Little Pillow, Lot of Heart

Whether you want to prop your tush up for some easy access cunnilingus or anilingus, a little hip lift for missionary, a booty boost for doggy style or just something to rest against while balancing your checkbook, the Heart Wedge has you covered. It's fantastic for taking the stress off your joints (particularly if you have preexisting conditions or have a larger build) and giving you a little extra leverage in bed. All that and it looks good while doing it - a total keeper!
Firm but comfortable, easily washed, soft microfiber, water resistant nylon liner
Too small for some, possibly a little conspicuous due to the large Liberator tag & heart shape
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Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a company that I've taken a long time to warm up to because of the price of their items. As a lady that does often ejaculate during orgasm, I was finally introduced to them via the Safari Throe - which I loved. Curious to see if I had just gotten lucky with the Throe, I stepped it up and splurged on a lovely latex lingerie set. After falling love with that little ensemble as well I decided that Liberator may be a spendy company, but you get your full money's worth. So when I got the opportunity to resolve any remaining doubts with the Heart Wedge, I was thrilled to see if these foam shapes were also what they were cracked up to be. Read also: hell yes, they are so freaking amazing!

I am now officially a convert. These shapes are worth every bit of the hype and the heaping amounts of praise they receive.

The Heart Wedge comes in a variety of colors, but is offered exclusively in a beautiful red shade here at Edenfantasys. In reality it's a lovely, sexy burgundy/carmine as opposed to the bright cadmium red shown in the pictures - which I actually was glad to learn when I unwrapped mine. I think the burgundy is a much more grown up and sensual color. This position pillow is designed to be like the Classic Wedge (it has almost exactly the same angle as the original) but slightly smaller. Because it's 7" high at the tallest end, 13" long and 17" in width it may not work in some positions for larger folks.

So if you have a larger booty and you wanted to get this to prop your butt up for better access during oral sex, you may want to opt for The Classic Wedge shape instead which is 14" long and 24" in width. If this size works for you then you'll love the Heart Wedge's ability to elevate your hips for optimal depth of penetration in missionary or just better access for rimming or cunnilingus. This is an absolute dream for giving just that little bit of lift that makes it so much easier to hit your G-spot during missionary sex. Anyone that says missionary is boring should give this baby a try and see if they still feel that way when they're done!

All sizes should be able to enjoy the Heart Wedge for lying across during rear penetration on a bed, however. In this position the pillow just serves to lift your torso a bit so your neck, shoulders and upper body aren't strained by unnecessary weight. It works well if you direct the pointed end toward you (with the arc of the heart away from you) and rest your chest on it either while bending over a bed or while on hands and knees. I really love the Heart Wedge for this because I have a tendency to go plowing face-first into the sheets when I get bent over the bed. Sometimes it can be hot to have my moans and sighs muffled by the sheets, me popping my head above the sea of comforters to gasp for air before plummeting below again; the desperation and chaos of the scene can be very erotic. Of course, most of the time it's just annoying and I get out of breath and neck cramps rather easily.

I love the Wedge because it lifts my torso up just enough that my head can still rest comfortably on the bed, and I also have better access to my clit so I can stimulate it manually during doggy style. Usually I can't reach due to the angle, so this is just another reason to love the Wedge if you like to lend a helping hand during penetration.
So why else is this thing totally worth the price, besides its ability to give you extra support and better access during sex? For me how easy this thing is to care for (and how durable it is) seals the deal. The Heart Wedge has three separate layers made from three distinct materials that all serve unique functions in the shape's design.

The inner core is made from polyurethane foam which is very dense and firm enough not to give way when you are putting a lot pressure on it during sex, however it still manages (miraculously) too be squishy enough to be comfortable. This inner foam core is surrounded by a black nylon cover that is fitted with a zipper, making it removable. Water resistant, this inner nylon sleeve helps protect the inner foam core from any fluids that may come in contact with your Heart Wedge during play. You can easily just wipe this liner down with a damp wash cloth. Finally, the nylon sleeve is covered with a soft and velvet-like microfiber liner that can be also be unzipped, removed and machine washed on cold, tumble or air dried.

Besides being easy to care for, the Heart Wedge seems quite durable so far. The stitching is tight and neat and seems to in it for the long haul. I've been using it not only for very um, passionate sex but also to straighten my terrible posture out when I'm sitting at the computer or watching television. I direct the point upward and I lean the pillow against the couch or desk chair and it pulls my spine right up. It's unbelievable how comfortable this thing is considering that it doesn't yield too much to pressure. Somehow though it has just the perfect amount of squish to it and just....yum. Perfect.

So far it's been invaluable to me for so many reasons and now I'm excited to try other shapes from Liberator. The only problem I have with it is that between the heart shape, the suspicious zip-off cover and the large Liberator's not 100% the most discreet thing in the world. However, it won't attract much of a second look from most unless the guest in your room is nosy (although many of my guests are...hmph!)

Other than that? It's awesome. Go get one!
Follow-up commentary
The Heart Wedge has, by far, gotten more use than my Ramp. The Ramp is a pain in the ass to haul out, and I often have difficulty getting myself settled in with it. The Heart Wedge is awesome because it is very inconspicuous and takes up very little space. It's a great help with oral, and that's primarily what it's used for. But, I also use it a lot just to help my posture when I sit. All in all, I would get one of these over any other Liberator piece. It's great.
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