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Sensual massage oil

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Massage Oil? Yes. Moisurizer? Meh.

Kama Sutra's Sensual Massage Oil is a slick, long lasting potion that guarantees lengthy, frictionless rubs for marathon massagers. While it doesn't moisturize as deeply as some of the fattier oils out there, it does leave your skin sweet smelling and pleasantly soft - inviting nuzzles and caresses from your loved one! Perhaps best of all, this affordable massage aid is not too strong and should be tolerable to even sensitive noses.
Beautiful mild scent, smell doesn't linger all day, lasts long for massage, little goes a long way
Oil is a little slimy, takes a while to rub in, isn't as good for moisturizing as fattier oils
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If you have read any of my reviews for massage oils and lotions, you've probably discerned one thing. I love a nice, heavy oil base that sinks deep down into my skin! What I do not love is a thin oil that sits on the top of your skin until it just kind of rubs off. My partner and I both have dry skin so when we perform massages on each other it's not just to enjoy the manual unknotting of our muscles, but also to heal and nourish our sad and parched skin. Typically if the substance in question runs like baby oil and is as difficult to massage into the skin, then it will have very limited use for us.

Kama Sutra's Sensual Massage Oil has been the rare exception to those rules, though. The Sensual Massage Oil is a rather thin and runny oil that is perfect for lengthy massages lasting up to an hour or more, but is not great for moisturizing. I mean it is an oil so of course it does soften my skin, but not in the deep down way that oils with a higher fat content might. It has the tendency to linger on top of the skin and stay there until it rubs off on clothing or whatever else it comes in contact with. It more or less embodies the things that I don't want in a massage oil.

And yet? We love this stuff. Why?

A few reasons. For one, it's a wonderfully economic purchase; you get a very generous 8 oz. bottle of it for only $18. Additionally, due to the slickness of the oil a little bit lasts for a very long time which is more good news for your wallet. I've had mine for a few months and have used it countless times for full body coverage and am not even a quarter of the way through it. For the occasions where my baby and I want to drag our massage sessions out for a long, long time we have found that we can depend on this oil to endure the heavy friction. There isn't much need for re-application.

This thin, light oil is very easy to spread once warmed up on your palms and it creates a nice barrier between my hands and his flesh (or visa versa, depending on who is getting spoiled.) It enables us to knead and rub for over an hour without skin getting irritated or over-stimulated. I find it easiest to apply and work section by section - a nickle sized squeeze will cover the back and arms of my partner, a dime sized dollop a piece with cover his legs. Another dime sized dollop covers his chest, tummy and hips. All in all it's not much product to completely cover my 6'3" boyfriend!

The Sensual Massage Oil also comes in a discreet plastic container with a very minimal transparent sticker label. Personally I found the label pretty nondescript but those that need to keep an extra low profile with their bedroom accessories can easily peel the sticker off. To clean off any remaining adhesive glue after removal, you can (fittingly enough) just rub the bottle gently with a cloth and a little oil and it will wipe away. I also love the ease of the black flip-top on the bottle which let's me easily open & close even when my hands are greased up. Yes, the screw lids are far more sophisticated but they are also WAY harder to put back in place! You'll get a great seal that doesn't leak with this top, which comes in handy since a thin oil has the tendency to creep through openings if they're around!
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What really won me over with this oil however is its fragrance. I have the Healing Blend scent and this stuff is actually one of the few massage oils I have that smells like what it's supposed to!!! This shouldn't be a difficult thing to nail but damn, it seems a lot of companies have difficulty with it. I can't find a complete list of ingredients anywhere, but the Kama Sutra website says the Healing Blend "includes lavender, cardamom, rosemary, marjoram, elemi, clary sage, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, juniper and pine" scents. Naturally, some of these components stand above the rest as most prominent - namely the lavender and sage according to my nose. It's a heady, smokey herbal smell as opposed to a bright, lush green herbal scent, a little on the perfumey side.

For me this aroma is not bowl-you-over strong, so those with sensitive noses will probably be comfortable with this blend. As long as the massage lasts, I find the scent stays relatively consistent - present but mellow. Once I stop actively rubbing and working with the oil the smell fades to a very light hint of sage that you can detect only when up close to the skin. One big complaint I find in a lot of massage oil reviews is that folks hate the potent, linger smell of some more forceful oils. If you have had this kind of bad luck with oils before I would highly recommend the Sensual Massage Oil from Kama Sutra because you get that nice mild hint of fragrance without it trailing you like hound dog all day.

Overall this is a fantastic oil if you know you want a nice long massage that won't overpower you with its smell. It is one of the best oils I've found to reduce friction with, just make sure you have the time it'll take you to rub it in. I would recommend something more like the Sensuous Bath Oil for those with dry skin that need more intensive nourishment from their oils, but if you want an oil primarily for rubs and less so for skin conditioning? This is the best buy for your buck.
Follow-up commentary
I liked this product a lot more after I retired it to bathroom use only. This became strictly a pre-shower oil that I used to buffer between the hot water and my very dry skin. It was especially great during the winter months, although I've used it all up since then. It didn't do anything to add moisture to my skin, and it always felt really slimy, but it was a more pleasant smelling alternative to baby oil. That's more or less how I used it; as a barrier to keep moisture that's there in, not to add to moisture or softness at all.
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