Ankle cuffs
by Kinklab

Spread her wide so she can't hide!

If you want your submissive completely helpless, spread completely wide and open to you, this is the perfect spreader bar to do the job! It's solid and hefty, a great value for the price, and I love the fact that its really multiple bars of assorted lengths in one sleek package!
Multiple bar lengths in one sturdy solidly built spreader bar!
It doesn't come with cuffs - you'll need your own.
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Lately, D and I have been looking for a good sturdy spreader bar|Adjustable spreader bar. We don't have a dungeon to play in, and our bedroom doubles as an office and sexual playground, so space is a big issue for us. So a lot of the spreader bars in fixed lengths that hold legs and arms wide enough apart are too wide for us to keep safely stashed in our toy box.

When it arrived, I was really surprised by how heavy it was. Don't be fooled by the fact that this is adjustable into thinking its flimsy - this is an incredibly solid, well built piece of equipment. With a ring on either end to attach cuffs or rope|Japanese silk love rope, the center adjusts from approximately two feet to three feet by the removal of two pins. Pop the pins out, slide the bar to the length you prefer (there are holes available every two inches), pop the pins back into place, and voila! A spreader bar wide enough to stretch her legs to their limit, but small enough when completely retracted to tuck into a toy bag or slide under the edge of the bed!

Until I was on the receiving end of this spreader bar, I was a bit skeptical of how sturdy it would actually be. But when faced with the business end of the Hitachi, even I had to admit that no amount of struggling or fighting was going to allow me to close my legs. It was equally effective on D - I put the spreader bar behind the bars of our headboard and cuffed his wrists to each end, leaving him exposed and fully vulnerable to anything I wanted to do, even tickle torture. The only thing you need to know about this spreader bar is that you need cuffs that either have a clip hook attached, or cuffs with a separate clip hook attachment (which can be found cheaply at any hardware store) to secure the person to the ends of the bar. We tried it out with both our nice leather cuffs|Premium leather cuffs from Aslan Leather, and easy Velcro cuffs, and both worked equally well. I would imagine that rope would work, too, but I think cuffs would work better.
...legs stretched wide apart, so far that my hips ache a little, but there's no escaping it. The metal is cold, unyielding. He runs his fingertips up the insides of my legs, watching the goosebumps rise. He's left the blindfold off - he wants me to watch him, to watch this moment I've been both dreading and anticipating.
He always forces my legs apart, pushes the Hitachi between them, and I always fight him, fight the pleasure that drives me beyond my strict control. Before I've always been able to fight it, but now, these thirty inches of cold steel hold me before him, laid open to the power of the Hitachi...
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  • Contributor: Airlia
    This is the exact problem I had.... I went to use my brand new spreader bar and realised I'd need an additional clip hook because both my cuffs and the bar have D rings with nothing to attach it together! Argh.
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Always wanted to try these. Thanks!
  • Contributor: DreamWolf
    Great review, I so much want one!
  • Contributor: Master DarkWolf
    Good review...
  • Contributor: Sexy Desire
    Cannot wait to order! Thank you for the details!
  • Contributor: Martiniman
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: karenm
    Thanks for your review!
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