Treasures of the sea - sensual kit by Kama Sutra - review by Cookie Monster Mike

Rub-a-Dub Dub Cookie Monster Bathed In Your Tub!

Treasures of the Sea by Kama Sutra are fairly high quality bath salts that double as a bubble bath if desired. With a vibrant blue bath of salty goodness and plenty of bubbles you can have a lot of fun and experience plenty of relaxation. I found not only the bath salts in the hot bath water to be relaxing, but the overall blue color was a nice calming effect on my mind.
Doubles as a bubble bath, Blue color aids in relaxation, Large container at a nice price.
Overwhelming aroma in container, Sticky/Staining ingredients, can leave a residue in tub.
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So can you picture Cookie Monster bathing in the tub and the blue dye leaches out from him into the water? Two things will result in this scenario, some very blue water and an albino Cookie Monster. But with all jokes aside the cause of this is actually the "Treasures of the Sea luxury bathing kit" from Kama Sutra! But it would be funny to see an albino Cookie Monster.

Treasures of the Sea are a fun way to change up your bathing routine with something different compared to your normal plain bathing salts. What might be the purpose of the blue color? Well, we could debate that for awhile but I will give you my input on why I personally like the blue coloring. It makes for something fun and different, sure regular bath salts are relaxing but most of them have no color or dye to them. Another interesting thing is that colors have been proven to change our emotional, mental and even physical state. Colored bath treatments can be used in chromotherapy practices for balancing energy in the body.

My mother-in-law always repeats herself with certain things and she is a health fanatic, I often hear the "Oh if you're having trouble sleeping you should keep an orange light on before you go to bed, it will create melatonin to help you fall asleep". While I get tired of hearing that at least once a month, it actually does work for some people in creating more melatonin. So light and colors really do affect our mind and body in many different ways. So I find the blue colored water from the Treasure of the Sea to be a nice feature not just for something fun and different, but can also really affect your state-of-mind.

Okay so moving on how to use this stuff, which I will say is fairly straight forward and "easy peasy lemon squeezy". Your luxury blue bath salts by Kama Sutra come in a large 24.6oz (500g) tub with an included (natural) seashell that is wrapped in plastic. The shell included is to not only serve as your scooping tool but also adds to the whole fun process of taking a bath. For best results, I usually run the bath water for a short while until the water is a one-third the level I want, then using my included seashell I usually sprinkle in one heaping scoop of the bath salt. You will want to sprinkle this as close to the running water as you can get, allowing the ingredients to dissolve faster, but also to create more bubbles. If you are looking to have little or no bubbles, you could sprinkle in the bath salts after the tub is full and use your hand to swish gently around the ingredients until they dissolve.

Overall I think just about anyone can enjoy a product like this. It's very important now and then to just take break from the world and slip inside a nice hot tub of blue bath salt water (or even use them as a foot soak). What better way to escape even for just a short while? Even better, reap the benefits of some of the ingredients in aiding towards healthy skin and a lovely blue color that might just work in further calming and relaxing your mind and body. I find to fully enjoy these to the maximum is to be alone when using them, dim the lights and put on some of my most favorite chill-out and ambient music! Suffice to say, after a good 20-30 minute soak, I feel I can take on the world! Maybe you can too?

As with any bath, body and beauty products, you should always do a test of the product before using it all over your body or soaking in it. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, I still recommend a test because you really never know how your body will react to specific ingredients and their concentrations. Personally none of the ingredients stand out to me that scream allergic reaction, but everyone is different. I did not experience any issues in using these bath salts. However please read on to the "Special Features" section of this review for an ingredient list.
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    • Bridal gift
    • Mood enhancer
    • Relaxing
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    • Bath
    • Foot soak
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    • External use only
    • Soaking complete body

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Before using the Treasures of the Sea by Kama Sutra I had been accustomed to using bath salts from Venus and Dona that are also featured here on Eden. Both of those products are just a collection of small and medium pieces of salt along with a few large pieces, there was nothing else much to them. However with these bath salts by Kama Sutra it is quite the opposite with a diverse texture. Most notably when you first open the container you are treated to large rectangular pieces of salt covered in a white powder and a lot of blue pieces. Although if you look closely enough there are 3 different types of salt pieces I could see; the large rectangular pieces, smaller chunks of salt, and then incredibly tiny fiber-like pieces of salt. As far as the blue goes, aside from any clumps it is a fairly fine flake-like consistency.

After some trial and error, I have to say you should really try to avoid getting any of this on your hands or clothes. In my hands, it felt incredibly sticky and slimy when any moisture was added. When the blue pieces came into contact with fabrics (like my bath mat) it stained the mat and took probably 2 or 3 washes before it came out. There is definitely a concentration of the blue coloring in this product, however washing my hands off in water quickly got rid of any blue coloring and any slimy feeling.

In use I found that the ingredients actually took some time to fully dissolve, I had to swish the water around a bit to get everything to incorporate correctly and dissolve. But using 2 half-scoops and with everything dissolved I was treated to lovely blue-raspberry snow cone syrup colored bath water. Because I added the bath salt early in filling the tub, I found a very generous amount of bubbles had formed (see picture below). The bubbles actually lasted the entire 20minute soak and were quite fun and felt just like I was having a bubble bath. While soaking, the water itself actually became softer-feeling; my skin in the water had a nice glide-like feel to it but nothing oily or greasy.

After each use and draining the tub, I did find the bath tub had a slight slick-like feel to it so I would probably recommend quickly rinsing the tub a bit for safety. Even though there is a lot of blue coloring I have not noticed any staining in the tub thankfully. I personally like to rinse my body off after a bath with products like this; however it may not be necessary for everyone. After drying off I did not notice any unpleasant feel to my skin, if anything it felt much softer and rejuvenated rather than dry.

Here are a few pictures just to show the texture, coloring of water and how much bubbles can easily form from using these early when running your bath water. Enjoy!

    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Textured

Taste / Aroma

Never have I quite had a product that smells like the Treasures of the Sea. It is pretty hard to describe but I will certainly do my best of interpreting it. In the container when you open it up every time it is very potent and overwhelming in a way but only if you stick your nose close enough. It is strong in a way I can only describe as an oceanic floral spicy incense aroma. I know that might sound weird, but that is what it reminds me of. Personally when it is in the container I really do not enjoy the aroma, if I get too close to it for too long it actually makes me feel slightly sick. But keep reading; don't let that throw you off.

In the bath tub the aroma is much less potent, it calms down into a much more relaxing soothing and enjoyable scent. It will very quickly fill your bathroom and if the door is open, probably the surrounding area too with a light scent. Soaking in the bath salt water the aroma profile is still very similar to how it is in the container, but dialed down a lot more, the floral that I picked up is near non-existent thankfully, and it becomes more of a oceanic smell. It is definitely still slightly spicy however but smells good on the skin. Even with all that I found overall the aroma to be very soothing and calming, my fiancée commented it smelt very pretty and soothing. I don't consider the aroma to be a feminine one, but rather something men might enjoy as well. I wouldn't say it smells natural, but not chemical either.

After soaking and rinsing off, my skin smells only very lightly of the bath salts for about 30 minutes to 1 hour before it fades away. For me this was good because I'd rather soak and enjoy the aroma vs. have it on me for the rest of the day/night. I did not notice any lingering odor later after my bath or even the next day and neither did my fiancée. Overall the aroma is very enjoyable, I think you really need to give it a chance to fully appreciate and/or enjoy it. Oh and obviously I did not taste this, it is for external-use-only and not to be ingested. The water I could imagine would taste rather foul.
    • External use only
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


When this arrived I honestly didn't know what to expect out of the product. I was somewhat skeptical and thought it was more for the mind than the body itself. But to my surprise I found it was great for both aspects and worked very well. It took me a few days to work up the courage to try this out because I did not like the aroma in the container at first. But I gave it a whirl and have been enjoying it since.

I have used Venus bath salts and Dona bath salts from Eden (also reviewed both if you want to check that out) and would have to say that the Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea is a fairly comparable product. Other than the uniqueness of the color, I find the quality to be on par with Dona and slightly better than Venus. In fact, I'd say these bath salts while soaking are better feeling than the Dona bath salts as well. This product felt very slick and silky in the water but not oily or greasy, I felt it really changed the water consistency to something more fun and enjoyable. Also I would have to say my skin feels and smells very clean after use.

Blue is also my favorite color, so bathing in the blue water was a really nice treat. Can I say with certainty that the water color affected my mood? No I can't. But I will say that I felt very calm and relaxed physically and mentally after bathing with this product. Also I feel I need to rinse off after bathing in these, it's more of a personality trait and mental factor really and not a product flaw. I guess my only complaints are that the blue color (in ingredient form) will stain fabrics, and the ingredients feel very sticky when they come into contact with your skin. So it's best to use the included seashell to scoop these out, unfortunately the shell that was included with mine is larger in width than the opening of the container. It can still be used to scoop with, but I have to angle and position it correctly which in the end I can only get a half scoop.

Overall I think this is a fairly high quality product I would compare to spa quality.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Performance


Just like the commercials for Hefty trash bags, this container is definitely "Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!" in size and durability.

I'd say the container is probably comparable to a large tub of butter, just shaped differently of course! It holds 24.6oz (500g) and has a screw cap on top to keep it sealed. The container is plastic, but is hefty enough to withstand some abuse, such as dropping it on the bathroom floor. However the cover is a harder plastic and might crack if you drop it just right. The opening of the container is about 3 1/4" wide which should give enough room to scoop out from. However as I mentioned, the seashell that is wrapped in plastic and included will vary in size, mine measured 3 1/2" across making it difficult to use.

The container itself is recyclable no. 1 which is very easy to recycle with if you have the option to put out recyclables where you live. After using your bath salts up completely, you could probably re-use the container for other things. The product page shows plenty of views of the container itself, the label is nicely designed and goes with the whole theme. There is a list of ingredients on the label but unfortunately I did not see any instructions for use. While most of us know how to use these types of products, anyone using something like this for the first time could benefit from a general guideline of use.

Overall the size of the container is pretty big when compared to some other bath salts I have used; it is 4 1/4" wide on both sides and 4 1/4" tall. Storing it may be an issue for some who have limited bathroom space. I really don't see this practical for any kind of travel use; you will have to transfer the desired amount to an air-tight and leak proof small container for traveling. In my opinion I find this very discreet, there is nothing sexual about it rather it focuses on turning your bath into a luxury relaxing experience. If you don't want anyone to know you like to take salt baths, then I think you will just need to completely hide the container. Included just below are 2 pictures of my over-sized seashell and then a comparison to the Dona and Venus bath salts.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Hefty size
    • Recyclable

Special Features

-Seashell included.
-Bubble and salt bath combined makes it more unique and fun.
-Blue color can affect mood to a more positive state depending on the person.

Sodium Sulphate - Sodium Sesquicarbonate - Sodium Thiosulphate - Sodium Dodecyl Benzenesulfonate - Magnesium Sulfate - Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - Hydrated Silica - Sodium C 14, 16 Olefin Sulfonate - Fragrance (Parfum) - Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil - Algae - Blue 1 / CI 42090 - Geraniol - Butylphenyl Methylpropional - Linalool - Benzyl Benzoate.

There is just way too much information on the internet to summarize each ingredient in the review. I did some reading on the ingredients and some of them are questionable. More specifically the "Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate" which has a lot of discussion and speculation to its possible health damaging effects. This particular ingredient is used in many bath and body products and is suggested that it causes a lot of health problems such as---Hormone imbalances, cancer, protein and skin damage, damaging to genetic material found in every cell of your body and the list goes on.

Only the most extreme of us who worry about the smallest health concerns will probably find this not for them. Honestly, every day of our lives we are exposed to so many deadly toxic ingredients and chemicals that enter our body. It's just a matter of concentration, if you were to bath in these bath salts on a daily basis for your entire life, then yes maybe you have a higher increased chance of cancer and other health worries. This is all just my personal opinion and the information was derived from various sites that are not necessarily 100% factual. Unless it is an official study/article it is just speculation.
    • Blue color
    • Bubble bath

Personal comments

Looking at the product in its totality of quality, performance, ingredients and aroma I think it deserves 5 stars. While I had a small concern with the ingredients, I'm honestly not too worried about them. I don't use these bath salts often and I'm sure that the concentrations of the ingredients that are alleged to be bad are probably minimal. Would I buy this product again? Possibly, it's not my favorite but it definitely had some unique features to it and I have been enjoying it. I especially like the fact it comes in a nearly 25oz container. Most other bath salts I see come in smaller containers and you just run out too fast.

Assuming I know how to do math, you are only paying about $0.93 per ounce. If you were to measure the bath salts out on a 1oz (2 tablespoon estimated) basis you should get 24 baths at 93 cents each. I find that 3 or 4 tablespoons are more enjoyable and give a more vibrant colorful experience.


In my experience in using these bath salts I have found very few flaws. From start to end I have only but minor complaints. Each time I have used these I find the blue ingredients take awhile to dissolve completely, swishing around the water aids in them dissolving. The blue dye will stain fabrics if you are not careful, although this only happened to my bath mat. Soaking in the tub with these bath salts is fun and relaxing; the bubbles are a nice addition and every time they have lasted my entire soak. I did notice there is a slight soap-like film on the surface of the water most likely from the bubbles, however this does not bother me.

Also I did experience a slight slippery residue in the tub, so I have rinsed it out every time and rinsed off my body. I honestly just do not like the thought of having this stuff on my skin for a long period of time (I am pretty weird though). The aroma does not stick around on my skin for long but in this product I don't mind that, I have found I only enjoy the scent when soaking in the tub. After each bath my skin really feels soft and clean, it also had a nice clean scent. I have found I did not necessarily need to moisturize after bathing with these either which is a bonus; I don't always like to moisturize my skin. All in all, I think this product performs and works well for me.
Follow-up commentary
Treasures of the Sea has been a rather conflicting bath product for me. Most certainly I can say that it has been one that I really need to be in the mood for in order to enjoy it. There have been two factors in this overall mood setting---First, the aroma, I still stand by how I described it, but it is definitely an aroma you should be in the mood for. Second is how this product changes the feel of the water.

Let me elaborate some more... Because of the strong aroma that has such complexity; it can trigger headaches in those who are generally sensitive to strong smells. At times I can be, so if my allergies are bad at the time or other circumstances, these are not my always-go-to-bath salts. As for how the bath salts change the water (other than color), they tend to give a slippery soapy feel. A good example is when hand washing dishes, if you add too much dish soap, it can make the water feel very soapy and slippery, and this is the same for the Treasures of the Sea. Think of it like taking a salt bubble bath vs. your normal salt bath.

So in the end the more you add to the bath water, the stronger the aroma and the soapier the water will feel. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy these bath salts and are almost out completely, It has just taken some trial and error to find the right balance in how much to add to the bath water. So I definitely still like these bath salts, it is really great how large the container is. Some other bath salts come in such small container that won't last nearly as long as these.
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