I Didn't Even Know I *Grew* Hair In That Spot!

This mirror really is a neat little jack of all trades. It'll let you get a good look at anything you're trying to do in the shower, and you can use it outside of the shower as well. It's easy to pose, easy to stick, and easy to use. Definitely worth having around.
Easy to see, Doesn't fog often, Stem is easy to position, Cup sticks well
Suction cup can be finicky before it sticks well, Fogs sometimes
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This mirror is genius! Really. It's supposed to help make shaving a whole bunch easier, but it really does lend itself very well to a few other tasks as well.

The box it comes in screams "hey, I hold something marketed for sex or sexiness, check me out!" with "sex in the shower" and pictures of a man and a woman shaving. Ok, so it could be worse, but it's certainly not something I'd want my inlaws to see. Fortunately, the product inside is easy to pass off as just a regular ol' shower product. If you ever end up needing to clean it, warm soapy water should do fine for most of it. But you can use some Windex or other glass cleaner on the mirror portion.

The mirror itself is a total of 14" from the suction cup to the mirror if you stick it straight out. The 3 1/4" wide suction cup is made of rubber and sticks well enough when dry but a lot better when moistened. It also detaches from the stem of the mirror and can be reattached through either the very top like it is when you get it, or from either side of the neck, since there are extra holes that the base of the stem easily fits into. You'll want to make sure that if you're using it on tile that the tile is bigger than the suction cup and that you don't try to stick it between tiles as the gap will prevent a good seal from forming. Removing is as easy as lightly peeling back one of the edges.

The stem measures approximately 11 1/2" and is very flexible. You can stick it straight out, you can curl it over, you can sort of cork screw it, it'll stay in most positions. It might not always take the first time, but you can always get it to do what you want with only a few tries.

The mirror itself is held in a plastic housing, is just about 5" across the whole housing with only a tiny lip for an edge, and comes with a film on the glass for protection. Unless you remove this film, you're not going to be able to see clearly and it'll still fog up. Once that's removed though, the party can begin! Well, maybe not a party per se, but it's still a good time. The mirror part seems like it has some sort of magnification, although I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere yet. It's probably just because it's easy to get so close to your face as opposed to a normal large mirror.

You can position the mirror to help you see clearly when cleaning, exfoliating, or shaving your face in the shower and since it doesn't fog, at least at first, you can easily see yourself the whole time. Water doesn't slide right off of it, but if it's in a spray zone it'll behave sort of like a windshield in a light rain with no wipers on, only this film seems to become almost invisible once it gets completely covered. It works fantastically to let you see the whole area you're trying to shave downstairs as well. The only problem with this is being nearsighted. If you can only see up close and aren't wearing glasses or contacts in the shower, when you're looking at something about waist height you can see that it's a vagina, but not much more than that and I ended up shaving by feel anyway. After a while of sitting in my shower, it has started to fog if it's not in an area where it can get direct spray from the shower head.

It's not really big enough to let you get a good look at you and your partner going at it, but you can definitely stick it to the bottom of the tub and watch yourself play with yourself. You can also stick it to the wall near the mirror in the bathroom and use it as help to put on or take off makeup as well.

Here it is stuck to a window with a vinyl cover, the tile wall of the bathroom, and the bathroom mirror:

I love this mirror, I really do. Even though I can't use it to shave my vagina because I can't clearly see my vagina with it unless I have my contacts in, I still love it. It's a huge help in the shower with making sure I got all the soap or hit all the areas of my face I wanted to exfoliate. It's helped me put makeup on and take makeup off and my husband loves that he doesn't have to clean the mirror off to shave after his shower. He'd prefer it to be a bit bigger, but does like that he can get it really close to compensate for the size. The stem being positionable means that we can leave it suctioned to one spot on the mirror and he can use it to shave while being 10" taller than me, and then I can move the stem down to do my makeup. This is something that I'd get for friends who are just getting their first place, having a birthday, etc.
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