Stimulating pleasure balm - lubricant by Kama Sutra - reviews

Stimulating pleasure balm Stimulating pleasure balm

Clitoral gel by Kama Sutra

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Stimulating pleasure balm reviews

21 reviews
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21 reviews

Overall, an excellent way to add extra stimulation to sex or fantasy sessions. The smell and strong sensation is great in the bedroom, but may follow for a time after.

Although its not a terrible product, I simply don't find it to be all I was hoping. Its smell is nice and its easy to use. It just doesn't work as long as I had hoped it would or taste like I had thought.

It sounded so good on paper, but in practice, this product is so far from kissable, that it isn't funny.

This product is outright disappointing in all ways. I really hoped for something better, especially for a stimulating gel. I wish I could have tried the Spearmint flavor instead of the Strawberries & Champagne one, but oh well.

This is a wonderful product. It is like you are getting the products in one. It is a great lotion for the skin, works very well as a lubricant, and also will give you a slight tingling feeling once used.

Needless to say, this stuff is amazing. It's been my go-to product for years and it never disappoints! It gives the perfect amount of tingle and heightens sensation like NO other product I've tried before.

Kama Sutra has kept up with their role as one of the best company's on the market for sexual play with this stimulating gel. It does a good job and is priced nicely. A little goes a long way with this and you may find that the Spearmint is a little strong but a nice flavor. I like spearmint and did find that if you use to much it will leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

The Raspberry Kiss body gel is one of the more disappointing products I've tried by Kama Sutra. The flavor sounded promising and sweet, however it turned out to be very much like cough medicine. I like that the gel is allergy tested, paraben free, and made in the USA. I do not care for the horrid flavor and scent.

We had so much fun with this pleasure balm. Apply to your desired area (external only) and feel the cool sensations take over! This heightened our senses and made our love making intense. The taste isn't great and the menthol can numb your tongue, but the sensations does wonders for the nipples and clitoris. We love it!

To spice up and evening you really can't beat a good tingle gel. Not only will it get your mind focused on the right parts it will also bring blood to the surface increasing overall sensitivity. Pleasure Balm by Kama Sutra will do all of this and it needs just a tiny amount to do it!

Overall, I think this is an okay lube. I really like how it doesn't irritate my skin like so many other stimulants, but I don't like that it doesn't transition to sex easily. I have to use a different lube after foreplay, which can sometimes inhibit the mood.

Not worth your time, sensation lasts way too long and is incredibly unpleasant, feels more like Icy Hot than anything you would want to be arousing.

Stimulation gels, cremes, creams or what have you just don't seem worth the cost. They do little to nothing to enhance foreplay, masturbation, or sex, yet they cost upwards of ten dollars. This was not worth the cost given the meager benefits.

The KamaSutra Stimulating Pleasure Balm is a great choice for some cooling pleasure. It smells like mint and strawberries and even tastes a little of strawberries.

If you're in need of a little tingle and some added sensation, then Kama Sutra Pleasure balm may just work for you. The tingle doesn't last long but will surely get the blood flowing! May work well as a nipple sensitizers. Horrible taste/aftertaste though and doesn't taste anything like raspberries.

This 'sensual balm' is highly effective when used as a nipple gel or clitoral arousal gel, and fairly effective on the penis as well. Just don't over-apply it, or things might go too quickly.

This Stimulating Balm is more of a balm than a stimulant. If you are sensitive to menthol products, you might be able to use this, as it is a very mild menthol sensation.

As a stimulating product, this gel does the trick and you get quite a bit, at least compared to other similar products. However, you may be unpleasantly surprised if you are a fan of the raspberry flavor of Kama Sutra's other products. This product is unusually minty in both flavor and scent

This product is worth it, because it smells great and does the job. It has arousing and tingling sensations, as well as a lube effect which is a great addition to playtime with your partner or solo fun.

I've heard other people saying they don't like the way this stuff tastes. While I wouldn't plan on consuming it if it wasn't off another person, I think the flavor is quite impressive considering what this product is used for. I didn't find the sensory effects of it to be as pleasurable as some others, like Sliquid or Shunga, but I think the combination of stimulation and flavor make this an overall great product and a lot of fun for partner use.

The pleasure balm would have been a wonderful addition to my playtime, but in this case it wasn't. It may be suitable for someone else. It's the perfect gift, or treat for you and your loved one. The package is small so it's perfect for traveling. It has a beautiful color, and is pretty thick, so you don't have to worry about it being all runny. It doesn't have an overpowering smell.

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