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Walnut sugar scrub Walnut sugar scrub

Scrub by Bella Il Fiore

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Walnut sugar scrub reviews

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10 reviews

I would use this again, but I'm not completely sold on the scent. I tend to like things with a softer, more natural smell, and this one is pretty strong. It's not a bad smell, but it does take some getting used to.

I love, love, love this stuff and actually get up 5 minutes earlier each day so I can luxuriate in the morning before work. I love to wake up to the feel of this massaging my skin and waking my other senses up with the really lovely mint smell. For anyone who loves mint, exfoliation or just waking up with multiple sensuous sensations in your bath or shower, this the for you!

I really love this stuff! I think anyone looking for a good scrub should try this out. It exfoliates wonderfully, doesn't leave any greasy, oily residue behind, and leaves your skin feeling suuuuper soft! Try it!!

My wife loves this stuff. She said it is one of her favorite product we have purchased from Eden to date. I have decided to always keep a spare bottle ready for her in case the scrub in ever sold out.

Overall, if you don't mind peppermint (which I LOVE), this is a great product. It's okay for sensitive skin - Because like I said, it isn't too harsh, but isn't too light. It exfoliates just perfectly. Great for all-over-body usage, especially on legs between and before shaves. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good way to get rid of dead skin.

Overall, the Walnut Sugar Scrub is great - while it doesn't smell like the ingredients in its title, it's a great product just as long as you don't expect something it's not. It works fantastically and with extended use, can go far to improve your complexion and over-all skin health.

I absolutely suggest this product! It leaves your skin super-soft and smelling like coconut with a hint of peppermint. But for anyone with nut allergies, this is definitely NOT the product for you!

Because this is hard to squeeze out of the bottle and has such a strong peppermint smell, I feel compelled to give this only two stars. I'd like to give it more but I just can't find anything outstanding about it that makes it worth the price. I'm sorry. I wanted to like it. Scrubs are one of my favorite items.

The Walnut Sugar Scrub by Bella Il Fiore does an excellent job in exfoliating and cleansing your skin. The only issue I had with the scrub is that I didn't expect it to have such a strong peppermint scent. When reading the title of the product, I had assumed it would have been a sweet, nutty smell... Yeah, it wasn't. It's still a fabulous product, but if you do not like body products with a peppermint scent, you will not enjoy this scrub.

Your skin will feel soft, smooth and clean after using this sugar scrub. If you're a big fan of peppermint and can't get enough, step this way to meet your exfoliating needs. Just don't expect to detect any whiffs of coconut or almond when using this product.

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