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System JO glide massage oil 1oz reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

The lovely smell is the high point to this oil. It did not work as well as it was advertised for conditioning either skin or tattoos, was not a great personal lube if certain toys were used, and is difficult to remove completely. A long lasting massage oil, fresh lavender aroma and easy glide over the skin was right on target, along with the long lasting glide of silicone. For me, it is not worth the trouble but for you?

If you have not yet tried silicone lube, you definitely need to try this product. You have no excuse! It's inexpensive, it's a small and discreet container, and your sex life could seriously benefit!

The All in One massage Glide by System JO in lavender smells amazing. But as a massage product and personal lubricant it falls short. It leaves your skin feeling greasy and needs to be washed off with soap and water.

As a massage oil this product is top notch! It does shine up a tattoo nicely but isn't the absolute best for sin softening and conditioning. It lasts for quite a long time and takes very little product to achieve a great massage surface. The scented products are clean, fresh and above all light enough to please even the most sensitive noses. While I don't know if it equals 10 ounces of other products I do recommend it as a great massage oil.

You can not really go wrong with this stuff, it is great. The only issue I had was the citrus reminding me of orange clean, but it does have a relaxing smell despite the cleaning product smell.

Look elsewhere for a product of this kind. There are other, more dependable and less expensive products out there that will do the job better.

I've heard a lot of mixed opinions before about silicone-based products, but I have always been very happy with their performance. I think it's something we all have to try, especially when it comes in this practical smaller format. With the Massage Glide, I have all the advantages of a massage and a skin moisturizer. I love it, and I'm not massaging with oils anymore.

System JO Massage Oil is a personal lubricant, and skin/tattoo conditioner all in one. Even though it is a small bottle, it still goes a long way. For some, the small size of the bottle may not be worth the money, but for me it is worth it! Because it can be used for three purposes it saves me money, so I don't have to purchase all three items. I love the citrus scent although there are only three scents offered.

This is a massage oil that has a unique powdery texture, and leaves the skin feeling nice and soft. Available in citrus or lavender, you are guaranteed to find a scent that arouses the senses, and makes for a wonderful massage.

Although this item is billed as an all-in-one sensual product, it is distinctly less versatile than it claims. It failed me completely as a personal lubricant and fell short in the realm of skin conditioning. In my opinion, it is really only suited for use as a mediocre massage glide.

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