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Crazy Girl oral sex gel reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

Although this "oral sex gel" doesn't feel as cool as it's minty taste would make it seem, it is something fun to add to oral sex. It tastes great and lasts a long time. Unfortunately, it is made with glycerin, so I don't want to use it when receiving oral, but it's great for using on my boyfriend!

The Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel is definitely a winner in my book. The flavor is so delicious, and while I love giving my husband oral sex au naturel, this gel adds another dimension and is really fun to use for a change. When he uses it on me, I feel so sublimely teased, it definitely leads to completely satisfying orgasms. This product would be great to try, to add something new and fun to your relationship, or to give as a gift.

This is the best product I have used yet, and I will continue to use it. This oral sex gel is worth the price.

If you're looking for a great way to sweeten things up in the bedroom then Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel may be just what you're looking for. Turn your lover's intimate parts into a sweet treat that you'll love to enjoy.

Overall this is a very nice product, has great packaging and easy to use. Good taste and smell are a plus for the giver, and the tingling feeling is great for the receiver (especially when you blow air to the area applied). I would definitely recommend it if you need lubrication, and want a more pleasurable oral experience.

Though this product is somewhat sticky and needs to be applied often, it is brilliant. You'll enjoy applying it over and over again, and so will your partner. The taste is dead-on and never stops tasting wonderful. So, buy this product and enjoy the sensation of taste filled oral.

I was a little disappointed that this "stimulating gel" wasn't so stimulating. However, my partner does a great job performing oral sex, so I don't necessarily need any extra help! I personally like this quite a bit, because it makes me want to go down on my partner more often, which he definitely loves!

This item is worth it if there is something wrong with the taste of you or your partner's junk and you want to go at it anyway or if you do not normally get very wet, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.

This product just didn't really work for me. But the hubby, on the other hand, seems to enjoy it! I can't see myself ever buying this again for personal use, but I might get it for him.

I didn't think this item was worth it. Maybe it's only the mint flavor that induces tingling and works well? Otherwise, this is just flavored lube.

This cotton candy flavored oral sex gel wasn't as great as I was hoping it would be. It is a nicely priced product that does have a great taste and wonderful smell, but it could be a lot better. As with all products, you will find faults in this product, but I would suggest trying it out. It'll last you a really long time, and it has a highly affordable price. Plus, who doesn't love cotton candy?

To be horribly blunt, if a cock tastes so nasty that you feel you need to coat it in flavor, there's not much on the market that is going to help. Although soap and water can go a long way...

Crazy Girl oral sex gel by Classic Erotica is one of the best I have ever come across. As a matter of fact, it is the best! I have tried 2 of the 3 flavors and I am very satisfied with them. I highly recommend this product for all couples!

The gel is water based, so it has a smooth texture, even consistency, and it's thick enough not to dip all over. When you pump the gel out onto your skin, it will at first be cold; the friction o your partner will soon warm it up. The product is smooth, and you can glide it over areas with ease.

I am looking aside from the fact that the bottle isn't discreet and enjoying what has become the BEST flavored oral sex gel I have ever tried in my life! Tastes great, little allergy concern, safe for all skin types and free of bad ingredients. Most of all - does not taste like Splenda!

I love the way it tastes, the slickness, and the way it feels. The first whiff and taste of it can be overly strong, though it does reduce after a second. It is not the most awesome product ever, but it's a nice product and can add some fun.

Wanna be aroused? Crazy Girl has got you covered! Their flavored and scented Oral Sex Gel can be used during sex or solo play to heighten arousal with its tingling properties. It also makes oral sex more enjoyable for both parties. A safe gel that is easy to apply, it's also priced right!

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