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Sweet snow

Edible powder by Shunga Erotic Art

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Can you STOP licking me already?

Overall, I HAVE to give this "Sweet Snow" 5 stars. It's so much fun to use, tastes great in moderation, and a little goes a long way. There's enough powder to last you a good year, or at least half of a year. I love the way it goes on so clear, and the free feather duster/tickler and black pouch is a huge plus for me. If you have a relationship that needs a little spice, this is an awesome way to make things hot!
Light smell, Great taste, Easy to use, Feather tickler and pouch included, Will last a long time
Using too much will make an Aspartame taste, Some may not find the can discreet
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Shunga "Hm... What is that I taste? Raspberry?" My hubby says, playfully. "I don' think so. I think I'll have to lick you just a few more times to make sure."

"Babe, I'm tired. You can have all the Sweet Snow you want tomorrow. Let's go to bed! Can you stop licking me already?!" I beg, and beg!

Shunga Sweet Snow is an awesome product, meant to be used to lightly flavor any area of the body that you'd please. It is like powdered sugar, so you can expect it to be very thin and is so sifted that you will get a little cloud of "sweet snow" each time you open the can. The thin quality, along with the fabulous feather duster, allows you to easily apply a small amount of this product onto your body. Everywhere from your neck, to your chest, to your tummy... or even below the waist!

Shunga actually recommends that the product be used in this order and fashion:

1. Sprinkle your partner's body with the "sweet snow", anywhere you'd like.

2. Taking the feather "tickler", begin to dust the powder across your lover's body gently, while in turn teasting them with the feathers.

3. Have your partner for dessert!

These are not actual instructions, but that is how the package claims that this was intended to be used.

As far as allergy concerns, I am not sure what about this product would irritate the skin. However, from my many bad reactions to cosmetic powders, I've decided to list the ingredients in case anyone has an allergy to one of them:

Modified starch, Corn starch, Aspartame, Natural and/or artificial flavor, May also contain honey bake.

This product is perfect for almost every occasion. Put it on in the morning to give your lover a surprise when they kiss you later that day, or sprinkle it lightly and rub it in before bedtime to set the mood for lovemaking. It's your choice! Best of all, it's sheer! You need only a small amount and no one will even know it's on your skin!
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    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer
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    • All over body
    • Oral sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Sweet Snow reminds me very much of powdered sugar... but even thinner and more sifted. I know this is an awful comparison, but if any of you out there use Mary Kay's Mineral Powder, you'll know how thin this stuff is. It is very, very, very sifted - to the point where you'll actually get a "POOF!" of the Sweet Snow each time you open the can. It doesn't bother me, because I love the taste and the light smell.

To apply the powder, you simply dab the tip if your lovely feather duster into the Sweet Snow so that you have a small amount of "snow" on the tips of the feathers. Then, apply to your body in the area of your choice. You want to dab and sweep so that you do not notice the product. It is sheer, and only a small amount is needed. You should not be able to see the product once it is applied. If you put too much it will taste too much like candy - unless you're into that. I personally think this product was intended to leave a light taste on the body, not make you taste like a lollipop.

When the Shunga Sweet Snow arrives, the snow is inside of a plastic bag. It is sealed pretty well and to avoid a mess you'll want to cut the bag open with some scissors and pour it into the can. As some others have done, you can put the bag of "snow" inside of the black pouch and store it that way. HOWEVER, DO NOT attempt to pour the "snow" into the black pouch. It is so thin, and so sifted, that it will literally fall through the material of the pouch. I had to learn this the hard way with the honey flavored Sweet Snow, which was the first flavor I tried. I received it as a wedding gift and knew nothing about this stuff... Must have been drunk when I attempted to do that!

It is not exactly easy to pour into the can, so take your time. It's not something you can do in two seconds. Since it is so sifted, it can easily leave you a giant mess if you are careless. Carefully cut the plastic bag, and then slowly pour it into the can. You may even want to get a spoon and do it that way.

When the "snow" is on the skin, supposing you followed my directions and used only a slight amount, it cannot be seen nor felt. It is not sticky, greasy, or powdery once on the skin. You could easily apply this before work and no one would notice anything but a raspberry smell (very light smell) and you could meet your hunny for lunch and surprise him with a delicious treat - you!
    • Sheer
    • Sifted
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

In my opinion, the Sweet Snow itself has a light scent. It's not something I would notice if a person was walking by, covered in it. You would have to be very up-close to that person to smell it, which makes this perfect for sex! So it's not a problem for me. It would be cute if it was highly scented.

The taste of the Sweet Snow is a little different... it's very noticeable. Definitely different than anything I've ever tried to flavor my skin. You can EASILY taste the Aspartame if you use too much, which is a little bit of a turn off. Sometimes I want to use just a little more than I normally would - for example, during sex. But if I do that, the Aspartame is very noticeable, and the taste becomes powdery. So with this product, less is enough, and self-control must be practiced! I don't see this as much of a flaw.

I have the raspberry flavored "snow", and it honestly tastes just like raspberry. A less-sweetened raspberry, though. I like this aspect simply because if it was any sweeter it would make my man taste like a lollipop, and if it was any sweeter it would taste like Aspartame. I can tell you that the flavor is very natural, as if you were eating a real raspberry. Of course it's a lighter taste... Just enough to have your lover thinking "Hmmm... Her skin tastes quite interested... Mmmmmm... I like this!". So that's good enough for me!
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


Knowing that I was going to meet the hubby at the door tonight when he got home, I dusted my whole body from neck to toe (Don't want it on my face) as soon as I dried off from my afternoon shower. So glad that the package arrived in time! I hardly made a dent in the amount of "snow" in my tin and I was surprised because I FELT and I TASTED like I used so much. So I kind of had to take a towel, brush myself off, and start over. This time I used much less. I simply dipped the tips of the feather duster into the powder, tapped it against the side of the can to get any excess "snow" off of the duster, and started over.

Unfortunately, my hubby walked in to the bathroom to find me naked, dusting myself with this mystery powder and heard my entire conversation with my best friend on the phone. It went a little something like "Oh nothing, just dusting myself with this flavored body powder from Shunga. I just got it today! It taste like raspberries!". The look in his eyes let me know it was time to get off the phone and let him have a taste of his sweet treat (ME).

To my surprise, he fell in love with it! He didn't even notice the Aspartame taste, and he would not stop tasting me! It was turning me on quite a lot... He took me to the bed room to "finish the job", and let's just say I got the most amazing oral sex of my life that night! I LOVE SHUNGA!

As far as how to wash this product off, you simply take a shower. For me it seemed to all come off with water itself (I tasted myself to check), but you could always give yourself a good scrub down with your body wash and a wash cloth. It's really up to you. I didn't even find it necessary to wash off last night and I did it this morning when I woke up.

The flavor lasted throughout the night, even after rolling around in the covers! That should tell you this is definitely good stuff that could easily last you from morning until lunch break when you meet your lover for a rendezvous! It also dusts on just like talc powder, with no irritation whatsoever. If you know you're allergic to any of the ingredients I listed above, you obviously want to skip out on this product. I had no rash (THANK GOD). I have had bad lucks with powders in my life time.
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


When your Shunga Sweet Snow arrives, you will simply just get the tin (rather large) that you see on the product page. Open the tip by carefully prying open the lid of the tin/can. Inside you will find your feather duster, inside a plastic wrapping with these instructions on a small card of paper (I recommend keeping the card):

"Your feather tickler may have a funny look after a long nap in the tin... Carefully hold the feather tickler over a kettle's steam for a few seconds and it will quickly regain it's proper shape." (I had to edit some typos on the card. Very minor typos.)

To maintain your feather tickler's shape you could keep the plastic wrapping (it's totally reusable) and it will help keep everything looking brand new. I prefer to keep my feather tickler/duster inside of the black pouch, which works just as well.

Inside the new tin, you will find your black pouch. The powder arrives INSIDE a plastic bag, INSIDE of the black pouch. The plastic bag is sealed over not only by a gold twist tie, but also a very stubborn sealant. That's why I recommend simply grabbing some scissors and CAREFULLY cutting the bag before emptying it into the tin can. You could also just reuse the bag with the tie and keep it in the black pouch if you wish, but that's honestly too much trouble for me.

You also get a full list and description of the entire Shunga product line. Everything from their Erotic Art collection to their Toko Lubricant collection. You might want to check that out because a lot of those items look promising!
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

- Flavored: Raspberry Feeling (Raspberry)

- Free Feather Tickler/Duster

- Free Black Pouch

Personal comments

In my personal opinion, I believe that the black pouch is honestly the best place to protect and store your feather duster, aside from keeping the plastic wrapping. It does not seem like the "Sweet Snow" was meant to be kept inside. I know many people have done this but it just doesn't seem practical or smart since if you were to travel, or needed to open the can on a whim, you would have a giant mess everywhere. So I don't recommend doing this.

If you have a problem with the Shunga erotic art on the front of the can (which from a quick glance, doesn't look erotic... it looks more like someone kissing from far away.) you could find an old can from another product, or even tupperware if you'd like, and keep the powder inside of that.

I recommend keeping the feather duster inside of the black pouch simply because it's easy to break these little things and they come in a lot of handy when using the Sweet Snow product. If for any reason yours breaks, you could easily apply this stuff with an old fashioned fluffy foundation pad (the plushy ones) or a makeup brush. Both work fine.


Overall, I have just yesterday received this product and both the hubby and I love it! It's fun to apply, tastes great, and makes a great teaser before sex. Whether you apply to use it Shunga's way, sprinking and dusting the "snow" across your lover's body... Or my way, which is using this powder as a talc and attempting to surprise your lover when they kiss your body later on in the day... You're in for quite a lot of fun!
Follow-up commentary
Mrs. SecretToyLover doesn't like this product anymore, now that she's used her Chocolate Passion Body Powder, but I still LOVE this product. The chocolate is really nice, and I prefer it over this dust if I had to choose. However, I would never throw this out because it tastes really nice. We even mixed the two and it was fantastic.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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