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Climax bursts anal reviews

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When exploring anal play, a good lubricant is an absolute must. For me, this lubricant fit the bill. It's long lasting, it's thick, it's affordable, and it has no noticeable odor. It has made my anal experiences all the more enjoyable. Highly recommended.

This is truly the best anal lube for experienced partners looking to put a little burst of zest into their anal play!

This is a great water based lube that is thick, making it good for anal play, and definitely reduces discomfort. There are little beads in the lubricant, but they really can’t be felt during use. I recommend this for anyone looking for a thick, long-lasting lubricant.

Anal exploration can be so much more enjoyable with this thick, sensual lube. It's the bang for your buck! High quality lube at a moderate price.

This Anal lube from Topco sales is a great lube for our butt play. Thicker than Maximus and last just as long with no need to clean up when your done, this lube is just bursting with goodness. Due to one of the ingredients (Talc), I do not recommended it for vaginal use.

I would highly recommend Climax bursts anal lube for people who want to explore anal sex for the first time. If you have had difficulty with anal sex in the past, or if you are just simply looking for a more pleasurable experience this is the product for you!

I think this product is worth it simply because it does work: a lot of water based lubes are barely slick and don't last at all, but this does. That said, it wasn't a great product, just a better than usual one.

This lubricant is the best that I have ever used for anal play. It is slick and thick, it does not get sticky and it is long lasting. It is safe for use with any toy and is easy to clean up.

This product was very disappointing. My wife had been wanting to try anal, but wanted to try a better lube than what we already had. We had tried this product a couple of times with no luck. It didn't last for any type of intercourse, and seemed to cause more discomfort from the little beads, than the pleasurable burst. We ended up throwing this away after three different tries with it.

Climax Bursts Anal is a great anal lube, that works with any kind of anal toy (including silicone). It is tasteless, odorless, and wet without being greasy. It lasts a long time, cleans up easily, and makes anal play more enjoyable.

This is a great lubricant, and the best we have tried for anal play. Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant is a great product at a great price, and we are surprised that it hasn't been promoted harder by sellers. We've been so impressed that with this lube that we plan on trying the rest of the Climax Bursts line as soon as we can!

For an anal lube this product works. It doesn't dry out necessitating application and it lasts quite a while, a little goes a long way. I won't, personally, use this product vaginally though that is a personal choice. If you are looking for a good anal lube with a good price tag then this is a good choice.

This lubricant works extremely well, and for the price is well worth the money you spend. It really works and if your body happens to be picky about lubricants (as mine is) I would say you can rest at ease.

I would highly recommend this lubricant for those wanting to explore anal sex for the first time, who have had difficulty with anal sex in the past, or if you are just wanting to make anal sex a more comfortable experience.

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