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Wet warming reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

If you are looking for a wet, warming, and wild time this is the lube for you! Also, you can't go wrong for the price. I guarantee you it will be worth it.

I suppose it depends on the person. Just because I had a bad time with this does not mean everyone will. It is your gamble.

What started as a free sample, turned into an amazing massage, and some of the best sex I've ever had. This warming lube stays close to the bed at all times!

This is not a very fun lube. Once the friction starts, so does the dry, itchy feelings. It's not worth it! You would be better off using spit.

Overall this is a pretty good lube. It feels good, leaves no nasty residue on your skin and lasts for quite a while. However after fifteen to twenty minutes it starts to burn with a vengeance!

As a warming lube it did a fine job warming up. The sensation was great and it really heats up well and fast. It would be nice as an intimate lube if it didn't burn sensitive areas on the body. For now, it'll be delegated as just a massage lube.

Wet Warming is a great warming lubricant. It lasts for a long time, and gets heated almost instantly. While its not paraben free, Wet is still a trusted brand for us. We never have any irritation problems with this lube, and will continue to use it. It is water based, so its easy to clean and works with most toys without harm. Somewhat runny, but the drips are warm and silky feeling, just right to get everything heated and wet!

This is a decent product as a replacement for a massage oil if you don't have it on hand. It's fairly watery, doesn't stay in place, and causes chafing due to it drying up quickly. Other than being scentless, I found no real pros to this product, and do not think people should waste their money on it.

I was disappointed by you Wet! I thought that surely you're odd shaped bottle would mean that you were gonna be a staple in my bedroom play. I was wrong! :(

Worth the money; This product is in-expensive and will get the job done for anyone. Add this to your collection of lubes and you will not be sorry or feel bad about spending the money.

Wet Warming is a great lube for those looking a warming lube that gives you a strong instant sensation while using only a little amount

This is an excellent product that will allow you to have wonderful lubrication, a terrific warming sensation both you and your partner and it's a quick clean up. It doesn't leave behind any oily or greasy residue making clean up a cinch!

This lube gets the job done. It can get a little messy, but nothing unbearable. The big concern is the warming sensation, which can get a little intense. If you have any knowledge of sensitive skin or allergies to this sort of product, stay far away! I would recommend that any beginners looking for a more mild warming lubricant try a product that isn't quite as strong, but when used properly you can get a lot out of this lube.

in the long run, not a good item for intimacy as it does need a lot of attention on reapplication, but for that quick and nice warmth its very nice.

I was extremely disappointed in this product. It got uncomfortably hot and didn't last long enough. We had to reapply too many times, which only made the situation hotter! I suggest finding another brand all together.

This product was a fifty-fifty. The warming added a very intense sensation to play, but needs re-application several times, and can become too warm or can produce uncomfortable feelings during sex.

This lube for us was more a of solo play lube because it was too warm for my partner during intercourse. It is better for vaginal penetration than anal penetration and I would refer it to anyone who wants to try a warming lube as an alternate lube from the usual favorite that one may have.

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