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by Shunga Erotic Art

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Even simply writing this review has put me in the mood to use this lubricant. While the taste is far from my favorite, I quite like the smell and don't find it so unpalatable as to be inedible. The lubricant itself is fantastic, especially for oral and titty sex, and as long as it is not allowed to dry, it lasts more than long enough to suit my needs.

This is a great lube for oral and couples play/sex. I, however, would not recommend it for anal sex, nor would I recommend it for solo play. The smell is fantastic and the taste is light and sweet but overuse will leave a chemical-like aftertaste.

If you love to make your partner happy and get an orgasm, then you;re looking in the right place. Even though this is a great product for penetration, it is a great lube for other things.

If you want to try a new lube try Toko Aroma. So far it's the best. It's a great lube for everything you can name and doesn't have a nasty or funky taste/smell.

Candied lube without the candied effects!

Best lubricant I've tried! With it's sweet, candy-like smell and matching taste, silky smooth texture, and easy cleanup, this is indeed a must try for every sexually active person!

Overall I find this product to be a great value, it'll last through many uses. The packaging is nice, though it's not very discreet. Feels great, definitely worth a try for anyone looking to try something tasty. Smells great, good for all your lubing needs, safe to use on toys, and very easy to clean up.

I love this stuff, I am looking forward to trying all of the other flavors as well! If they are even half as good as the strawberry and champagne I will never use another lube again!

This lube is one of the best ones I have tried, gets the job done and stands out against others.

I will probably buy this item again. The price doesn't seem too bad for the amount you get, but I think it could be better in a few ways.

With all the other types of flavored lubes on the market I can't really recommend this one as a good addition to the boudoir. I only tried one of the six flavors but because of my experience I don't plan on trying any other flavors. The pretty packaging does not make up for the bitter flavor and its off putting smell.

This lube was okay--not great, but okay. It worked well enough for vaginal intercourse. It was alright for masturbation. In my experience the Grape smells great but tastes awful. Maybe the other flavors taste better, but I'm not willing to try them out.

Toko Aroma is a high quality lubricant and with multiple ways to use. A nice amount of product means you can use extra for a luxurious bath or massage. It's perfect for my basic needs and we'll keep purchasing it. Having a lubricant that can be used for oral sex as well is important to us and this is the best one we've encountered since it's sugar-free and doesn't taste bad. Whether I'm shaving, bathing or having sex, this is a lubricant I'm always happy to grab!

I was satisfied with this purchase. I was expecting a mediocre lube at $10 for a five ounce bottle, but I was actually rather impressed. I've always liked Astroglide, but I think after trying this I need to by myself more Toko and give them a whirl.

Toko is a silky long lasting lube that mixes great with natural body fluids. The smell and taste are awesome and it doesn't get sticky like most flavored lubes. For the great price anyone can afford to give this one a try. I can't wait to try every flavor. Toko Aroma is a must have for any collection.

Fabulously scented, horribly flavored but absolutely wonderful to apply and use! Absorbs nicely into the skin, leaves it feeling silky smooth. Coats toys and skin well for sexual use and many positions. Can withstand friction for long periods of time all the while never losing it's absolutely intoxicating scent! I adore this water-based lubricant with it's multitude of uses and am finding new ones each day. From anal to solo, this is a lube I can recommend with confidence.

This lubricant smells good and comes in a pretty bottle, but the taste is awful and it makes you stick to everything! The good evens out the bad and I do plan to repurchase!

Toko Aroma flavored lube is by far the best one I've ever tried. It smells incredible, and the texture is perfect. You do not have to worry about it being too sticky, or staining your bedding. The flavor is developed to last. It is water based, so you can use it with your toys. The smell can be strong, and if you are sensitive to smell I'd think hard before ordering this. It is utter perfection in a 5.5 oz. bottle.

Overall, I love this product! It tasted great, works well as a stand-alone lube, and honestly, I can't wait to use it again!

This lube is a great addition to foreplay or intercourse. It tastes awesome, smells awesome, and does not leave a sticky, gooey mess like other water based flavored lubes typically do. It lasts quite a long time for being a water based lube, as well. For the price, this lube is definitely worth buying and trying again and again.

Sweet smelling, but not overpowering. It tastes great, with no bitter after taste. It's slippery but not sticky. It's long lasting, a little goes a long way!

This is the flavored lube of your dreams. It tastes great and works great too; how often do you find that? It's smooth, and it lasts forever, and you don't have to scrub it off with soap and water after you're done.

All in all, this product is worth its weight in gold. Extremely versatile by means of methods of use and areas it can be applied to. The ease of use, wide spectrum of uses, magical flavour and enticing scent far outweigh the negatives of this product (the parabens/glycerin). For people who bear no sensitivities to those two products, the only negative should be the fact that it (and all other water-based lubricants alike) are not best suited for use in water.

I would recommend this lubricant to anyone. It smells great and is fun to use for anyone. As far as a water-based, flavored lubricant goes. This is my favorite and will continue to be for many years to come, I'm almost certain of it.

I don't believe I've ever tried a better lube. Especially not a flavored one! This lube beats everything that I've ever heard of or tried, and by a long shot! It's water based so it's non staining, and it lasts forever, even after oral sex. It can even be used by diabetics, because it's sugar free. The taste is excellent and doesn't leave an aftertaste, and the smell is just like candy. My wife even loved it, and she doesn't like grape-It's excellent lube!

This is a wonderful flavored lubricant that tastes great on a partner's body, and has a very nice light warming sensation that stimulates beautifully. It doesn't taste that great on its own, but try it on a vagina and you will be impressed. It's also water based and thus compatible with all toys and condoms.

Aroma plays well on its own or with a woman's natural juices. In addition to being able to add a lovely flavor and scent to any area you put it on, it also lasts longer than just about any other water based lubricant out there. A very worthy addition to anybody's collection.

If you are searching for a flavored lubricant that tastes and smells good, but is a good lubricant too, try Aroma! It is an excellent lubricant that lasts long and feels slick. It also doesn't get as sticky as others and won't leave you feeling icky.

Great smelling and tasting lube that works (and washes off) well with your natural juices to make for fun and pleasant-tasting play.

Toko Aroma Lube is a sweet, flavorful, yet versatile lube that works as well for penetrative sex, masturbation, hand jobs and even anal as it does for tasty oral sex. Definitely something you can use for everything. A delight for all your senses.

This is the lube I have stuck to for the last couple of years and it has yet to let me down. Until I find a lube better than this one, it remains the best for me!!!! It's the best for intercourse and tastes great so that you can still enjoy your man/woman after lube has been applied.

If you are looking for a good sugar-free flavored lubricant, Shunga's Toko Aroma Formula is a great choice. It is slick, nicely flavored, and leaves no aftertaste.

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