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Boy butter reviews

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16 reviews

If you want the world's best jack off lube, here it is! Just be sure to stay away from beloved bedsheets and avoid use during sex if your gal is prone to yeast infections or UTI's.

This is a great lube for anal play because of its staying power and easy clean-up. It's compatible with all the silicone toys I've tried it on. I got the smallest tub, but I will be buying the big one next!

If you don't mind being slathered in butter/Crisco, this is a great product. Especially if you jacked off with Crisco as a boy (laughs). Perfect for anal, and makes a humorous gag gift. It's a bit expensive, but judging by how much my husband loves this stuff... It's worth every penny. You'll be the next Paula Deen before you know it! Subtracting one star for the stain issue.

It's a great lube and I would recommend any man out there to try it. The company makes a water based version that'll be condom compatible. If it feels anything like the original formulation, then it'll be a winner. I wish Edenfantasys sold the water-based version, though.

Overall, for a man who travels a lot or is alone a lot and just needs a better masturbation session - this is the stuff you want to enhance that experience. Makes a great gift for any man. For women who hate doing laundry... think twice! It is a good product for the cause, though.

Boy Butter is a cheeky, light-hearted jack-off and anal lubricant that is a breath of fresh air in a market populated by the sensuous and sexy. Coming in plastic tubs and squeeze bottles, this oil based lubricant resembles its namesake food not only in appearance but in its packaging. But it's not just a gimmick; Boy Butter really works. Slick, long lasting and economic, this is a sadly unsung lubricant that I took too long to find!

It is a long-lasting, slick lubricant that washes off with water. It is an oil-based lubricant consisting of coconut oil and organic silicone. We recommend Boy Butter to men desiring a solid Jack Off lubricant. You cannot go wrong with Boy Butter.

This stuff is great if you're looking for nothing more than a jack-off lube. By since it is oil-based, I wouldn't want to recommend anyone use it internally, at least until we know why it's supposedly safe.

BB is a good product that lives up to it's claims. If you're a water-based only person this will not be for you. But if you enjoy oil-based products, BB is a viable solution. I have plenty left over to work with before deciding if BB will be a regular - but right now I'm leaning toward staying with the Shea/Cocoa butter product.

This is a great lube for hand masturbation as well as for anal play. It doesn't require much reapplication. It's very smooth and cleans off with just water.

One of my favorite lubes that I've found. It's easy to clean up, works fantastically and the tub makes me smile. Go with the biggest container as I regret going with the smaller one.

Every man deserves to get their hands on this stuff! Would make a great stocking stuffer! A great addition to foreplay, especially for shy couples just starting out.

By far one of the best lubricants I've used for “me-time” and “we- time.” Boy Butter has the same effectiveness as the good ole' boys— Vaseline, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Crisco—without the nasty goo factor.

Versatile and user-friendly, Boy Butter is worth having as an option in your lube arsenal. Not to mention that it is named perfectly.

This is without a doubt the best and most versatile lubricant we've used. It's ease of cleanup, lack of odor, staying power, and cute packaging combine to make it a great product. Get the big tub!

Boy Butter is my favorite lube for play with silicone toys in the shower. It is a great lube for anal play and I also enjoy using it for masturbation. Keep it away from latex condoms and it can be a useful addition to any lube collection.

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