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Treasures of the sea Treasures of the sea

Sensual kit by Kama Sutra

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Treasures of the sea reviews

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23 reviews

I highly recommend the Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea Luxury bath salts. Just one scoop makes a relaxing, moisturizing, ocean blue bath to soak in as long as your hot water holds out. I love this product and I hope Edenfantasys brings it back and makes it available again.

Overall, I was highly impressed with this item. It is a very relaxing bath, not one I would use to get aroused.

This item is definitely worth every penny! It's my ocean away from home and I couldn't be more pleased with it! It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable, and if even for a few minutes, helps me forget about my worries!

The scent, color and moisturizing affects of this bath salt leave me feeling like a sex goddess as I emerge from the water with each use. It's a relaxing oasis, a vacation within my own four walls.

For anyone looking for a high quality bubble bath/mineral soak with a pleasant scent and calming chromotherapeutic effects, look no further!

Overall, I felt relaxed and moisturized after my bath. My favorite aspects of this product are the scent, and the blue tint of the water. The skin softeners were an added bonus that I wasn't aware of until using this product. Hopefully, this product won't be discontinued in the future as I will be purchasing this product again when I run out.

Treasures of the Sea by Kama Sutra are fairly high quality bath salts that double as a bubble bath if desired. With a vibrant blue bath of salty goodness and plenty of bubbles you can have a lot of fun and experience plenty of relaxation. I found not only the bath salts in the hot bath water to be relaxing, but the overall blue color was a nice calming effect on my mind.

While a jar of Kamasutra's Treasures of the Sea isn't buried pirate gold, it certainly is a treasure in its own right. The perfect gift for anyone who loves baths, or a treat for yourself if you want some pampering. Between the scent, the bubbles and the colour, these salts truly make the bath an indulgent experience! I would readily recommend these to just about anyone.

In the world of luxury bath kits the Kama Sutra Bathing Kit ranks somewhere up near number 1! The scent is light, refreshing, warm and sexy. It is light but deep and rich at the same time and softens bath water until it feels like silk and then it washes cleanly away. We have fallen in love with this product and sincerely hope EF never stops selling it.

KamaSutra has provided you here with a wonderful way to relax after a hard day. The water turns a wonderful shade of blue and the entire bathroom fills with the lovely scent, whatever it may be. Better for those who don't like strong scents, this is still a wonderful product for just about anybody.

If you like taking long baths, Treasure of the Sea would make a nice addition. Comes with a cute little scoop for ease of dispensing, turning your bath water a pretty blue color. The refreshing aroma from the bath salts will make this a truly relaxing, and soothing experience.

This item is definitely worth buying. It's a great relaxation product, and works well. Anyone that loves scented baths should own this product!

Treasure of the Sea is an awesome product and I love using it! It smells like the fresh salty sea and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. There's plenty of product for multiple uses. The sea shell scoop is really cute but also functional. It helps to scoop the perfect amount of bath salts. I really love this product and definitely think it's worth it. I'd definitely repurchase this and even buy it as a gift. If you're thinking about it... just get it, you'll love it!

These bath salts are well worth the money! They're non irritating, they smell fantastic and they turn the water blue and bubbly during the bath. The only possible con of this product is that if you spill some of the salts and don't clean them properly they may stain material. They make your bath a spa-like experience and are extremely relaxing. Did I mention that it froths and bubbles? :D

Emerge from your bathtub feeling like a goddess. This bath salt will make you feel much like Venus, the goddess of love, who was born from the ocean. This bath salt is elegant, has the most relaxing scent I've ever had the pleasure of smelling, turns bath water a sea blue color, and leaves your skin soothed and silky soft. This isn't just for lovers. Anyone who enjoys a bath will love this product.

There's nothing not to love about these bath salts. You get a huge amount, a cute dispensing shell plus they smell good and turn your water blue.

These salts are not only packaged beautifully, but they smell great too. They make the water a beautiful blue color, with a light layer of bubbles. They also leave the scent of the salts on your skin, and soften the skin very nicely. All in all, it is a great product that is definitely worth the purchase.

Everything about these salts have went beyond my expectations. I was given a jar as a gift at my bridal shower and was not really sure how well I would like it. We decided to try it in the jacuzzi on our honeymoon and I loved the scent of the product. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

Give yourself a relaxing treat and sink into a tub filled with the soothing Treasure of the Sea. With the scent of the ocean and the skin softening abilities of sea salts and seaweed, it'll be love at first dip.

I love the Treasure of the Sea bath salts! I am very impressed with the product and would not change anything about it! If you're in need of a relaxing experience, alone or with your partner, it’s a product to try!

Kama Sutra bath salts leave your water a light, lovely blue with a luxurious layer of velvety, long lasting bubbles. Excellent to soften skin, ease tired muscles or just relax as you breathe in the scent, alone or with a partner. Scent lingers on skin and leaves you feeling soft and silky

Treasure of the Sea—like many of the Kama Sutra products—is designed to enhance sensual awareness and encourage intimacy. Both my partner and I love this product and use it several times a week, for a tropical get-away as near as our tub.

I would definitely recommend Kama Sutra's Treasure of the Sea sensual bathing kit to anyone who loves a fragrant, relaxing bath.

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