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The Liberator Heart Wedge has all the awesome features and offers the same positioning support of the regular Liberator Wedge, plus it has the added benefits of a cute design and more compact size. It's very comfortable and easy to use, and its zip-off, washable cover means low-maintenance.
Great size, lovely design, high-quality, washable cover, water-resistant liner, cool color
Pet hair and lint sticks to the cover.
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Liberator Shapes are positioning aids, designed to enhance sex by adding lift and support. It's up to the users to get creative with how to best enjoy them. Depending on set up and how they're being used, Liberator Shapes can help users achieve deeper penetration, have better access for oral play, as well as provide back and neck support during more extended sessions. The Heart Wedge is a smaller and more decorative version of the Liberator Wedge. It could certainly be used in place of the Wedge since it's the same height. It's also a more suitable size for those who have limited storage space, plus it has a discreet design.

Photo of Wedge and Heart
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Liberator Heart Wedge is a heart-shaped positioning aid that is a more compact version of the original Liberator Wedge. The tall end is the top of the heart, and the sides slope to a point. As far as sex furniture goes, this is very discreet and could easily pass for a decorative cushion. It measures 13 inches long, 19 inches wide, with a max height of 7 inches that tapers down to 2 inches. The Heart Wedge gives just as much boost/lift as the original Wedge since the tall ends on both are the same height, but the Heart is an inch shorter and not as wide (my Wedge has a width of 24 inches).

Photo of Heart on top of Wedge

Made from a nicely dense polyurethane foam that is soft enough to be comfortable while still firm enough to be very supportive, the Heart Wedge sports a removable velvet-like cover that is machine washable, so this is an easy one to keep clean. The cover is like that of other Liberator shapes; it's plush, soft, and feels awesome against the skin. Underneath the zip-off velvety cover is a water-resistant polyester liner that also zips open and can be removed. The nice thing about the liner is that it's nice and slick, so the outer cover slides off easily and is no hassle to replace.

Photo of zip-off cover
Photo of liner and foam

Everything seems to be very well made, with clean stitches and a good zipper. I haven't had a chance to wash it in the machine yet, but I will note in my follow-up review how well the cover holds up over time. I haven't had it long enough to really make a mess of it. So far, I've just been spot-cleaning it and it still looks new.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Well made / sturdy


The purpose of Liberator Shapes as positioning aids is to support and/or lift certain body parts to make them more accessible. The users benefit by having more enjoyable sex, possibly for longer periods of time. I really love my Liberator Wedge, and so far it has been used more often than any other sex toy in my collection. I find it essential for doggie style, and it enhances missionary position. The Heart Wedge works just as well as the regular Liberator Wedge, only it's smaller, and in my opinion easier to use since it takes up less space.


My Liberator Heart Wedge came sealed in a clear plastic bag with a paper hang tag attached to the cover. While there aren't really any instructions for care and cleaning included in the packaging, the zip-off outer cover has washing instructions on its tag: Photo. I think this would probably be too big to travel with, unless it's a road trip and you have plenty of room in the car for it.
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Care and Maintenance

Storage isn't really a problem for this since it really just looks like a heart-shaped cushion. I leave it out in plain sight in my bedroom, sometimes on the bed or on top of my storage chest. This is pretty easy to take care of. As I already mentioned, the cover is washable and spot cleans easily. The water-resistant liner helps protect the foam underneath from any seepage, and that wipes clean. I will say that dust, lint, and pet hair tend to stick to the velvety surface on the outer cover, but with this sort of fabric that's going to happen.

Personal comments

Liberator Shapes were some of the first sex toys I played with, and I was very impressed with their soft surface and the firmness of the foam. It's really amazing how much difference a little more tilt can make, and how much easier it can be to enjoy certain positions more with proper support. The only real drawback to using my Wedge and/or Ramp is the time spent unzipping them from their storage cases and setting them up. However, that's not an issue with the Heart Wedge. Its smaller size allows it to easily blend in as an extra cushion on the bed, within reach when needed. I'm also thrilled to report that I find it to be just as supportive as my Liberator Wedge, and since it takes up less space, the Heart worked better than the Wedge for me in some positions.

I'm also trying the Heart Wedge out around the house, as I'm all for being more comfortable in whatever I'm doing. While the Heart Wedge is a bit too big to fit in my desk chair, I do like the extra support it gives me when I sit on the couch with my back against it. I can enjoy a semi-reclined lean and still be upright enough to work on my laptop. Yes, I really am that lazy.
Follow-up commentary
I most certainly still love my Heart Wedge! I use it more often than not, and it definitely sees way more action than all my other Liberator shapes combined. The Heart Wedge is small and discreet enough to always be within easy reach and requires no set up, so it's easy to grab quickly in the heat of the moment without losing any steam. The cover is holding up well and hardly shows any age apart from the odd thread popping up on the inside seam near the zipper. I can't even tell if the color has faded any.
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