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34 reviews

For 32.99, this is simply not worth it because you can get better vibes out there if you just saved a little more. However, for those who like the no-frills approach(I personally like rabbits or triple vibrators) this is almost perfect. It has great speed settings and a one-button-manages-all control. It's cute, but the vibrations are a little on the weak side for me. It's probably larger than you would expect, and will fill you up decently.

Overall, I loved this vibrator/dildo before it broke! It had a great texture, wonderful vibrations and was thicker and longer (which I prefer) than other dildos I have used. It's not great for spontaneous play since it has to be cleaned before use due to the dust and lint it collects. It would be great for a beginner looking for a clit/G-spot stimulator (since it has multi-speeds) and also good for a more advanced user since it gets much wider at the base.

Had the Cupid Kiss been my first vibrator, I would not be the same vivacious toy-happy girl pumping out reviews here today. It's difficult to be objective when faced with a poor quality, weak, buzzy and downright dejected vibrator such as this one.

Cupid's Kiss is a unique and rather fun large vibrator. The box calls it Kiss of Hero. Hero threw herself into the sea after her lover died while on his way to see her. The design of the Kiss reminds you of the waves lapping on the shore...maybe Hero's kiss is the legacy. The power, sensuality and unique feelings mimic the romance, and the hunger for batteries could represent her fateful leap....

The Cupid Kiss is lovely pink treat for those looking for a girthy vibrator with a variety of settings. It is waterproof for those who like to take their toys in the tub or shower with them. The Cupid Kiss also has some textured ripples along the body that provide extra stimulation. The only down side is that it is not made from a more superior material, I would have much rather seen it offered in pure silicone rather than TPR silicone.

Dear Cupid Kiss, I tried so hard to love you. I continued to use you even though you hurt me on many occasions. Your G-spot stimulator was lacking. Your vibrations were too weak for me. The feel of you inside me made me cringe. I think we should part ways. Signed, A very unsatisfied customer

The Cupid's Kiss is a great vibrator that packs a punch, if you desire to use it to its highest potential. Though it is loud, this toy is also quite satisfying.

A wonderful toy for anyone who loves texture, girth and a variety of settings to pick up for a great price. Though be aware that material listings between box and site are confusing, so if you are very conscious about what materials you normally buy you may want to skip this one.

Kiss me again and again, and when you are finished, kiss me a little more. I think I might be in love.

This is the best toy I have ever gotten for around $20. The size, shape, intensity - all AMAZING. I've never found a G-spot vibe that actually found the right spot... this one does it.

The Cupid Kiss is kind of like making out with a distant cousin: it may not be necessarily wrong, but it's not exactly right, either.

I wish this toy had an "emergency" off switch in case of roommates, but all-in-all, it was enjoyable. The cost is low, and it seems to often have promotions offered for it. As a relatively safe toy, it is enjoyable. The biggest downside was the noise which seemed rather rumbly to me, and I am sure that it could be heard on the other side of the door without background noise covering it.

A great toy with great vibrations. It's very stong and has many different patterns! My daily basic toy for clit play, and it is great for solo play.

The look of the toy is really eye-catching. Turning it on and experimenting with the vibrations is what sets the toy apart from all the others. It is inexpensive and will be worth your while.

Cupid, May Your Arrow Fly True!

This toy has a wonderful shape and a fantastic texture. This toy can gather lint very easily but its variety in functions and amazing power mixed with its quiet sound make up for it. This toy is well worth the price and something I would suggest to friends and family, beginners and advanced users alike.

I didn't expect to love my Cupid's Kiss as much as I do, but I am so glad I ordered it. Between the strong, quiet vibrations and perfect, thick, shape for g-spot stimulation, size queens and power queens will be incredibly pleased with this beautiful, pink vibrator.

I had more fun with this during a session with my lover then I did when being alone. The button and total length of the Cupid Kiss worked against me since my arms are on the short side.

The Cupid Kiss is a cute toy that has a large variety of functions and features. However it packs a girth that must be taken seriously. Beginner toy users beware, this one is for the more experienced.

The Cupid Kiss is a great vibrator for those who have been curious about it. It also might be a good vibrator for beginners. The cute color, non-intimidating size, and great vibrations all combine into a great toy investment for the novice or expert toy collector.

This toy is enjoyable and has longevity. If not for the confusion over the material I would give it four stars. If you enjoy girth, texture and your choice of vibrations, pick it up next time it's on sale.

The Cupid's Kiss is a light pink, TPR g-spot vibrator intended for vaginal use. It provides a small taste of g-spot stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation. If you're an experienced g-spotter, this probably isn't the toy for you. The head is very squishy, but I would very much recommend it if you're new to g-spot toys.

Although the Cupid Kiss has numerous different features, functions, and options, the strength of the vibrations fall just short. Used as a stimulator, this is a great toy, but you may need more than this if you are looking for more than stimulation. It's easy to use, cute, and waterproof. It's worth it if you are looking for a stimulator with functionality!

With seven different modes, the cupid kiss can be used numerous ways and has unlimited possibilities in combinations of those modes to make using this toy truly unforgettable.

This thing is probably my new favorite toy. It has a multitude of vibration modes with a great variety in both type and strength.

Cupid's Kiss has been the first vibrator I've used that actually makes me want to take my time and go nice and slow. While I don't find that Cupid does the trick if I want a quick release, if I want a thorough orgasm that leaves me feeling completely satisfied Cupid is my go to vibe. If it wasn't for the drag of the material I'd give Cupid 5 stars.

Good beginner vibrator (says my lady) and a good beginner vibrator for any couple interested in entering the endless pleasures of sex toys! I thoroughly enjoyed using this on the girlfriend and she enjoys using it herself!

Although I was unable to achieve orgasm with this toy alone, I really enjoyed the strong unique vibrations that it gave me. Just because I was unable to orgasm doesn't mean this toy wasn't pleasurable! It is a great g-spot vibe which I am sure that many people will find great release from.

Definitely worth the money. I love how many different vibrating speeds it has, as well as how many different pulsating speeds it offers. It is fun and exciting because it offers a variety of different sensations and speeds! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes great vibrating toys.

This little Cupid vibe is definitely worth having around. Priced right, it's a great deal for a waterproof, phthalate-free vibe. While it's great for solo play, it's also small enough to work during sex. Shaped like a g-spot vibe, the tip's flexibility may not be firm enough on the g-spot for some, but I thought it worked just as well as a clitoral stimulator.

Cupid Kiss quickly became and remains my favorite toy, to the extent that I ordered a backup when I wear this one out. Do you like a smooth, velvety texture? Do you like g-spot, clitoral and vaginal stimulation in one toy? If so, you won't be let down by the pure, sweet bliss that is Cupid's Kiss.

This toy works wonderfully for me, for g-spot stimulation. The vibes are right in the perfect, not too soft, not too hard settings, and i found this toy to be very quiet!

With eight different speeds AND it's waterproof, this vibrator will get a lot of use in my house! I loved using the Cupid Kiss both inside and for clitoral stimulation.

The Kiss of Hero is a pretty awesome toy. It has lots of settings that make it very versatile and fitting for all users. Definitely worth the money.

The Kiss of Hero vibrator is a baby pink, waterproof toy that has an wave like texture on the shaft. The curved tip provides very light g-spot stimulation and as the vibrator is positioned in the tip, it can also be used to stimulate the clit. The vibrations are pretty strong, though a little loud. The various patterns make using this toy more enjoyable.

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