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Flavored lubricant reviews

12 reviews
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12 reviews

This is the best flavored lube I have ever tried. The flavor and consistency are so good that using this lube actually makes me want to go down on him more often, which he of course loves.

I would say that this is money well spent. Such a simple product. I would be careful of how much you use. If you have too much, you have nowhere to go with it but all over your body. I will say that if he is using this to fuck your tits, you are in for a royal and tasty treat.

Very worth it. It can help becoming more into the oral sex. Its taste really helps those people that have issues getting into oral because they dont like the natural taste/smell of their partner.

This is a scented, warming, toxin free, vegan friendly, water based lubricant. Ideal for use with any toys, as well as of course intercourse!

Over all the lube was ok. But I wouldn't recommend this. There are flavors out there that taste better and work better as lubes.

I would not suggest this one you have better options. It gets sticky and the flavor is terrible. It is made from certified organic extracts.

Intimate Organics takes USDA certified organic extracts and adds natural flavors to produce a warming lube for all your oral activities. With seven flavors to chose from and the wonderful warming properties, this lube may just be the thing to add to the bedroom.

Honestly, I highly disliked this product. It was very greasy feeling, and it has a terrible scent and taste. Maybe the other flavors will be better, but I cannot, in any way, recommend the Citrus Burst Flavor.

You're probably not going to find a toasted macadamia flavoured lubricant anywhere else on the market. If this intrigues you, you may want to try this organic-extract, water-based product out. It truly is a unique product.

I honestly would not buy this because the whole point is that is it edible and should taste good. It does not taste good and I would never voluntarily put this in my mouth again!

This is an OK lube, not the best I've ever used, but it will work in a pinch. It being organic is a big perk for most, but it still includes glycerin so it’s not a total saving grace. The smell is particularly strong, at least with the one I received which is the Toasted Macadamia Nut, perhaps if it had been a bit milder scent it would have been nice. The taste was mild and not bad but didn't really taste like macadamia nuts either.

This is a great lube and the flavor is delicious! It never got sticky, stayed wet and worked great. I could do without the slight warming sensation, but overall still great!

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