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The Size Does Matter is a neat little condom case that will fit about five or six condoms in it. Unlike other condom cases, this one does lock which will keep prying eyes from seeing your condoms.
Holds a good amount of condoms, can lock, inside can easily be wiped down, fits XL condoms
Can be cut open, zipper can fight with me
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The Size Does Matter is a condom case made by For Your Nymphomation. The case is a square 3 1/4 inches both in length and width. It has about an inch worth of room on the inside. The case is made of faux leather, and the case comes in black, leopard, or red. The red and leopard case is completely smooth on the outside, but the black case has a texture on the outside. The texture is basically a bunch of bubbles side-by-side. It makes the case look more interesting. There's a zipper along the top-side of the condom case, and the condom case comes with a lock and two keys.

The case does come with a small little tag hanging off of the side of the case. It just says "For Your Nymphomation" (the tag is honestly the same size as the entire case which made me giggle.) and lists their website. No helpful information is really given on the tag.

The condom case is actually really useful for holding condoms. While other cases may be made for in-house storage or out-on-the-town storage, the Size Does Matter really shines when it comes to travel storage for your condoms. If going on a vacation, the Size Does Matter stores enough condoms to be useful out on a trip but still fits into small spaces of luggage. However, this is still a great case for taking out on the town or for keeping in your apartment for storage condoms stylishly. However, this is probably quite a few condoms to take out with you (Unless you get *really* lucky), but the size really doesn't make much of a difference. (Though your new partner may look at you odd when you pull out five condoms.)

The condom case, like mentioned before, fits about five or six condoms pretty comfortably. It can go up to about eight condoms, but it does get kinda "inflated" with that many condoms inside of it. I usually keep six in here. My little normal-sized condoms feel so small inside of this height and length-wise though. This condom case definitely can handle XL condoms without any sort of problem. It's large enough that it leaves extra room around my condoms for larger-sized condoms.

You can store other things in here as well. A small travel-sized bottle of lubricant will fit in here easily with some other condoms. Sample size packets of lube will fit in here too. A small clitoral vibe like the Siri or bullet vibes will fit inside this case too. Basically, if it's less than three inches long and an inch thick, it will end up fitting in here without a problem. Make sure you don't overestimate the lock though - don't keep valuables or anything in here because the case can be easily cut open.

The zipper can sometimes be the bane of my existence. It tends to get stuck in random places, but it's a very very minimal "stuck". It's really easy to fix with a slight jiggle of the zipper. I still wish it would be smooth to unzip though. It shouldn't be anything that will cause you any sort of grief while you are attempting to use it - just a small annoyance.

The lock and key puzzle me slightly - why include a lock in key to lock up some three dollar condoms? The only answer I can come up with is that this is intended to keep your children from looking at the condoms, since anyone else who wants into the case will just take a pair of scissors and cut up the faux leather. The lock and key are relatively well-made - they aren't honestly going to keep anyone out who really wants in, but for keeping children or sneak-peekers out, this will work wonderfully. The lock is extremely easy to unlock with the included keys (two keys). To lock the case, the lock just slides through both of the zippers and keeps them from unzipping apart from each other.
The inside of the condom case has a thin lining on the inside. (For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the material.) It basically is the lining that is intended to keep most of the moisture from getting outside of the case. This means that, if one of your condoms happens to be leaking, it should stay inside the case. It will be a pain in the butt to clean out if that happens though, but a washcloth with warm water should be able to wipe down most condom-juice if that happens. Because this case is closed with a zipper, be more cautious about where you place these condoms - condoms are never supposed to be stored above room temperature, so if you happen to leave this case in direct sunlight, it's quite possible you will "roast" your condoms because the heat won't escape.

Something of note: The other reviewer of this product mentioned that, with many condoms stored in here, the outline of the condoms show through the material. This isn't the case with the black one. I think the texture out of the outside material actually disguises any sort of condom outline that might happen.

Overall, though, the Size Does Matter is a neat little condom case that will work great for keeping a larger amount of condoms for a night out or for travel purposes. It locks which is something other cases don't do, and it will keep prying eyes out from seeing your condoms.
Follow-up commentary
We still like our little Size Does Matter. It's not absolutely perfect for our uses at home (since we have a more stable option in the Condom Storage Box by Devine Toys), but when we're going out to play at another location, we always store our condoms in here. It keeps the condoms from leaking anywhere, and it keeps all the condoms in one place.
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  • Contributor: Tori Rebel
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Sir
    Excellent review. I am STILL wanting Edenfantasys to carry the little wallet condom case from this one might be Devine... But regardless, it looks really nice and extra great for men to carry. Like a regular wallet. This one's cute too, though. Again, great review, Miss Kay
  • Contributor: MuffysPinguLove
    Great review! I know I have this on my wish list in leopard, but I swear I've never seen the black one before. I really like the texture!
  • Contributor: kck
    Amazing, as always! Thanks
  • Contributor: Sammi
    This is a neat little case
    Good review!
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Leaky condoms? Ick
  • Contributor: Danielle1220
    Awesome review!!
  • Contributor: Phoenix713
    Thank you for the review! I didn't know how many condoms were supposed to fit in it until now.
  • Contributor: C4ss
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: IndependentlyHappy
    Great review! Also, when I got this I thought the tag was comically large in proportion to the size of the case, too.
  • Contributor: Kitty Grub
    Awesome review! Thank you!!
  • Contributor: Ms. Spice
    awesome review!
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