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Wet naturals beautifully bare reviews

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In general, I am very happy with this product. Wet has made some good products in general and having a more natural option is always a plus.

I am very conflicted. On the one hand it is great slippery fun. Long lasting and easy. On the other hand, I want a little truth in advertizing. If I buy a 'natural' product, please don't put cancer-causing ingredients in it! All information about ingredients was researched at Environmental Working Group's cosmetic safety website SKINDEEP.

I can't say there was anything fabulous about this product. It is water based, which usually means reapplying often, but this specific water-based lube needs a LOT of reapplying. Not even 5 minutes with my toy, or fingers, and I will need to squeeze out more. A drop goes a long way with some lubes, this brand does not. It may not work with my body chemistry, but it will be good for those individuals who are sensitive to harsh irritants.

Beautifully Bare is great for those who are sensitive or for anyone who wants to avoid glycerin and parabens, but I didn't appreciate its thin and runny consistency.

This lube did its job as a supplement for my natural lubrication while using toys. I wouldn't recommend it for people who lack plenty of natural lubrication as it seems to dry quickly and would require repeated applications.

A great lube that has it all: non sticky, water based, long lasting. Perfect for use with condoms and toys. Paraben free.

This item is extremely useful. It's a go anywhere lube its a travel companion and a wonderful experience for extreme situations.

I am not much of a fan of the eco or natural lubes that are on the market. But Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare has changed my mind about them. I am so planning on keeping this little bottle around.

This was a good product at first, but it went down hill very fast. I will not be buying this lubricant again.

I probably wouldn't use this lubricant again. I much rather prefer something that stays on and lasts through the rougher, longer lasting sessions me and my husband have. I do love that it's natural and hypoallergenic. However I don't like that it doesn't last long enough and we have to reapply it often.

Just a little extra for when you need it

Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare is a great natural feeling lubricant that's hypoallergenic and pH balanced. It works wonderfully if you just need a little extra lubrication and doesn't leave a sticky mess afterward. It's not really enough lubrication if you need something that's going to last a long time without needing to reapply. I found it was better for me then it was to use on my husband.

Wet Beautifully bare is a nice, economical choice for those looking for a glycerin and paraben free water based lube. It isn't the most long lasting ever but it's slick and a good consistency with no harmful ingredients. A solid, ordinary water based lube, good for just about anyone.

I'd definitely purchase this again. It was just what I expected: a great, natural lube that stays slick and doesn't get tacky.

This lube was excellent in some aspects and a little below average in others. It is definitely better suited for women. This is not a bad lube overall and I would recommend it.

It is great i use it every time. we go through about a bottle a month and we love it. A little bit goes a long way.

A nice light, smooth, wet lube. Would have been great if it lasted a little longer, but it was exactly what I needed it to be.

overall, I like this lube, it's cheap and cheerful. It's my go-to lube for "personal use" but if i'm going to be having some fun with my husband I'll reach for one of the better lubes in my collection.

It smells like tea, tastes like tea, and it's lube. Better than some other brands in the same category, the paraben and glycerin-free lubes really don't do much for me. If you have the sensitivities, this is worth checking out.

I'll give it 4/5 because I'm a health nut. I really like that it doesn't contain chemicals like parabens and that it is pH balanced and has some good things for my skin. I just wish the consistency of it was thicker and more slippery.

Healthy, slippery, toy safe and nearly hypoallergenic; this could be a great product for many. I will use up what I have as I appreciate that it is not sticky but in the future would like to find something that can make it through the long haul. Considering the price of this product, I would like it to last longer.

I don't feel bad that I used it, since it's glycerin-free and non-irritating, but I wouldn't recommend spending the money on something that lasts such a short time.

Basically this product is good if you need to use a quick lube but other than that if you are willing to apply, apply, apply this product over and over again then go buy it.

On paper, I really like Wet Naturals. Less chemicals, can be used with silicone toys. In practice it's just not what I want it to be; it runs all over the place and makes a mess without providing the slip & slide environment that I want.

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