Clitoral hummer waterproof - clitoral vibrator by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Clitoral hummer waterproof reviews

45 reviews
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Average review rating
45 reviews

For the price, I'd say this toy is definitely worth it. The design and rumbly vibrations are stimulating at any speed. If you're looking for an insertable toy, you might be disappointed.

Save yourself money, and a very let-downed orgasm! The Clitoral hummer waterproof – clitoral vibrator was the worse "toy" I've ever subjected my poor little vagina too. She deserves a pampering after the torture that occurred the night I introduced her to the monstrous Clitoral hummer.

Don't let its simple beauty fool you, this toy is as powerful as it is elegant! The sleek look and the intense vibrations of this toy make it a must-have for all power lovers!

"Long time, no buzz". It's a great little vibrator overall. The plastic is quite unforgiving, and it's too hard for my tastes. It was a fun little toy to play with, though.

Despite some design flaws, the Clitoral Hummer has great, deep vibrations that can't be beat. It's well-made, easy to use, and great for beginners looking to buy their first vibrator, especially considering the price.

Fun, Stimulating and Useful Shape. Nice rumbly vibrations. Creative design. Seems to be well made and durable. Very quiet overall.

This toy came as a complete surprise to me; an unexpected treasure that does not leave the top of my toybox. It is an inexpensive little guy, with perhaps a bit of an interesting shaped head, but otherwise doesn't look like it would special. And then you turn it on. Ohhhh.....

The Clitoral Hummer from Cal Exotics has the deepest vibrations I have felt in a toy in this price range. It's worth giving it a try, since it's not going to put too deep of a dent in your pocketbook.

A vibrator that, when used in conjunction with a slick lube, approximates oral sex? And even is designed expressly for using on the clit, the area most women get off most easily from stimulating? Affordable and totally low-maintenance and looks like a little monk dressed in a white robe from some sort of old-school SNES RPG? This little guy is all that and more, and I have very little to complain about. One of my staples.

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the Hummer was its resemblance to a white Grim Reaper, then it was the resemblance to the Scream character. Too much Halloween? Maybe, but it sure was fun to imagine the grim reaper as a vibrator. With a recess for your clitoris and a knob for your G-spot, this will definitely make you "Scream"!

Overall, I can't give this toy my full backing. Maybe if you're a beginner or if you're sensitive, it won't seem like too much for you, but it has a few too many design flaws and just was never strong enough to give me a great orgasm.

If you are looking for a toy that is reasonably inexpensive, fairly quiet, very powerful, appealing to the eye, easy to use and waterproof, you are in the right place! This clitoral hummer is sure to give you the climax you've been expecting, over and over again! With its scoop for clitoral stimulation and a nub for G-spot stimulation, it is sure to please anyone!

This is the ultimate clitoral and g-spot vibrator, for an amazing price. It's one of my oldest vibes, yet it's one of my favorites... I still keep coming back for more! The Clitoral Hummer is great for beginners who are still learning about their body, and also for the advanced. I highly recommend this item... you can't go wrong with the price!

All in all, this toy definitely impressed me. The vibrations were strong enough for me, and I tend to need more power than most. I have tried several clitoral vibrators and this has been the best so far. I HIGHLY recommend this to users at any level of experience. After all, you cannot beat the price!

This baby will really surprise you and as unattractive as it is, effective and fun are the key words here.

Our favorite toy by far. We use every time! Great stimulation for him or her. Clit vibe, internal dildo, good vibrations for his balls. We won't go without it.

This is the cheapest toy I ever bought and is BY FAR my favorite. Its versatility as well as reliability make it, in my opinion, a must-have for every woman. I bought this toy 2 years ago as my first vibrator, and it is, to this day, still my go-to toy.

Every woman should have one. Intensity knob is very sensitive, and I also wish it had stronger vibrations. Get one, what are you waiting for?

This is a great toy for someone who is looking to get their first toy. It is great for teasing and foreplay!

I would have to suggest this toy anyone who is looking for a good clitoral vibrator. The price is very good the only down fall with this toy is it eats batteries.

I really like this toy when I want something strong that provides a build-up. It is easy to adjust to higher or lower vibration levels and offers two unique sensations within a single toy, thanks to its scoop and nub sides. For this toy's price, it is an excellent deal when considering its high power in comparison to its relatively low noise level!

This is a very powerful Clitoral Vibrator. Its has the little 'scoop' that holds your clit just right, and it focuses the vibrations right to that spot, and will have you in an orgasmic state in no time!

This toy is great for regular vibrator users, the speed is great and the length is perfect. However, it's a plastic toy, low battery life and tedious cleaning is necessary.

I'm kind of ho-hum about this clitoral hummer. The reviews I read were great; though I'm don't hate it, I just don't know what the big deal is.

The Clitoral Hummer gives you a different type of vibration than most vibes and is specially designed to stimulate your clit.

This item is definitely worth it. The price is very affordable for what you are getting out of it. It may have a few downfalls but is ultimately a good buy.

I don't think there is anything I can say that will expand upon what has already been said many times over about the Clitoral Hummer. As an inexpensive toy known for having its own cult following, I am happy to say that I have joined the ranks of its followers as someone who would recommend this toy to anyone looking for something inexpensive yet so completely different from any other toy in this price range...

If you have a gentle hand and a love of reasonable powerful and well-priced toys it's TOTALLY worth the money.

Once I gave this toy a few chances, it has proven to be one of my favorites that I've had for years and I expect to last for years to come. It's powerful and would be great for women that need a little more vibration to reach orgasm. For the price, I've found few other toys that 'get the job done' nearly as well.

A great toy for beginners (or not-so-beginners) who love clitoral stimulation. The clit scoop is really what sets this toy apart since there aren't a whole lot of toys out there that have this focus.

The Waterproof Clitoral Hummer is a wonderful vibe for bath time fun! It's fully submersible and super easy to clean. Plus, you can use a silicone lube with it! It's sort of hard so inserting it can be painful if you aren't careful and the g-spot nub can hurt but it's clitoral "cup" is wonderful! It's amazingly easy to clean and store and has multiple intensity settings. I love this vibe for my nightly baths! The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because it is very hard.

This toy is great, with or without the great price it's worth it. It is perfect for a beginner or the expert who just needs something new to add to there collection. A great toy you can afford without breaking your wallet!

As my first vibrator, this beauty performed perfectly! It's inexpensive, provides great stimulation, and brought me to climax quicker than I'd come before. I highly recommend it!

The price isn't bad for a solo use toy, but not good for partner use or use with another toy. Not my favorite or most highly recommended. It has nice strong vibrations, and textured shaft though.

As a couple, we really had a great deal of fun with this toy. When I was alone and playing, this toy really left me feeling not quite satisfied.

At this price the toy is well worth the money. It has strong vibrations that are focused through a scoop design directly to the clitoris. The hard plastic makes it a snap to clean.

For the price its hard to beat this toy. Its very easy to use and has a ton of "bang" for it's "buck". I will get tons of use out of this toy and would definitely get it again.

Because it has two different sides that provides stimulation, it is great fun to start out with the contoured side to start out, then finish off with a bang using the nub on the opposite side. I do wish, however, that I would be able to provide a little pressure on the toy and the intensity would remain the same, but it does weaken some.

Totally worth it if you are searching for a cheap, effective clitoral vibrator and great for beginners who want to experiment with a vibrator for the first time.

This item in my opinion is worth the money. It will send you to an orgasmic heaven with it's tip, by stimulating you g-spot and sending strong vibrations through out the whole vibrator!

The Clitoral Hummer will always have a place in my pleasure drawer. The Clitoral Hummer provides good clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The clitoral hummer is a great value because it's dirt cheap and provides more throbbing vibrations than your typical cheap plastic vibrator.

This is a great, all-around toy which is a steal at $15. Its surprisingly strong vibrations are very effective at turning you on. The variety of shapes near the tip offers a lot of options for play, though the nub will make it more difficult to use as a dildo.

Overall, for the price, I think it’s hard to go wrong with the Clitoral Hummer Waterproof, if you’re looking for a hand-held clitoral vibe of heftier proportions than your normal pocket rocket and some variation in the types of sensations produced by the head.

I am on a mission to find the ultimate sex toy... the one that will drive me to multiple orgasms at the touch of a button and make my heart race at the first surge of power. So, when I received the Waterproof Clitoral Hummer, I asked, "Is this the one?"

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