Never Realized Just How Much Hair I Had Down There...

Overall this is an essential part of my daily hygienic regimens such as shaving, applying makeup, washing my face, waxing, and so on. It works well, doesn't fog, and doesn't fall off - unless you have a seizure and knock it off with full body weight.
Multiple use, Sticks well, Doesn't Fog, Sticks well, 3x magnif.
Not good for watching sex, Only sticks well to tile, marble and glass, Fingerprint magnet
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You can use this mirror for just about anything you'd please. I use mine to help myself shave in the shower (my pussy) because I hate missing hairs. It's something I do often and it annoys the hell out of me when my husband is telling me that I'm scratching him in the face. This mirror has really just saved my life when it comes to those things.

It is marketed as a way to see yourself having sex in the shower. I suppose you could do this, but the mirror isn't totally large enough to do that. So you could maybe get a good look at some penis-in-vagina entry, but nothing full body. The 3x magnification doesn't help, either.

You can also stand this mirror up on a marble, tile, glass, etc. counter and use it to help you put your cosmetics on, wax/ shave your face, or anything else face-related in the restroom. My mirror in my restroom leaves me bending over in quite the uncomfortable position, so this mirror has come in a lot of handy.

It's also great because it's totally fogless. I can do my makeup, pluck my brows, etc. as my husband showers without worrying about my mirror fogging up. And when I say this mirror is totally fogless, I mean it. There is no fog whatsoever, and no sign of possible fog. It's as clean as a mirror that is miles away from water.
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    • Putting on makeup
    • Sex
    • Shaving
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    • Bath / shower
    • Bedroom
    • Nightstand

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Texture/Consistency/Thickness/Viscosity doesn't really come into play with a mirror so... yeah. There's not much to say about that. However, I can tell you that this mirror easily stays in place once suctioned to the tile/edge of the bath tub. You do want to make sure that your tile isn't wet or anything like that. What I like to do is dry the area completely, and slightly wetten the bottom of the suction cup. Then, I stick it on and voila! It's stuck for good!

If you want to take the mirror off, simply use your hands, press down on the base until you hear a "POP" and remove it. Quickly, and easily.

You can position it any way you'd like to fit your needs. Placing it on the edge of the tub so that the mirror faces upward makes it easy to see your pubic hairs, while placing it against the tile wall and angling it makes it easy to see the back of your legs, your face, etc.

Although this mirror doesn't fog up, it is a fingerprint MAGNET. You can wash it easily with window cleaner, but gosh that is so annoying. Really the only annoying thing about the mirror.

Taste / Aroma

Once again, there is no taste or aroma to this product? I guess I can let you know that if you ever have a seizure, fall onto it, and get some mirror in your mouth, you wont get an unpleasant taste? LOL!


This mirror performed exceptionally. It's actually my third mirror. If you've read my reviews you know I'm clumsy and you know I break quite a lot of things. I have Epilepsy and I had fallen in the shower from a seizure, in turn breaking this mirror twice. It didn't break into tons of pieces which is very good, so the glass is obviously treated with something to keep it from falling into a million shattered pieces.

It sticks very well compared to others. I had purchased another one from Bed Bath & Beyond about a year ago and it would just never stick (different brand). It was a lot heavier, and this mirror is much more lightweight. It is a bit topheavy where the mirror is, but that is a given since the mirror is the largest part. Since it is top heavy, you have to make sure to angle it well or it will "sink" down a bit. It has never been a problem for me, though.

The mirror gives a 3x magnification, which is just so awesome because you can really see up close. That way, if you miss a few hairs you can definitely see that and get it fixed in no time! You can angle it in several ways to see the back of your legs, your pubic hairs, or even your bum (my husband). If you plan to use it for sex, like I said, you wont see much. You can see an up close of you thrusting into your partner, though - but it takes some skill at angling.

A great feature of this mirror is that it is FOGLESS! You peel back a plastic cover from the mirror, set it up in your shower/tub and no matter how hot the water gets or how steamy the situation, this baby will not get foggy at all! This is great if you are using this for shaving, or maybe even watching yourself have sex. I sometimes take hour long showers and this mirror is just a clean as it was on the way in as it is on the way out of the shower. So be glad to know that this really is a quality fogless mirror.


This product came packaged in a cardboard box that literally says "SEX IN THE SHOWER" on it with a picture of a female. Not the most discreet box.... Actually, it's just not discreet at all. You'll want to open your EF box in private if possible if you are like me and have family over constantly.

I did not like how the mirror was so coiled up. I had to really straighten it out upon removal and that took a while. It was bent in a very weird fashion. Thankfully this mirror is very versatile and flexible so it didn't mess up the product whatsoever.

There were no directions or anything included, but it's pretty obvious on how to use the thing. I didn't find that to be an issue.

This mirror is very suitable for travel. Bend it up, put it in a protective bag and stick it in your suitcase and you're ready to go. Take on on vacation, a business trip, etc. Anywhere you may need it.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Special Features

- Doesn't Fog

- Very Flexible

- Sticks Well

- 3x Magnification


Overall I've had a good experience with my mirror(s). Although I've broken two already (my fault, not the mirror's fault) this thing is a lifesaver. Whether you want it to watch yourself have sex, or you want it to help you shave, this comes in a lot of handy. My good friend does lingerie modeling and relies on these mirrors to help her make sure she is clean shaven for those close up shots.

My husband prefers to shave his face in the shower, and this mirror is very helpful for him. Most of the reason why we've had to purchase one over and over. I think he likes it more than I do myself. The fact that it doesn't fog is the best.

If you've ever had to hold a mirror in hand while trying to shave, you will understand why one of these is so important to own. My sister enjoys using it when she comes over so she can do her makeup on the bathroom countertop, so remember that it's great for that too!
Follow-up commentary
I still love this mirror. Obviously, if I've purchased it three times, I must love it. But today, something strange happened... it fogged! I don't know why! It was the weirdest thing and I wiped it and the fog didn't return YET. Uh oh!
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