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Sex in the Shower shaving mirror with suction cup reviews

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This mirror is an excellent addition to anyone's bathroom! It's easy to use and has a variety of uses! Whether you're using it the shower to help shave your intimate areas and the back of your legs, or outside of the shower to help shave your face, pluck your eyebrows, or apply make up, this is an awesome piece to have! The stem is a little weaker than I would like, but it doesn't stop me from loving this mirror for all of it's great uses!

The sex in the shower is the perfect item to add to your bathroom, if you need a little extra help seeing those hard to see areas. It's compact and small. You can use it when traveling, or give it as a gift. This little mirror really comes in handy.

If you're looking for a mirror that stays fog-free forever, this isn't the mirror for you. If you're willing to treat it with shaving cream once a week, constantly pick it back up and re-suction it to the walls or put the neck back into the suction cup - then by all means, go for it. I'm giving this product 3 stars, keeping both experiences in mind.

If you're tired of shaving "down there" and playing the guessing game of "did I get it all?" or find yourself with a patch of hair you missed then this mirror is for you. It's fog free with a flexible neck and at 3x magnification you won't leave hair behind in places you don't want it anymore. Sex in the Shower shaving mirror is a great bathroom accessory to own.

The sex in the Shower mirror is great for both men and women for shaving. All you need is a non porous wall for you to use the suction cup on. Then you can begin to enjoy shaving with this mirror. If you shave in the shower, then you need this mirror!

Finally my search is over! This fog free mirror lives up to its name. Other shower mirrors don't compare! The suction cup will have to be pried off your flat surface. If you want clear, easy shaving or a way to see your partner behind you when you're getting hot and steamy, pick one up today!

I never thought that having a mirror in the shower could be so awesome. This mirror is way more useful that I originally thought. Sure, it can show you sexy things, but it's also great for shaving, and a bunch of other non-sexy shower things. It doesn't fog up so you'll be able to see whatever you need. You can use it outside the bathroom, too, to help you put on make-up, or for tons of other things! Buy one! It's totally worth it!

All in all this mirror is handy to have around, if not for a better view while shaving. Its intended purpose--- sex in the shower--- works OK with it but the lack of strength in the stem can make this mirror fall short(literally). The mirror itself is durable, however, and will take a good beating without breaking.

Overall this is an essential part of my daily hygienic regimens such as shaving, applying makeup, washing my face, waxing, and so on. It works well, doesn't fog, and doesn't fall off - unless you have a seizure and knock it off with full body weight.

This mirror really is a neat little jack of all trades. It'll let you get a good look at anything you're trying to do in the shower, and you can use it outside of the shower as well. It's easy to pose, easy to stick, and easy to use. Definitely worth having around.

If you hate shaving in the shower because you can’t see what you’re doing, this mirror may be the solution. It’s fog free so you can shave in the hottest of showers, and the flexible neck lets you get the right angle you need, whether shaving facial hair or genitalia. The suction cup keeps the mirror in place.

Overall this is a decent product and the best feature is the fact that it's fog free. Once you find a surface that it will stick to, the suction is good and long lasting. The neck of it works well to help you place it just where you want it for shaving, stimulating or sex. Use it for the obvious and for the more adventurous, it can work for you.

No "Splish Splash" jokes, this is just a freaking great bath and shower mirror!

This little mirror is irreplaceable. It is put to use to view shaving, waxing, dying hair, sugaring, putting on make up, and even making love, if you deem it so. The mirror is crystal clear and stays free of fog, the suction cup is strong to stay where you put it. The goose neck is flexible and you will be able to see virtually any part of your body with this mirror to primp and preen yourself without having to contort your body. You can save that, the contortions, for later.

This magical fog-free mirror is a luxury item for anyone's bathroom. You don't think you need it til you have it, and then you never want to get rid of it. It can help you see while you are shaving, let you see you and your partner (or you solo) getting dirty in the shower, or help with your daily makeup routine.

I found this mirror had a much stronger suction compared to other mirrors purchased in store. It is also much better priced.

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