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There was a bit of a tang after the banana flavoring, but overall, this product worked way too well to be gone a week after I ordered it. With qualities like 100% natural fruit flavor, being sugar free, and being vegan, this is an item that I will continue to order...even if I must do it elsewhere.

If you came for the taste, turn around now. The taste isn't too strong and neither is the scent, but if that's what you like, you will LOVE this. If you plan on using it with penetrative sex, however, you'll find this doesn't last long, but it is great while it lasts.

This lube is definitely worth the purchase. It is inexpensive, flavorful, and makes sex hotter and more fun. Although the cherry was a little strong for me, I will definitely try other flavors, and recommend this brand to others!

I would recommend this lube to anyone that likes them and/or uses them. The smell and taste are great, they were not overpowering and there was no after taste. This lube is getting 5 stars from hubby and I.

ID Frutopia is a great lubricant if you're looking to spice up oral sex with your lover! Fare warning to those with a glycerin allergy/sensitivity, because this isn't for you! Overall, this tasted alright and smelled even better. I recommend it to those looking for a inexpensive, water-based lubricant that can stand up to the test of time!

Anyone looking for a delicious, sugar-free, natural, flavored way to spice things up in the bedroom, this is the product for you. I could not find much with this product that I didn't like. With 6 different flavors to choose from, banana was definitely the one for me. If you love banana, try this product on your partners banana!

Don't get Frutopia if you want a lube you can use vaginally, and don't get it if you want a lube that will last a long time - but get it if you simply want a flavoured lube that tastes delicious, lasts an average length of time, and is good for blowjobs.

If Glycerin isn't a sensitive subject this lubricant is worthy of regular use. Banana lovers will be sure to enjoy the delicious taste and scent of this product as well as the performance!

Fruitopia is the quintessential lube for spicing up your oral sex. It's natural and tastes great. Simply because of the fact that it's not the greatest lube for penetration, I rated it 4 stars.

Fruitopia is the best flavored lube I've tried so far. It's my first choice for oral games. But it doesn't stop there - use it for penetration or for a shot erotic massage. Fruitopia has everything to surprise your partner and fruit up your relationships.

Add a bit of fruit flavor to your next oral experience - grab your favorite Frutopia flavor and surprise your partner! Lube up your favorite realistic dildo and tease your partner with the idea of what is in store for them later. Use this for sensational and luscious smelling sex....

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