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Climax bursts cooling reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

Climax burst cooling lubricant is the perfect lube to use if you want something different to add a little tingle to your sex life at an affordable cheap price!

I don't think this item is worth the price. It felt good for 5 minutes on my lady parts but then they started to become numb. I was very excited to try this product, but it wasn't very exciting at all.

Climax Bursts is a good and affordable lubrication that can be enjoyed by either partner. It lasts a good bit of time with a little amount, and the sensations are strong, but sometimes too strong. Be prepared to "go the distance" with this one if you are really sensitive to lubes with tingly or cooling agents. All in all, good product, great price, I'm happy.

This a wonderful water-based lubricant that gives you a very strong cool feeling that works on everyone. The price is very reasonable, which is always a plus.

At first, I loved this lube. Now I'm sworn off of it! Unfortunately, after about 10 times of use, I could no longer feel the cooling effect. I honestly feel that it is a good starter lube, but it definitely does not do well after a few uses. It's kind of disappointing to me because I loved it a lot when I first got it.

I absolutely LOVE this. The best cooling lube I have ever used, My money was well spend and I don't regret it at all. I would recommend this if you are looking to cool down your hot sex life, this will definitely do the job.

Overall I gave this 3 stars because I did not find it to be an amazing product, but that's just my opinion. To me, the cooling to tingling sensation was too intense for me because I was too busy worrying about how much it burned than to enjoy sex itself.

If you want to try a cooling product without breaking the budget, I would give this product a go. Ideal usage is during sex, because the texture isn't as apparent. I love cooling products, but this is definitely on the lower-end of products to buy.

I know that we both enjoyed this lube and we will be purchasing it again when we run out of this bottle.

The Climax cooling lube is the kind of lube you reach for when you know you're about to have some hot steamy sex. This lube lives up to its name, cooling! It does exactly that.

The cooling and tingling sensations produced by Climax Cooling Bursts would be an added bonus to any "hot and steamy" sexual encounter. This product works well when spending an intimate moment together or when having your alone time.

Definitely worth having and it works on both parties as well. It's also good for single use. It makes a pleasurable experience hit the clouds every time.

Climax bursts cools, but not a whole lot. It lubricates, but you have to reapply somewhat often. It's water-based and thus safe for most toys, but has the slimy sort of texture I associate with water-based lubes. Long story short, it's about a "middle-of-the-road" sort of lube that does what it has to. If you think you might be into cooling, it's worth a shot, but there might be other things out there that will do you one better.

For $10, it's definitely a good buy! You get a lot of lube for the money. Does what it says. Very pleasant cooling sensation. Lubricates well for a decent amount of time (if you don't mind the stickiness that follows). As for no fragrance and no taste, well whether that's good or bad depends on the user. I wouldn't have minded some sort of pleasant fragrance and some flavor.

Didn't cool me down, didn't last long as a lubricant, and left a sticky residue. I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm not saying it's a horrible product either.

This is my new favorite lubricant. It is incredible to use, and works well with any sort of toy. I am incredibly happy with this lube and this has become a regular in our lubricant rotation.

Climax Bursts Cooling is the total package. It offers extra stimulation through a water based lube with Vitamin E packed cooling beads that offer soothing sensations. The packaging is discrete and descriptive. This lube is perfect for anyone that wants more sensation with toy play and is also great for added pleasure during intercourse.

If you are hyper sensitive to sensation lubes and don't mind tacky lube, then I would recommend this to you. If you are like me, and hate the feeling of glue and sand in your crotch, then look for something better.

This cooling gel is a great way to change things up from your expectations. Before you know it, you'll be thinking that your genitals are igloos!

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