

The Love Balm works great for both men and women, anyone with a sex organ, or even dry skin to be honest. This product can be used for any occasion, the scent of lavender and bergamot is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It invokes the feeling of a good aroma therapy session. Love Balm can be just as much at home in a candlelight sensual experience as it would in a vigorous "fuck me hard" session. Solo use is also something I would recommend as a big plus, both for male and female. Because of its "good for you qualities" it's all the more reason to indulge. If you want to use it as a lotion, it will leave you wonderfully soft and smooth as well. I can not personally comment on the bath oil part as I have not used it in this manner. I can see no reason why it would not excel at this as well.

The ingredients are short and simple on this one, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, organic essential oil of lavender and bergamot. If you know you are allergic to any of those this is obviously not the product for you.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of this product is fantastic, any one familiar with the soft, seductive, silky feel of coconut oil should know what I'm getting at. Now, because this is REAL coconut oil, it hardens at temperatures below 76 degrees. In very warm weather this means it's a complete liquid and in anything below 76 it's a solid. In my case it's a solid during this time of year.(hey, it's cold out!) Scoop out a small amount and it will dissolve into liquid once it comes into contact with skin. It's like watching a bit of butter yield from solid to liquid in a skillet.

At times it may be easy to poor and other times you may need to scoop it out, you can always warm it. I recommend a double boiler method over a microwave for a number of reasons. First, microwaving oil can be dangerous as it can become VERY hot, VERY quickly. Nothing says "kill the mood" like a burn on you most delicate areas. Second, because this is formulated with a very fine organic coconut oil and organic essential oils of lavender a bergamot, you do not want to scorch them or evaporate them. You could possibly destroy the anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties that all these oils posses.

As I mentioned before, coconut oil posses a special silky quality. You know it's an oil, but it's not a greasy oil and the skin absorbs it with time.Coconut is a very nourishing oil for the skin, and has healing properties of it's own. That's why this serves double duty as a lubricant and body oil.

Taste / Aroma

I personally don't care for the taste myself. It's not something really meant to be eaten, but lubricating and moisturizing. The scent is a little heavy on the top with bergamot for me, but still fairly well balanced with lavender. Overall I would tone down the scent a bit, this would however require less essential oil, and in turn you would get less of their therapeutic benefits. Like I mentioned earlier, it's kind of like getting an aroma therapy session with whatever other type of session you choose to go in for. Could the strength of the scent be distracting? Absolutely. On the other hand it could be equally enhancing.

Bergamot has its distinct bitter, citrus, grounding and clarifying scent, while lavender has its herbal, ethereal, and calming scent. The two together are very much like the combination of male/female sex, one is a masculine note while the other is a female note. So in this sense I am reminded of something, the joining of a male/female couple in sex. This was a well thought out choice for a scent combination as it has been used widely for it's aromatherapy value as well as its anti-microbial anti-bacterial properties.


As an organic plant-based oil, this is not going to last as long as a synthetic or petroleum base oil. It will eventually absorb into the skin leaving it soft and supple. (note: Never use a petroleum based oil for intercourse, anal play, or vaginal masturbation.) Many people have mixed knowledge of the use of oil as a lubrication. To clarify, coconut oil is good for all parts of the body, and lavender and bergamot are also very good at preventing infection and speeding the healing of chaffed, and chapped skin.

If you were to over-use this product you may have to wipe down with a towel, washing it off is not necessary since it is a skin product as well as a lubricant. If you did want to get rid of it from toys or body parts it will require a good soap and water washing. As a reminder oils can leave behind stains on sheets and bedding. Be careful of this, though these fine organic oil's are very likely to come out in a washing unlike many of synthetic chemicals found in a lot of massage oils.


This comes packaged in a small glass screw top canister. The packaging can easily pass as a massage oil but it you read the fine print it does say otherwise. Due to airline travel restrictions I would put this in luggage and not bring it on as a carry on.

Special Features

Love Balm is an oil, and many people have a lot of misgivings about the safety of oil and intercourse. Not only is this safe, it's healthy and anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Most oils made for massage are not safe due to the fact that they contain chemicals and possibly petrol products.

Combing with toys: if you use silicone, metal, or glass toys, have a blast. The Love Balm can not hurt them and will be a great lubricant for toy play if you like a silky, oily feel with your toys. On the other hand, if you have rubber, latex, jelly, realskin, vixskin, TPR, plastic, or anything that is not silicone, glass, or metal, I would not use this product in combination.

One more word of caution, DO NOT USE WITH LATEX CONDOMS. Oil and latex do not mix. This is fine to use with poly condoms but not latex.


I used this as a wonderful lubrication to pleasure myself. It made stroking my cock effortless and felt great all the while. I only needed a small amount and was able to lube myself up very well. Unlike water-based lubricants this one didn't dry up quickly and it also has a totally different feel than silicone. Because it's oil-based, cum and pre-cum tend to bead up and roll off as well. Something that looks very sexy to me. This also can make clean up easier as your left with no sticky lube mess and don't have to wash it off because it's good for the skin. I have yet to use this product with my girlfriend but am looking forward to such playtime. I will post further review info after I have had the chance to explore those options.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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