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Sex in the Shower dual shower head reviews

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These shower heads are really perfect. Whether you're interested in using them solo or with a partner, they make showing SO MUCH BETTER! More water, higher pressure, new settings, and totally adjustable. I'm so glad I got them!

I purchased the Sex in the Shower shower head to spice up a relaxing shower with my hubby in a non-sexual way.

Two heads are better than one.

This product is great for single use and for use with a partner. It has decent water pressure, although not the best. It is something fun to add to the bathroom.

Other than price,there aren't many complaints that are the shower head's fault. This goes on easy, changes settings in a snap and is great for one or two people. Still, sex in the shower is a better fantasy than reality.

I love this shower-head. I am a big fan of showering with my partner, but hate being cold or hogging all the hot water. With this I don't get cold or feel guilty for hogging the warmth, and each head can have a different setting. The only bad thing is the shower-heads are both always on as you cannot turn one off while using it.

This is a great shower head, I have never liked the idea of having to share the warm water and now I don't have to! This is a must buy for any couple who likes to shower together.

The Dual Shower Head provides so many options for use by couples and solo. It is definitely a must-have for those wanting to add a little excitement to their sex life. The shower head itself is well-made, durable, allows for easy clean up, and is definitely worth the price.

If you and your partner enjoy a nice steamy shower together but hate having to share just one shower head, here is your solution! What an excellent product to bring you and your love even closer by making something already enjoyable more comfortable!

If you and your partner enjoy fun showers together but one shower head just isn't enough to keep you both warm and wet, here's your answer! This dual shower head allows both you and your partner to enjoy a steady stream of water at the same time! Plenty of fun to be had, now that the shower just got even better!

Twice The Fun

This shower head is great for people who like to shower with a partner. It does a great job of keeping two people warm in the shower all while still conserving water. If the streams could separate a bit further and the middle setting was not totally useless it would get 5 stars.

Have you ever thought to yourself? Move over baby, my ass is getting cold. Well now you don't have to worry about that The Sex in the shower dual shower head, takes care of all those problematic showers where you are standing next to your loved one trying to keep warm while they are hogging up the shower. Or just kick their ass out and take one on your own and enjoy the functions all to yourself. That idea sounds good to me, how about you?

After a long day at work or a long night in bed, few things feel better than a steamy hot shower. The Sex in the Shower dual shower head by Sportsheets adds a whole new dimension to your shower experience, whether you're alone or sharing the water with someone else!

This is a good solution when you can't have two shower heads from opposite ends of the shower. It needs a few changes, and I'd love if it were higher quality, but for now this will suffice.

If you and your partner aren't enjoying sex in the shower as much as you should, definitely give these heads a try. Say goodbye to the days of being put out in the cold and say hello to a steamy time with your lover.

This is a great piece to increase the luxury of your shower experience. It doesn't hurt your water pressure and it gives a fabulous shower, as well as giving you the enjoyment of standing in your own fully adjustable stream, instead of sharing with your partner and getting cold!

I am so glad that we decided to give this a try. It definately makes for a nicer shower when you are showering with a lover or by yourself.

If you enjoy showering together but don’t find it easy to share the spray, this dual showerhead is a great solution. With adjustable-angle heads and two different spray modes, it will allow both of you to get wet while showering. The head can be mounted horizontally or vertically to accommodate the design of your shower.

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