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Hot motion lotion kit reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

Finally, the search is over! At long last, I have found a cherry flavor that does not taste like cherry cough syrup!

This tropical set of motion lotions works great for massages. I really like the variety of flavors especially the cherry flavor. It lasts a long time on the skin and feels thin, syrupy, and gets really hot when you blow on it which feels amazing! I'd recommend these if you want a tropical candy sugar high. If bright colors and concentrated sugary flavors aren't for you then you'll probably want to skip these. I like these but they aren't my favorite warming massage lotion.

Hubby and I had some major fun with this 5 pack of warming motion lotion. The scents are great and the product actually works. I give this lotion 5 huge stars.

I actually really love this purchase! I adore the upbeat, bright packaging, the easy open, sturdy little bottles, and the array of flavors. I also enjoy the sensation the liquid makes in my mouth, but its usefulness for me is limited to oral sex and tongue-teasing due to how sticky it gets with no saliva or water involved!

Obviously didn't like this product. It has great warming qualities and I can't lie about that. However, the allergy concerns must be taken care of as the overly-sweetness of the product. Once that is fixed I will try it again! With caution, of course.

For a delicious change in scenery, try this amazing lube that actually heats up when you rub it in, gets even warmer as you lick it, and becomes hot when you blow on it! With 5 great flavors and several ways to use it, this product can keep a couple entertained and add something to their love-life! Both fun and tasty, this product is 100% awesome!

If you can handle ridiculously sweet edible products, then you will enjoy this product. The flavours are yummy, and the product does heat up very well, but it really is like licking a flavoured sugar cube. For those of you who prefer subtle, less sugary products; don't bother with this kit.

The Hot Motion Lotion 5 Pack 1oz Assorted collection if a wonderful way to stock up on your massage oils. The flavors and scents are to die for. But those with allergies may want to be a bit careful with this.

Overall I like this warming lotion for massage and for oral sex. I find the flavors to be pleasing. I do not like that it becomes sticky though.

I like these lubes. They smell good, they taste good (although someone may find them too sweet and non-natural), have a pleasant texture. They are water-based and have multiple spheres of application. They have joyful warming effect, but to enjoy all the advantages, you need to reapply it from time to time. Beware: contains glycerin.

This is really a great product for anyone who wants a flavored lubricant that would last awhile and who does not care if it's sticky.

I like this motion lotion a lot, as an oral sex lube. It falls flat for most other applications though. I also really like how it heats up when you rub it or blow on it! Very cool.

Great variety of product for almost any user. Can be used for multiple applications, including massage and other erotic play.

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