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Sensual massage oil Sensual massage oil

Oil by Kama Sutra

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Sensual massage oil reviews

31 reviews
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31 reviews

Over all I find this product very enjoyable. If you are looking for a massage oil to help spark some love in the bedroom, or just help your partner relax this is the oil for you! While the price can sometimes be daunting on the Kama Sutra brand - trust me when I say it’s worth it! Purchasing this oil then trying another can show a world of difference and I recommend this to any couple looking to help each other reach their physical and mental relaxation limits.

This is a good massage oil but not the greatest. If you're looking for it to stay smelling like sweet almonds, run away; it starts smelling like flowers after a while. One thing I love about this massage oil is that it doesn't give you that oily, greasy, nasty feeling. It also makes your skin shiny looking.

I have been using Kama Sutra Sensual Massage Oil for years, in several different scents. It's smooth and absorbs easily, and a bottle lasts a long time. The rose-based Pleasure Garden scent is my favorite, and I'm sure I will continue to use it as long as it's available.

This is a wonderful quality massage oil with a great presentation. The Sweet Almond scent is a classic and appropriate for a variety of people.

Despite how obnoxious a leaky bottle of massage oil can be, I think we'll be repeat buyers of this product. It just smells so wonderful (and we want to try out the other scents), and it moisturizes so nicely, leaving skin lightly perfumed and silky soft. It's so versatile that you really can't go wrong!

Massage is a fantastic way to help relieve your stress, as well as your partners. In my house, massage is a regular part of foreplay, so I want an oil that will last a long time but doesn't need to be washed off before I have sex. Kama Sutra's oils are a 5-star product; If only their bottles didn't leak so easily!

For just a spur of the moment massage or before a shower you were going to have anyways, I would say it is great. Not so good for as part of foreplay since the oil does not absorb into skin well and is very messy.

I think this would be a great massage oil for couples who want a great smelling oil that isn't too over-powering.

This product smells great all over your hands... And sleeves... And pants... And chair... And floor... And shoes... And hair... And bottle... And any drawer you store it in... And it WILL get on all of those things! But I love it anyways, because this product is very high quality.

I’m a fan of both Kama Sutra’s line and massage oils, so had high hopes for this sensual product. As I'm an amateur masseuse, I have fairly high standards for a massage oil, and put this through it's paces.

If you don't mind stronger scents, and want a slick, softening massage this is the oil for you! This oil is allergy-tested and non irritating with a sweet scent and a large bottle. You really can't go wrong!

I love the massage oils from Kama Sutra! Pleasure Garden smells warm, cozy, and sexy. I really love this scent. The oil absorbs into the skin nicely without any stickiness or greasiness. For the price this is really nice high quality stuff! I use it as a moisturizer on my arms and legs so you don't have to just use it for massages. The only thing that bugs me is the bottle can get leaky and messy. I'd definitely recommend this product!

As a gift, this massage oil was great and I enjoyed it! But for the price, I wouldn't buy again - you just don't get enough bang for your buck with this one.

This is a good product and does exactly what one would want from a massage oil. It worked wonders the first time I used it and I plan to incorporate it into many romantic evenings in the future.

Kama Sutra Sensual Massage Oil absorbs well into the skin and isn't greasy at all. But if you have allergies, be careful. There isn't a list of ingredients on the bottle so this can be bad for those that have trouble.

KamaSutra Massage Oils are a must-have for every couple. They provide a blissful experience both in the bedroom and after a bath.

As a professional therapist, I have to say that this is one of the best massage oils you will find. I have yet to find something that compares to this in both scent and quality. It has a relaxing scent that is light and relaxing. Should you need something to help with tired muscles, look to the Healing Blend. Stressed out and want to relax, Serenity is for you. Looking for something to go with the candle lit dinner and jazz, Pleasure Garden is the little extra touch you want.

I loved this oil. I would definitely recommend it if you're into massage. It smells nice and lasts as long as you will. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this should satisfy you.

Kama Sutra's Sensual Massage Oil is a slick, long lasting potion that guarantees lengthy, frictionless rubs for marathon massagers. While it doesn't moisturize as deeply as some of the fattier oils out there, it does leave your skin sweet smelling and pleasantly soft - inviting nuzzles and caresses from your loved one! Perhaps best of all, this affordable massage aid is not too strong and should be tolerable to even sensitive noses.

This is a good overall oil. It glides well, and shouldn't go rancid on you anytime soon. You won't feel greasy for hours, but it won't absorb so quickly that you can't massage with it either. If you only want natural ingredients, you might look somewhere else because this one has quite a few synthetic ingredients.

Great massage oil! LOVE the smell and the feel of it. Lasts forever and a little goes a long way.

Kama Sutra Pleasure Garden Oil leaves you feeling relaxed, sensual, and peaceful. It's great for any occasion when you want to give someone a great body massage or just play with each other and have fun. It smells like a flower and is not overwhelming to the sense of smell. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves to make their partner feel relaxed and warm feeling all over.

Sensual Massage Oil by Kama Sutra assists in giving a wonderful massage. The texture and scent are wonderful! I highly recommend this product.

The various scents of the oils are pleasant and non-irritating. The oil is light, spreads easily and absorbs just the right amount to allow lovely long, teasing strokes or deeper deep tissue massage. The oil lasts a good long time and is a good bargain for the price.

The Kama Sutra line may be on the higher end of massage oils, but what you save in the high quality is well worth it.

I really loved this massage oil. It has a great scent, a great texture and is a favorite of mine.

Kama Sutra’s Sweet Almond Massage Oil is an overall excellent product that is natural, and great for the skin. Will relax your muscles and leave the skin smooth and soft. It is excellent for sensual massage and has a silken texture and glides well over the skin’s surface.

Both the smell and feel of this stimulating lotion was sensual and appealing. When he looked at the ingredients he noted that some are them actually found in real pain medications. The oil was both stimulating to touch and smell and I highly recommend. The packaging is both attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Kama Sutra's Sensual Massage Oil is a quality product that facilitates a wonderful massage. The feel and scent are both wonderful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

This is a great product to use to get both partners in the mood! My lover and I have decided that sensual massage is the perfect way to heighten any type of lovemaking!

Kama Sutra has done a magnificent job with this line of massage oils. The oil is very light and soaks into the skin nicely without that greasy feeling that many products leave behind. It leaves skin shiny and smooth – almost velvety – without feeling oily.

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