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Sweet snow Sweet snow

Edible powder by Shunga Erotic Art

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Sweet snow reviews

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20 reviews

Overall, this is a great beauty product that makes skin feel softer and more seductive. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, and has benefits outside of the bedroom that make it a useful tool during anybody's beauty routine.

DON'T GET THIS! Turn back and try Honey Dust instead. Sweet Snow has no flavor, and it's not worth your money.

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, and I regret spending the money I did on it. The powder is so fine, it just poofs everywhere when trying to handle it. It doesn't taste very good, and I'm just all-around disappointed in it.

I will give this 2 stars because it can be fun. But with all the problems, at least for us; it will not get used very often. Some more strawberry flavor, or less stickiness would help. Just keep the problems in mind if thinking about adding this to your collection.

The Shunga Sweet Snow body powder, in the fruit scent, has so many good features for such a reasonable price tag that it would be a shame not to try it. Add some romance, mystery, and sensuality to your lovemaking with this edible, delicious snow.

This is so worth the money. Not only will you smell good, you will taste good as well. The feather duster you can use to tickle your partner. There is so much fun to be had you won't want to wait to add this to your collection.

Overall this is a great product and hubby an I had fun trying it out. The scent is awesome and if your careful the powder can be a fun experience with your partner. For some people it is probably not that exciting but it is still an experience that gives you much needed quality time with your partner. It should also be noted that sweeteners are NOT good to use on the penis and/or the vagina so you can use this any where but these areas.

This is a great product to use if you are a beginner couple or an experienced one. If you want an extra excuse to explore your lover's body, this would be one of the best that I can think of!

The Shunga Sweet Snow didn't work out at all for my lovers and I. It was actually a turn off because of the bad taste and smell.

I was pretty satisfied with this product overall. It comes in a decent quantity, good price and the feather duster was a plus. Great for foreplay and worked well for "guiding him" to where I wanted him to go by dusting him a "happy trail"!

Overall, I HAVE to give this "Sweet Snow" 5 stars. It's so much fun to use, tastes great in moderation, and a little goes a long way. There's enough powder to last you a good year, or at least half of a year. I love the way it goes on so clear, and the free feather duster/tickler and black pouch is a huge plus for me. If you have a relationship that needs a little spice, this is an awesome way to make things hot!

This item is worth the buy simply because it lives up to the claims it makes -- which in my experience is a rare thing when it comes to edible products.

Shunga Sweet Snow is great to add to your health and beauty collection, whether it is to feel soft and sexy or for play time in the bedroom. If you have a hard time with aspartame of powders, skip this.

Let's see.. Great packaging that looks pretty sitting out (something I always look for), a great taste, hardly any scent, and a nice fine soft powder that doesn't taste like chalk. I think this is a winner all the way around.

Shunga Sweet Snow is a great sensual product for teasing or enticing a partner when used carefully and sparingly. However if proper caution is not taken, you'll both just end up in a cloud of white fruity scented powder.

Shunga has once again made a product that I absolutely adore. Shunga's Sweet Snow works well as a seductive powder to make you absolutely kissable and irresistible and also does wonders in the heat of summer to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Use this sweet tasting powder to soften your skin or your sheets, just make sure to be careful when applying as it's really easy to make a huge mess. When applied lightly to the skin the powder is virtually invisible. If you get too much on at one time, don't worry, just let your partner clean you up.

This edible powder is a lot of fun to use. It tastes delicious and smells sweet. A little goes a long way, but be careful to not use too much-it can make a powdery mess! Once on, the powder is invisible on the skin and feels silky and smooth. Let your tongue do the clean up!

Shunga Sweet Snow was better than I expected it to be; it was sweet but not too sweet, and it doesn't clump or get sticky if you use a light hand and only a dusting. The packaging is gorgeous, the feather duster is luxurious, and beautiful. Definitely recommended.

Shunga's Sweet Snow is a fine, silky, scented and edible powder with a lavish feather applicator that can be used to tickle, tease, scent and flavor your entire body!

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