Climax bursts cooling - lubricant by Topco Sales - review by Bulma

Climax non-bursting semi-cooling lube

If you are hyper sensitive to sensation lubes and don't mind tacky lube, then I would recommend this to you. If you are like me, and hate the feeling of glue and sand in your crotch, then look for something better.
Looks pretty in bottle, slight cooling sensation
Very tacky, doesn't last very long, beads are difficult to "burst," feels gritty
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If you’ve read my review for Climax Bursts warming lube by Topco|Climax bursts cooling, you’ll know that I was sadly disappointed by its dismal performance. Just to let you know, I purchased the warming and the cooling at the same time. I didn’t run out and buy this after experiencing how lame the warming lube was for me. Sure, I’m a little crazy, but I’m not THAT crazy.

I have good news and bad news. First the good news; I found the cooling lube to actually cool. Bad news; the beads still don’t work like they should and this is really tacky. The cooling sensation was quite subtle, even when blew upon (rubbing did nothing besides irritate the stickiness) and it faded pretty quickly. I must say that the little tub of Fetish cooling gel that came in my “Chains of Pleasure” kit|Chains of pleasure kit was vastly superior when it comes to providing a cooling sensation for me. Odd, considering Topco makes both that kit and this lube. My husband had very similar results with this as I did. It cools a little, but not enough for the likes of me or my husband.

You are probably intrigued by those little beads full of vitamin E, I know I was. They did perform better than my bottle of the warming lube, but it was still not “bursting on contact” as the bottle claims. I could actually get the beads to break open if I rubbed my hands together (forcefully) for a couple seconds, whereas with the warming, I had to break them open between my finger nails. The whole gritty feeling is still there, just isn't quite as bad as it is with the warming lube. I find that when I use this lube, I still have to pick the little beads off or else take a shower after use. The lube washes off pretty easy, but it’s finding all those little beads that is the bother.

I mentioned that this lube is tacky, and tacky it is. Most water based lube is really slick and lovely right out of the bottle then gets tacky as it starts to dry. I found this lube to be tacky right out of the bottle and get worse as it dries. Maybe you don’t mind your genitals getting tacky during sex, but I hate it. If I wanted a sticky crotch I would just use some Elmers’. If the cooling works well for you and you don’t want to put up with the tacky feeling, you can use a different lube in conjunction with this one. For me, the cooling wasn’t enough to warrant using this and another lube, I just opted for the other lube period.

There are some pretty unsavory ingredients in this, so be warned. It is glycerin and L-Arginine free, but contains Parabens and Propylene glycol, but then again most water based lubes contain these (as do many beauty and health products). Being water based means that if you really want to, you can use this safely with condoms and toys.

I really hated this lube, but it did redeem itself some by actually cooling a bit. I think this may work better for someone else than it did for my husband and I. The little beads were disappointing, as was the strength of the cooling, and the actually stickiness of the lube. I do use this sometimes, because I actually think the little beads are pretty and it is fun to pull the top up and squirt out a stream of lube. If you like cooling lubes and are pretty sensitive to them, then this would be worth it, otherwise I recommend you look for something better.
Follow-up commentary
While going through toys and lubes that I don't often use, I discovered a couple that were trash worthy. Both of my Climax bursts lubes made it into that category. Even though this lube does cool a little bit, it wasn't enough to save it from all of it's pitfalls in the end. I am still on my quest for the perfect lubes. Maximus is my perfect choice for anal play|Water based Lubricants: Maximus, Liquid Silk and Sliquid Silk|Water based Lubricants: Sliquid silk are tied for my first choice for vaginal intercourse, Tasty Twist is my number one arousal enhancer|Reviews: Tasty Twist, System JO H2O Flavored|System JO H20 flavored lubricant is my favorite for oral, and while I like Sliquid Sizzle for a warming lube|Water based Lubricants: Sliquid sizzle, I still want to find the one that is perfect for me. Are there really temperature play lubes that work, not just "okay," but exceptionally well? This lube was a failure, so on I trudge, down my path that will hopefully lead me to my unicorn of cooling lubes.
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  • Fun Lover
    Not into S & M espically with lube that feels like sandpaper. Thanks for the headsup!
  • Bulma
    You're welcome.  Sandpaper and glue; not the most pleasant feeling during sex, or anytime for that matter.
  • Spiking Glue
    *laugh* I saw the product  name, yours, and thought, "Whoa, wait, didn't she suffer through this already?" Poor thing.

    This type of lube always reminds me of the now-discontinued Orbitz soda. It had little jelly blobs in it, very visually reminiscent. 
  • Bulma
    Ha, yeah.  If I would have bought one instead of the two of them together, I wouldn't have went back for another one.  At least this one sort of created a cooling sensation.  That's a little better right?
  • Dame Demi
  • Bulma
    I know   I do have a couple arousal products that work now!  Is two out of five a success? lol
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thanks for being so thorough in trying out all of these arousal lubes. I would imagine you probably bought the warming and cooling versions of this at the same time hoping that one or both of them would be good. Too bad they both failed. I think that with arousal lubes two out of five isn't too bad, actually.
  • Barely two stars, I take it. :)
  • Bulma
    Jimbo, you're right on.  I bought them both at the same time hoping that at least one of them would work ok, plus they are pretty cheap compared to some of the arousal lubes (namely the Pure Passion).  Good to know that 2 out of 5 isn't a complete loss

    Epiphora, ha ha.  This stuff had to work really hard to snag that second star.  Mainly It got two stars because the cooling is weak, but it's there.  I'm hoping that it works better for someone else, although I wouldn't really recommend this stuff based on my experience (or lack thereof).  When I am done with the lube (might get squirted down the drain) I am planning on using the fun little bottles for mini squirt bottles for my children.  (Might work good to help my hubby get out of bed in the morning too ;)
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Sand in... Yikes!! That's like bad sex on the beach.. not a feeling I want to recreate!
  • Bulma
    Those little beads were definitely disappointing.  I was hoping they would be fun and sexy...too bad they turned out to just be gritty and gross.
  • Steve of Eden
    The fact that they are hard to burst is a big negative for me...
  • JRabbits
    LOL, I still can't get over the whole sand and glue in your crotch bit. This should last me a week in secretive laughs at work. And by work I mean home typing on my computer. Same dif. Sorry this didn't work out for you though.
  • ijako9
    Good review still think I'd at least like to try it myself
  • ParisLove
    I just read a review who said almost the same thing about the "sand" like feeling
  • Jon S
    ty for the review
  • JaneDoe ToyCollector
    good review sweetie
  • mh11
    thanks this was helpful
  • LoveYouLikeThat
    great review!
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