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Love balm

Cream by Sensuous Beauty

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It's Like Butta!

I have no regrets about buying this product. Literally, I went right ahead within an hour of opening this and ordered a second jar. It's THAT good. It may seem a bit pricey, but it's totally worth it. I can't stop applying it, it's one of my new favorite products!
The scent, absorbs into skin so nicely, lovely ingredients, cute jar...
A bit pricey, I wish it came in a bigger jar!
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This product is sold as an organic lubricant, but I an very infection prone so I am very, VERY careful about what I will risk using as a lubricant. This would be an oil lubricant, if used for that purpose, and oil based lubricants have the risk of causing infection as they can allow bacteria to flourish and trap them in. However, I have heard that coconut oil is actually a healthy, organic alternative to lubricants. Coconut oil actually has a number of uses, and it is growing in popularity as a lubricant, though I am still a bit scared to try it. I intend to use this as nice moisturizer for dry skin. I have eczema, and I have a feeling this will be amazing for it. Also, it would be absolutely lovely for massages. The jar also claims it could be used in the bath as well, which I am sure would be great. I will probably be using this many ways for dry, winter skin.
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    • Foreplay
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    • Bath / shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When I first opened the jar, the balm looked very solid inside, and I had to wonder if it was frozen because it was sitting in the mailbox on a cold day. I rubbed my finger across the balm in the jar and it was cold, but didn't seem frozen to me; though I am sure you can freeze the balm itself for some kind of sensory play, just mind that the jar is glass. Actually, when I rubbed my finger across it, when it was freshly opened from being out in the cold mailbox, it felt waxy. The texture felt about the same as rubbing your finger across a candle. It is a solid, so if you wanted to use a blob of it you would have to dig into it with your finger. However, it melts so well with body temperature. I swiped the little bit that was on the inside of the lid and applied it to my wrist, and let me tell you, this stuff is just a dream once it's even a little bit warm. It feels like a wax when you first put it on your skin, but the second you apply your finger to it to move it around it melts into what is best described as a rich oil. It's almost like a luscious massage candle, minus the wick or need for a lighter. Although it turns to an oil when applied to the skin, absorbs quite nicely.

Here is an image of it straight out of the jar, on my finger. It has a visibly has a waxy look, but as you can see, it had already started to melt a little bit within the two seconds it took for the picture to be taken.

...And this is literally seconds after I put it onto my wrist, without even rubbing it in. It melted like this on its own!
    • Oily
    • Slick
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

The scent is positively divine. The only way I can describe it is like a scrumptious coconut cream pie, but not sweet or sugary - and mind you, I don't even really like pie! It is a very present coconut scent, but it is not fruity or overpowering. The smell is so light and delicious! Seriously, I opened this and thought, "Damn, I'm going to have to order another jar with my next order." Comforting but mouth-watering scent, I love it! I even tried tasting it, just for the sake of the review, but it has no taste. The ingredients are natural, so it is safe if you get it in your mouth. In fact, the back even says "Tropic of Love is one of our premiere lover's blends of virgin coconut oil, organic sweet orange and stevia that tastes as good as it smells." Again, I didn't taste anything at all. It did not taste sweet, it did not taste like coconut, or anything like the smell; I just picked up no taste whatsoever. The smell, however, lingers on the skin for maybe 15 minutes at most after rubbing it on. You have to really put your nose up to the skin to smell it though, it's not strong, and it is fleeting. The smell will make you smell so warm and yummy though!
    • Light smell
    • No taste
    • Smells good


This absorbs into skin nicely, and does not need to be washed off. It won't leave you feeling sticky or oily or anything like that. It will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Again, I have no intention of using this as a lubricant, as I had said. It may dry up too quickly for a lubricant, though I don't know, and I'm not able to compare it to other oil based lubricants. I am unsure of the effect that coconut oil has on toys, or if there are any materials it does not go well with. I would assume that whatever you can use oil based lubes with, you can use this with. Again, I'm not an expert on oil based lubes, I avoid them at all costs. Still, I will say that if you are really going for an oil based lube, this would be the safest and most natural product you could use. The ingredients on the jar are slightly different from those listed on the Eden Fantasys page, though they are pretty much the same. The ingredients list on the jar is pictures in one of my above photos. The ingredients are all natural and fantastic. However, if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients, you should probably avoid the product. If you are not sure of your allergies, do a test spot on your wrist first, especially if you intend to use it as a lubricant. I have sensitive skin, but this is great for it. The moisturizing effects of this last a while, there is no need to continually reapply it.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Performance


The jar is different than the jar pictured on the product page. However, I much prefer this jar! It's glass, and the shape of it seems so much more elegant. There was no extra packaging, just the jar as is. Very minimal, and I really like it. It DOES say that it is a lubricant on the front of the jar, and in the first sentence on the back. Because of this, the jar may not be totally discreet. However, I really like it, and I have a collection of lotions and products that I use regularly lined up in my room on a shelf. I'm thinking that I will keep that right there, out in the open, anyhow. People that come in my room are always curious about my products that I have sitting out - often because they'll see there's something new there, and because they know that I only really use natural products on my body. I would not really be embarrassed to have this out, and I am not one to have bottles of lube out for all to see. I would just not mind someone asking me about this, just so I could tell them that I do not personally use it as a lubricant, and I could take the opportunity to tell them how lovely it is and all the other uses it has. I am certain that anyone I know who saw this out with my other items would want a jar for themselves once I tell them all about it! Also, from an artistic perspective, I love the design on the labels. The purple with the metallic gold patterns is very pretty. Because it is a glass jar, it is recyclable, and you could always use it for something else once you use up all the balm! This jar would be great to keep bath salts in, or for any other diy projects. You could soak it and the labels would likely come off pretty easily. I don't really see this leaking, though it would melt inside the jar if the room/weather we really hot. Still, the lid seems to have a good seal.

    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative packaging

Special Features

This does not have any special features, like cooling or warming. It just melts when it is warm, spreads nicely, and absorbs well, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.


I love that I finally decided to buy this product, even though I was hesitant because it is sold as an oil based lube. One of my best purchases recently! I know it is a bit pricey, but I might even order another jar or two, as gifts for friends for the holidays. I have one or two in mind that I think would love this stuff!
Follow-up commentary
I am SO sad to see that Eden has discontinued this product!!! I really hope they bring it back, it is wonderful! In the mean time, this is one that I will likely hunt down and order it elsewhere now.

I love all of the Sensuous Beauty products that I have tried; they are great, and the Love Balm is probably my favorite! This stuff has become one of my favorite products to use, in general, not just from their company. I use it almost daily now! I can't get enough of this stuff, and I have found several uses for it. After getting this jar, I've ordered two more, just to have them on hand. It is amazing to put on your skin after you shave. For me, I actually prefer it to any lotions that I have ever used after shaving. It leaves your skin looking moist, not oily, and feeling smooth and lovely - not to mention, the yummy added smell.

Also, another great use was found when I got a cold. From having sinus issues, my nose was all chapped and red; not cute at all and it didn't feel too good either. I put this stuff on my nose two nights in a row; I rubbed it around the outside of my nose, and just underneath it, where it was all red and painful. I also rubbed it just inside the edges of my nostrils where it was affected as well. Mind you, when I was growing up and I got sick all the time; back then, the doctor recommended that I put Vaseline in my nostrils and around my nose to help it heal and not sting as much from running and blowing it. I got sick a lot and always ended up walking around with Vaseline on and in my nose - not cute and felt gross. This is a MUCH better alternative to that. Not greasy like that, absorbs into the skin. I even applied it before going outside, and nobody commented on me having a shiny nose or anything! Plus, it does not hurt to apply to the area, AT ALL. It felt soothing to put it on, and the difference was noticeable very quickly! Within the first day, I felt and saw a difference. The next day, my nose looked completely fine and felt MUCH better, almost back to normal. I asked my partner if my nose looked okay, he said it looked the same as always. I was so happy! So, this works very well when you have a cold or runny nose, when it gets all chapped and pink from tissues and everything, use some of this! It's better than anything else I've used to remedy that in the past. It didn't hurt, didn't sting, absorbed without leaving an oily look or feel behind, and did not cause me to break out. In fact, I can put this anywhere on my body, and don't seem to break out!

It is lovely to apply to dry skin! It could even be used on the lips, and works well for that. Although I have not had any issues with dry patches of wintery skin YET, I will be grabbing this when I do; the same goes for an eczema patches or any other skin issues that I may get. I am in love with this product!!! EF, please bring it back!
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