Satin sugar hair and body powder for lighter hues

Powder discontinued
by Cake Beauty

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Satin sugar hair and body powder for lighter hues reviews

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If you're looking for a dry shampoo- keep looking! If you're looking for a nice smelling body powder? This is fantastic stuff! It smells sweet and is very velvety soft!

This dry shampoo smells like lemons and can be used on hair or on the body to keep you smelling fresh and clean. I used it on my hair and body and found it absorbed easily and worked wonderfully on my roots to absorb oil. It travels well and is easy to use.

This is an excellent product to have around for the days you wake up late or just don't feel like showering. If you're anything like me, at least once a week you wake up late, and/or simply don't have time to bathe, this is an awesome remedy for greasy hair and oily day old skin.

This is an amazing dry shampoo and body makeup. It will freshen up the dankest of skin and the greasiest of hair! If you are paler or have light colored hair, it is the absolute best product for a shampoo substitute! It absorbs better than talcum powder and will soak into your skin or hair after only a few minutes and fluffing or rubbing. Fantastic and affordable!

If you are a busy person who always lacks time or if you are going to take a long trip, the Satin sugar hair and body powder is a must have for you. It helps to refresh and renew your hair between washing, like a dry shampoo and it also refreshes your body and makes it smell nice. It really does what it promises.

I've tried other dry shampoos in the past, and the Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder by Cake, is the best product I've tried to date. It goes on satiny smooth, and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft, and smells good enough to eat! The smell isn't overpowering, and can easily be layered with your favorite perfume. This product is the perfect little item for anyone who's on the go, and allows you to sleep in once in a while! This is worth every penny.

This is a powder designed to freshen a person on the go. If you are running around and don't have the time to shower and freshen up your body and hair, this all over body powder and dry shampoo will give you the pick-me-up that you need to keep going. Its sweet fresh scent lasts for hours, allowing you to feel comfortable with your appearance until you have the time to shower.

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