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Eager beaver reviews

49 reviews
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49 reviews

Really great toy, a must have for every girls toy chest. Multiple areas of simultaneous stimulation and with one useable with one hand.

This is an item that will last a long time and have the same effect every time you use it. This little beaver will definitely be eager to please over and over again!

If I still had this vibe, I would be using it. It put up a great fight with me and lasted almost 2 years.

Overall the eager beaver is an amazing addition to my toy box. I have owned this vibe for many years and no matter how many new toys I add to my collection I always return to this one! The intense vibrations and rotating shaft will really have you tensing up in excitement.

Overall I love my Beaver! I highly recommend this. You will not be disappointed with your new toy. I promise. I have had mine for years and I am very satisfied still.

I would recommend this product to anyone. I love it. Buy it and try something new. Have a great time alone or with a partner. It is great for DP.

The Eager Beaver is a multifunctional dream, the batteries last for weeks at a time, and it is very soft and glides easily. The only downside to this toy is that it can be noisy, so try to be discreet or stay behind closed doors.

I very much enjoyed this toy. My first one lasted for a few years and I got online immediately after it died to buy an exact replica.

I bought this toy to experiment with a rotating shaft but it just was not strong enough for me to really feel. That, combined with the unsafe material, ugly control panel, and the pointy clitoral stimulator means this toy will remain tucked away with my other poor little reject toys.

The eager beaver is eager to please! It is a great option for beginners who have never used a rabbit style vibe before. It is highly affordable and packs a little bit of punch as well. I would recommend this.

My Pros definitely outweigh my Cons here. While for me I sometimes have a hard time holding still enough to finish my climax when I use this toy alone, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the toy itself.

Overall, this is an awesome rabbit. They hold up very well, and as someone who has gone through 3 of these, I would say that is a good indicator that I highly recommend them!

Above all, this toy was fabulous for the price. It worked in bringing me to one of the most gratifying orgasms I'd ever had when I bought it.

Overall, I would say this toy is definitely worth the buy. I've purchased several toys after this one, but for some reason I always gravitate towards using this one. Maybe because it gives me easy and fulfilling orgasms. It's very exciting, powerful, and my go-to toy.

I would say that this vibrator was named pretty appropriately! With all the twists and turns, vibrations and dual stimulation, this toy is sure to be a favorite. Considering mine has lasted 8 years now, I would say its pretty well built too!

An overall pleaser and teaser. Take this little guy on the adventure he is looking for. Neither one of you will be disappointed.

If you're a beginner and want a cheaper vibe, or an advanced user who doesn't care about anything but vibration, this is a good choice. If not, I'd look for something with more quality overall.

The Eager Beaver will offer you an exciting new experience if you've never tried a rabbit vibrator before, but beware--your fun won't last long because this bunny will probably take an early trip across the Rainbow Bridge.

I loved this toy. It was a great first time rabbit. I would buy it again if i knew it would last longer than 10 uses. It was a great toy, for great fun.

This item is worth it. The material is soft and the toy is easy to use. Eager Beaver is great for beginners. With multiple settings and easy to use controls, this toy will get you off quick. Great for couples for foreplay. A little loud and hard to clean, but for the price, it's worth the money.

The Eager Beaver is a good basic beginner vibrator with room to grow. Its easy to use and its multiple functions give the user a chance to experiment and try something new to see what works for them. While it is a bit limited in the settings it has, the vibrations of the bullet are still fairly strong.

The Eager Beaver is a low-budget vibrator. This is a great vibrator if you are appealed by the bendable rotating shaft, but not concerned about the low-quality porous material. It also bears a face on the shaft that is kinda...creepy.

Okay, this had a lot of potential but just seems to be cheaply put together. Save and spend some more money on a higher-end rabbit that will last long and do what you want. This toy is more of a non-vibrating dildo for me than anything.

I would highly suggest this vibrator for anyone. The only thing that could ever make this toy better would be if it were attached to a human body! It's easy to store, easy to clean (with careful attention, of course, due to ribbing in the shaft), easy to get the batteries into, and most of all, it's very easy to get it to make you cum.

All in all this is a great beginner product, with a great price and wonderful powers. This eager beaver has taken up spot, just in the right spot. He is buzzing with all the right moves right where you need him. And the beautiful shaft part of this toy will rotate giving you a great textured feeling. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to get what they pay for, over and over again.

I love this product. I think it is one of the best vibrators out there today. I can't wait to get a new one.

Great for both beginners and advanced users. The strong vibrations and good size never fail to satisfy. Overall, a worthy addition to any collection.

This item is worth it just for the clitoral stimulation that it provides! I've never had a toy that is able to satisfy me as easily as the Eager Beaver. For the price, it can't be beat!

This toy would be great for someone who knows their body and isn't in it just for the clitoral stimulation.

Do you have neighbors? If so, prepare to tell them that you have a really loud pencil sharpener, and that sometimes you scream in frustration at it. Or something.

The Eager Beaver is definitely worth the price. You will get tons of enjoyment out of it. The AA batteries make is last plenty long; not that it will take you long. The clitoral stimulation is out of this world! It is the perfect experience.

This is excellent first purchase for a rabbit type vibrator. It really delivers for the price and it easy to use.

This toy is worth the small price tag. It's a good addition to any collection. You will definitely get what you pay for. If you just want to cum, look no further.

All in all I really enjoy the Eager Beaver. I've had it for about a year and a half, use it several times a week, and it's held up really well. It does not drain batteries fast and never fails to bring me a happy ending.

The Eager Beaver is a great vibrator that has cool features for a great price, but might be disappointing to people with strong pelvic muscles.

All in all, I'd say that whether or not you're lonely, this is an amazing toy. The clitoral stimulation is intense. I've had the Eager Beaver for almost two years now, and I'd say I've definately gotten my moneys worth.

I really cannot stress how great the Eager Beaver really is. This thing really won't die out on you and is stronger than any inexpensive vibrator I've owned. Mine lasted me for years and years. You won't find a better bang for your buck.

This was absolutely amazing. I will never ever give mine up. The way it makes you feel when your cumming is nothing short of heaven.

The Eager Beaver is my best friend when my husband is at work and I need to get some dick. It rubs on the clit just right while penetrating my pussy. The way it can be sped up and slowed down helps keep me from coming too soon. It gives me multiple strong orgasms. It is pretty loud, either go to a room that is sound proof or cover up really good to muffle the sound.

It is a great toy for starters, the vibrator gives you just what you need to orgasm but the twister feature isn't that great. I think this one would leave experienced rabbit users with something left to be desired.

Enjoyable to both beginners and experts. If you love clitoral stimulation, this would be a great addition to your collection. Great price, great toy!

Overall a good first vibe, limited speed settings, some what loud, but can get you off fairly quickly and definately can get the job done.

Overall, it's a great product, and aside from the noise aspect, I can't think of one reason I would not recommend this product highly.

Overly enjoyably and would recommend to any female interested in a good dual action toy for alone time or with that special someone.

Great for beginners or experts, perfect for any kind of climax, long or short, and most definitely worth the buy!

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain! Definitely worth buying. Wonderful for beginners, or masters. Will definitely be purchasing more dual action vibes in the future!

This is a very good vibe for beginners who aren't sure what they want just yet. It's easy to use and it gets the job done!

A very good buy and a great toy for beginners. And although it may be a little be loud with some music or the tv on in the background, no one will know your little secret.

The Eager Beaver is a toy that makes it to the top of my list every time regardless of the jelly material requiring condoms with every use.

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