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If you're looking for an inexpensive lubricant that will last, than look no further than Moist Personal Lubricant by Pipedream. This will last you through a lengthy session and can easily be reactivated on the skin with a little bit of water if it starts to dry. It can be kept handy due to its small sized bottle and dispenses easily for faster fun.

Great for just a little extra moisture but if you're needing some serious lube then this just isn't enough. It dries quickly and can get sticky, but leaves the skin moisturised once it's absorbed. I would use this for self masturbation but it's no good for oral or any anal play at all.

Long-Lasting Lubricant

The Moist personal lubricant was thin and lasted long without any stick or need for reapplication. It outlasted my other lubricants and I didn't have any leaking issues with the bottle. Moist gets 4 stars because of its great performance. The problem I have with this is the ingredients. It contains formaldehyde. That's not something I want in my body.

This is a great natural feeling lube; it is so great in fact that I forgot that I had been using lube, and once on, I never thought about it again. If you struggle to stay wet this may not be your best choice; however if you need a little extra wetness to get the ball rolling, this would be a great lube to buy.

Useful and worth the money, Moist keeps things slick and smooth. This lube is perfect for every person and every toy!

Moist and Wonderful

This water based lube is nice and slick. Providing just the right glide for solo play, or a little extra slide to partner play. Moist Personal lube is a wonderful product all around.

This item is worth buying if you're looking for a good lubricant for intercourse or toy play. It gets the job done without being expensive and feels great! Definitely something every couple should have in their bag of tricks ;)

Want a slick glide that is not tacky? A lube that is compatible with all your toys? Moist has it! It is a perfect water based lube for couples, solos, toys and anal. The consistency is a bit thin but the longevity is out of this world!! No more lube stickies, tacky toys or dry sex....

Moist is designed as a simple, scent-free, no-frills lubricant—a task at which it excels. Sometimes simpler is better, and I believe this is one of those times.

If you're looking for something to add a little wetness to your sexual experiences, this may be a good lube. But be prepared to have to use a lot of this lube in order for it to not get so sticky so quickly.

Even though I was recommend to try out Moist Personal Lubricant, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It preformed the way that it should, but there is far better things out there on the market.

If you're looking for a lubricant that is safe, odor-free, and amazingly natural-feeling, then Moist Personal Lubricant is exactly what you need. Just a small amount is enough to get you going, and it can be reapplied in small amounts to keep things as slippery as you want them! Moist can be used with any toy, no matter the material, and works well with the body's natural lubrication as well.

If you're looking for something cheap that you won't have to get near your nose or mouth, and if you don't mind reapplication and showering immediately after sex, Moist is just fine. Otherwise, spend a little more cash for a better water-based lubricant.

All in all, this is a great lube for whatever the purpose as long as you don't taste it. It's easy to use and easy to clean up and doesn't leave a residue or smell behind.

Moist is very arousing to the touch. It's very gentle on the vagina and nipples and it's fairly quick to arouse your body.

Moist Lube is wonderful for clit and anal play. Its natural feeling, making for a better experience. All in all, it's a good little lube.

Moist is an average, adequate lube that just missed the mark of being great. If it were just a little slicker, this would indeed be an awesome lubricant. As is, it is decent for the price.

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