Adjustable spreader bar

Ankle cuffs
by Kinklab

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Adjustable spreader bar reviews

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We love this spreader bar! It has made so many sessions so amazing and it looks sexy as hell around the ankles or on the shoulders of your partner. It has held up perfectly over the last year and I 100% expect it to be around for years and hundreds of play sessions to come. It gets an A+ in this kinky couples book!

Kinklab's Adjustable Spreader Bar is a sturdy and well-made piece of restraint gear to add to any BDSM toy collection. It's easy to use - you just need to provide the cuffs... and your imagination!

If you need a little help keeping your legs open, this might be the toy you're looking for! It adjusts from 25" all the way to 37". You just attach ankle cuffs to the end and have a great time with it.

What can't you do with this bar? You can spread arms and legs with it, but I've found a much cooler use for mine. I couldn't be more pleased with it. The bar is quite sturdy and has a wonderfully shiny look to it. The eyelets at either end are high quality and everything about the bar is pretty much perfect. I've contemplated grabbing a couple more of these so I can use a few at the same time. Everyone needs an amazing spreader bar! Hooray!

If you're looking for a way to spread your lover's legs but want something a little more customized than the kits you can find, this spreader bar is a great solution. It's a high quality, adjustable bar that doesn't come with any bells and whistles. You can add to it whatever type of cuffing system you choose. We've been happy with the quality of the bar and see it lasting a long time, even as we advance in the BDSM world.

A spreader bar is an incredibly basic component of the ideal BDSM toy box. It's adjustable and easy to clean.

A fantastic bit of kit for anyone into restraint play with spreading. Well made, durable, adjustable, versatile - one is fun, two opens more options, and adding one or two more after that even further expands your options, not to mention being easier than keeping a half-dozen different sized bars. Also, with creativity and boldness, can be hung on wall as modern art.

This was a satisfactory purchase that while I'm glad I made it I think the design could be a bit better (like maybe have a hole near the ends of the adjustable pegs that a small lock could slip through to keep it from going anywhere), that being said, its good but not exemplary. If you're looking for some variety in your restraints cache this may be perfect though and I still recommend it if you can look past the flaw about its secondary attachment points.

This bar is really great. It's easy to hide, easy to use, and easy to take care of. It does its job, and it's well worth the price. It can be used in BDSM play or just for couples looking to try a new sex position.

While this bar does come apart and, when assembled, is only held together by metal pins, it definitely IS sturdy and DOES hold together. The first time I put the pins in place, I actually wasn't sure I'd be able to get them back out. My only real complaint is that you have to buy your own restraints, which is really just an extra expense if you don't already own a pair. Other that that, it's a great product!

This is an awesome, sturdy, very real spreader bar. If you strap a sub onto this in sturdy restraints they will not be closing their legs until you damn well want them closing them. It's easy to adjust, and generally awesome. The only con is you need clips to attach it to cuffs, but generally, just an amazing toy.

Adjustable Fun!

This quickly became my favorite item in our toy box. It is strong and well made, and can be adjusted for comfort (or lack there of...depending on who you are). There are tons of ways to attach restraints, and even more ways to have fun.

If you want your submissive completely helpless, spread completely wide and open to you, this is the perfect spreader bar to do the job! It's solid and hefty, a great value for the price, and I love the fact that its really multiple bars of assorted lengths in one sleek package!

Whether it's your first or fifth, this spreader bar is worth having. It works so well that I'm not even tempted to use it as a beating stick, as with most objects of this shape.

Everything you’d want out of a spreader bar, it’s here: sleek, shiny, and lightweight metal that comfortably keeps the arms and legs spread apart, leaving one helpless. The most enticing thing of all is that you can adjust it while wearing it, and when walking in it, it’s so humiliating! The fun never stops with this spreader; there are so many ways to use it. Trust me when I say it will be the only spreader that you’ll ever need in your BDSM toy box.

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