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I Present to You: Butter for Boys?

Overall, for a man who travels a lot or is alone a lot and just needs a better masturbation session - this is the stuff you want to enhance that experience. Makes a great gift for any man. For women who hate doing laundry... think twice! It is a good product for the cause, though.
Great jack-off lube, Lasts long, No need to reapply more than once, No annoying smell
Weird taste, Strikingly similar to Crisco, Hard to wash off body and fabrics
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Boy Butter is... Well, Butter - for Boys! Or Girls, I suppose. Whoever needs something thick, slippery, and long lasting during masturbation. I recommend it for men only for a few reasons:

1. Women get yeast infections easily

2. Women get UTI's easily

3. Women get everything easily

Boy butter is oil-based and is harder to wash off, even with soap and water. This means it can get left behind inside the vagina or urethra, causing infection later on down the line. Unfortunately, I found this out by experience! Thankfully it was only a Urinary Tract Infection and not a yeast infection, as those are the worst. Nonetheless, for males, this stuff is a godsend!

Nobody (At least my husband doesn't) likes a dry hand job. Boy Butter, all dressed up like a real tub of butter, comes right in handy and is ready to make your hand job as slippery as can be. It also works great for anal penetration, titty-fucking, and for the brave women; clitoral masturbation. I suppose you could even use this stuff for massage, as long as you don't mind getting dirty.

Here is the list of ingredients which should definitely be looked over in case of allergy concerns:

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Glyceryl Distearate

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Boy Butter is exactly what the name states: Butter for Boys. The stuff feels, smells, and even looks like actual butter. Put it in the refrigerator and it's just as cold as butter! Although, I don't recommend keeping this stuff cold.

Boy Butter doesn't really pour. Although it does come in squeeze bottles, it still comes out thick. My husband and I have had both the tub and the bottle and they feel just about the same either way. Right now we own the tub of Boy Butter, and to get some out you basically just "scoop" it out with your hand. It's quite thick. A lot thicker than lotion. Like I said, this stuff might as well be butter!

If you were to squirt or slap some of this against the skin, it would sit right in place for a very long time. Unless it got extremely heated up, then it could possibly sit in one place for hours.

Boy Butter does feel very greasy, but this is a given. First of all, it's named after "butter," and second of all it's oil based. Something made from vegetable oils is going to be greasy. If I could compare it to anything it would be Crisco. The smell, the feel, the viscosity... just like Crisco.

    • Creamy
    • Greasy
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Boy Butter is not flavored or scented, but it does taste pretty darn awful. Like Butter without all the salt... Oh wait! Isn't that called Crisco? I'm starting to seriously wonder if this company just scoops crisco into Boy Butter tubs!
    • Bad taste
    • No smell
    • Unflavored


Surprisingly, this stuff has performed very well for my husband. It was an addition to his birthday gift (a masturbation sleeve) and he's really more in love with the Boy Butter than the sleeve. I haven't seen him use his hand so much or ask for hand jobs so often since we were in high school together! I thought it would be a nice gift since he's away on trips often and masturbation can be so lonely when we can't talk on the phone or be together.

He loves the way it feels, aside from the lack of scent and the fact that it can stain any sheets it comes in contact with pretty well. He felt awful about totally ruining a hotel's bedroom sheets with this stuff. At home we have been able to remove stains with Tide Stain Release but it's such a pain in the ass that I have reserved this Boy Butter for vacations/business trips ONLY.

As far as washing Boy Butter off of the skin... Well, it's like this. You're going to really have to scrub yourself down with a lot of body wash and a good bath sponge. Even after that you may feel "moisturized," as my husband likes to say it. But I know that he really means that his skin feels oily. I even feel it on him when I hold his hand or touch him after he masturbates. So it's definitely not going to wash of easily without a lot of effort.

I think my husband has found his favorite jack-off lube/butter/or whatever you want to call this stuff. I almost want to trick him with some Crisco and see if he can tell the difference! But he really does love it. I just hate washing laundry all the time...
    • Hard to wash off
    • Long lasting


The packaging comes one of two ways. We own both the bottle (see the other video reviews on the Boy Butter page). The bottle came as is with a protective plastic seal around the top.

We also own the tub of boy butter (6 oz.) and it came as is with a protective seal around the top, very similar to a real tub of Butter.

There is no box to worry about, which is awesome for me. I've had my fair share of boxes and it gets annoying after a while. However, the tub/bottle is in no way discreet. We stick to keeping these things locked up and we only buy the smaller sizes so that they are not as noticeable. "Boy Butter" would stand out to anyone as something nasty, at least in my opinion.

If you live at home, you might want to buy a new container for this. Maybe an old lotion tub would work well, such as the body creams from WalMart or Bath and Body Works. We store our Boy Butter in an old Bath and Body Works tub as shown below:

It holds the stuff quite well, looks natural, and no one really suspects a thing. Hopefully they don't ever ask to borrow some. Saying "No" would be a bit awkward!
    • Minimal

Personal comments

I did mention that this Boy Butter really stains sheets easily. You'll see grease/oil spots after use and even after some washes. I would say to use this in the restroom only, or on top of a sex blanket. Liberator has a great sex throe/blanket that would work very well to help you keep things clean.

To remove the stains, try Tide's new Stain Release Treatment. It comes in packets that you put in the wash, but there is also a spray and liquid. So use whatever fits your preferences. They aren't too costly and work quite well. I do have to say that it is a pain in the ass to wash this stuff off all the time...

It is also not compatible with latex condoms, so you're going to want to stay away from this if you aren't on some other form of birth control or using a different type of condom. I really wouldn't recommend this for vaginal sex anyhow.
    • Hard to wash
    • Stains sheets easily


Overall, my husband loves this stuff. As much as I hate doing the laundry, I would never take Boy Butter away from him even if I had the chance. It makes his solo play much more fun, and it really works well when engaging in anal play. I always shower and scrub down good after anal play to avoid any infections (UTI's, Yeast infections, etc.) and I NEVER use this stuff internally for vaginal play. I used it for clit play once and got a UTI, so I wouldn't even recommend it for that. I think Boy Butter should strictly be for boys!

I do have to take off some points for the staining and having it be so hard to wash off. That is just an awful aspect of this stuff.
Follow-up commentary
My husband's opinion hasn't changed a bit, and obviously we've used this stuff for... a long time now. It hasn't changed, the ingredients haven't changed, and he loves it just the same. I've tried and tried to throw this crap away because it's getting the bed sheets all spotted but he is just passionately in love with it. So, I'm voting for him: I still like it.

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