Walnut sugar scrub by Bella Il Fiore - review by geliebt

One of my top five favorite body care products! Amazing!

I really love this stuff! I think anyone looking for a good scrub should try this out. It exfoliates wonderfully, doesn't leave any greasy, oily residue behind, and leaves your skin feeling suuuuper soft!
Try it!!
Works well
Smells nice
Not oily
Feels great
Container is not ideal for dispensing
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This scrub is best used on any part of your body in need of exfoliation. Simply wet your skin (I prefer to use this in the shower to make it easier to wash off), dispense an appropriate amount onto your hand and rub onto the area to be pampered.
This is not a terribly oily product, as many scrubs that I've encountered have been, so I feel this is safe to use on acne-prone areas without much concern. While there are certainly oils in it, and you want to wash it off well, this won't leave you feeling slippery and gross!

My favorite ways to use this are:
On the face once every other day or so, to keep my skin feeling fresh (be cautious to KEEP THIS OUT OF YOUR EYES! You do NOT want little bits of walnut shell or granules of sugar in your eyes. Really. It's happened to me. No fun!)
On the elbows to keep them soft
On my arms/legs before shaving- this creates a much smoother shave, I love it!

Please do not use this on cuts, or any very sensitive skin. It is absolutely abrasive and WILL irritate if used in non-ideal places.
Or anywhere else you feel needs some good exfoliation!
    • Bath / shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is quite a thick product, and takes some squeezing to get it out of the bottle.
I find it easier to store it upside down to minimize the amount of shaking and dancing around needed to chase the product down to the top! Keeping it upside down just makes life easier for everyone!
As I said, it is thick and pretty goopy, and doesn't come out of the bottle too quickly so it's easy to control how much you use.
The sugar and tiny walnut shell pieces are quite large and easy to see, and feel! Rubbing this together in your fingers will let you know what a good scrub it is- this gets the job done for sure.

Taste / Aroma

I did not taste this product and recommend you do not either!
The smell is of strong, clear peppermint. I don't smell anything else in it.
I find the smell pleasant and fresh, but those who dislike peppermint may disagree. It's quite a sharp scent, and when used on the face it will give a bit of a menthol-y feel; cooling your skin.


This stuff works exceptionally well.
I've been looking for a good scrub for some time now and this is definitely meeting all my needs!
It is abrasive enough to really do the job, but not so much that it is uncomfortable or annoying to use at all, it is not very oily and doesn't clog my pores so I can use it to keep my face feeling fresh, and it creates a much smoother shave when used before shaving the legs or arms.
I really don't have any complaints about this product's performance.


This came to me wrapped up in a plastic bag when it was shipped by Eden, which kept it from leaking onto the other items in my package.
The bottle is a very sturdy, clear plastic with the label printed on it. I like that the label is printed, as it won't fade or peel off if kept in the shower and handled with wet hands. The label is also very cute and fairly feminine, though this product is absolutely gender neutral.
There is a black plastic flip top which allows for fairly easy dispensing of the scrub.

My only complaint is that the scrub is so thick that it takes a minute or so to get this stuff out if it's stored right side up- so you do need to turn this upside down to keep the product all together and easy to get to!

The plastic of the bottle is sturdy and will definitely not break if mishandled
I am thoroughly pleased with the packaging- it is minimal, looks nice, fairly functional, and sturdy!
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak


I've been using this for around 5 months. I use a little almost every day for one thing or another, and now I'm just about halfway done with it.
This is absolutely one of my top body care products, and I will most certainly buy another when I get close to running out!
Follow-up commentary
Still love this stuff! It's my absolute favorite! Figures it was discontinued, but I'll have to find it somewhere else, now!
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