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Liberator heart wedge reviews

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Overall, I had a lot of fun and have used it many times. It took a while to really get the hang of it but it serves its purpose. I have never tried any other liberator products, though, so there isn't much to compare.

This is a great position pillow and not very expensive like some are. It is a very ideal size to get the job done and to be easy to store. Just slide in under you and go. As a bonus it is a pretty piece and could be mistaken for an accent pillow or romantic gift. For the price, you can't beat it. Better than using your regular pillows that don't hold shape.

The Liberator Heart Wedge is a pretty high quality piece of sex furniture. It's also pretty discreet since it just looks like a heart-shaped pillow. The size makes it pretty easy to store underneath a bed or in a closet, unlike other Liberator shapes. The material covering the wedge is also pretty easy to care for. Unfortunately this does not position my body as well as I was hoping, however adding additional bed pillows can help sometimes.

I want to be a Liberator fangirl, but the shortcoming of the shapes I've acquired so far is turning me into the opposite. The Heart Wedge is my second piece and it has turned out to be as useful as my first, i.e. it's a lovely piece of furniture. It delivers in the looks department, but not in the support department.

Not everyone will feel as though they need this product. For people with weak joints or low strength/endurance, this would be a great investment. For people who are into BDSM and are just starting out or looking to fill a little niche in their equipment collection, the Liberator Heart Shaped Wedge is definitely worth a look.

Great wedge to help keep comfortable in various positions. Leads to further exploration of positions and a whole heap of fun!

Cheaper than most other Liberator props, this one doesn't disappoint. It's well made, comfortable, supportive and classy enough to be left out on your bed (although don't fool yourself into thinking no one will be suspicious). It definitely makes some positions easier to maintain and much more comfortable. It also provides different stimulation points during sex as opposed to not using a positioning pillow, giving the "same old" a sexy boost.

I am so thrilled with all of my Liberator purchases and this is no different. The Heart Wedge makes for a comfortable incline for raising yourself to his level, allowing for deeper penetration and to take the strain off of your knees and hips.

Liberator is a wonderful company that has very innovative ideas. I like this one very much. I think that you can leave it out and no one would know that it is a sex pillow. I like that it can be washes easily and the pillow travels well.

This is the perfect first wedge and a great start to any collection. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add some spice to their bedroom romp or any women looking for a great pregnancy pillow.

This product can be used for multiple sex positions and oral sex positions, and also for a desk, if you'd like, or even a pillow on your bed for looks.

Black is the color of my true loves heart...

This fantastic heart shaped cushion blends in easily with your normal bedding, can be used to prop you up for a late night read, or help you achieve a myriad of positions with greater comfort during lovemaking, with or without a partner!

This was by far the best piece of furniture that I have ever bought! It gives the perfect lift and support needed to "get the job done" while providing excellent comfort for your partner. It's the easiest to disassemble and clean, and adds just the amount needed to just about all your sexual needs in a variety of ways.

If you've been looking into positional furniture, the Heart Wedge is definitely a great investment for anybody. It has so many uses besides helping out positions during sex, it's super comfortable, super easy to clean, and will look super cute as an accent pillow on a bed.

This wedge is a great buy, especially as a first purchase for those who are interested in trying the different positions that can be aided or enhanced by sex furniture. It is comfortable, easy to use and to clean, and let's face it, this wedge would look great on almost anybodies bed without raising too many eyebrows. Unfortunately, the size of the wedge also determines the size of its user, this would not be a choice I would recommend to anybody over a size 18.

Little Pillow, Lot of Heart

Whether you want to prop your tush up for some easy access cunnilingus or anilingus, a little hip lift for missionary, a booty boost for doggy style or just something to rest against while balancing your checkbook, the Heart Wedge has you covered. It's fantastic for taking the stress off your joints (particularly if you have preexisting conditions or have a larger build) and giving you a little extra leverage in bed. All that and it looks good while doing it - a total keeper!

The Liberator Heart Wedge has all the awesome features and offers the same positioning support of the regular Liberator Wedge, plus it has the added benefits of a cute design and more compact size. It's very comfortable and easy to use, and its zip-off, washable cover means low-maintenance.

I've never been particularly acrobatic when it comes to the art of lovemaking. Barnum & Bailey won't be calling anytime soon but that hasn't stopped me from aspiring to new and more interesting sexual heights. After spending more years than I care to count making due with a few pillows under my butt, the Liberator Heart Wedge is a breath of fresh air. It provides firm support, a lusciously soft and easily washable surface, and is a terrific tool for creating a wide range of positions and angles.

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