Size does matter

Storage container discontinued
by For your nymphomation

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This condom/coin purse is adorable. It makes for some interesting storage while being a compete waste of money. It's lockable, however, and comes in an assortment of three colours on ForYourNymphomations's website. Overall it's cute, useful, and I'm glad I own one.

The Size Does Matter is a nice little storage pouch you can keep any of your little extras in, such as condoms, change, bullet vibes, tiny bottles of lube, and whatever else you would like to bring with you on the go. It comes with a lock and keys to keep the nosey people out.

The Size Does Matter cases really prove that size doesn't really matter. Designed to hold a few condoms, you can easily fit a whole bunch of different things in there. Whether it be condoms, bullets, change, or a fun combo pack of condoms, a bullet and lube to keep everything all in one place, the sky's the limit with what you can keep in this case.

This small locking storage pouch is great for keeping your condoms or other small sexy items away from prying eyes and hands. It comes with a sturdy lock and two keys. It may look small, but it actually can fit quite a few different things and even has glow in the dark tags so you can find it all the time!

I think this is great for college kids, or people living at home with the parents or roommates. You can easily store small valuable objects, and keep them away from parents, friends, etc. The lock and keys made great extras, and the glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls make it so easy to open in the dark. The material was high quality, and barely bends in my hands. Perfect for safe condom storage. So why not get some protection for your protection?

This is great for keeping prying hands and fingers out of your condoms. It can also be used to lock up other small items that you don't want people going through. Nicely made, and comes with a lock.

Size Does Matter is the perfect thing to toss a number of condoms into your back and have enough on hand for a weekend or group sex with a small group. One of the best ways to carry around your condoms in a purse or a bag in a desecrate way.

If you have people who like to steal your condoms, go through you stuff, or you just want a place to keep your condoms, then this is perfect for you.

The Size Does Matter is an ideal product for people on the go and couples who want discreet and convenient access to up to twelve condoms in a nondescript storage case. While the lock is questionable at best, the case itself is solidly made, easy to clean, and worth the affordable price.

Increasing your Size while on Vacation

The Size Does Matter is a neat little condom case that will fit about five or six condoms in it. Unlike other condom cases, this one does lock which will keep prying eyes from seeing your condoms.

This is a great and affordable storage and transportation option for condoms. It can easily be thrown into a purse or suitcase, and without the lock would easily pass for a coin purse or small cosmetic case. It is not the prettiest or most discreet case available, but is a high-quality product serves its purpose well!

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