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Tried and True, the Beaver Works Hard for You!

The Eager Beaver is a toy that makes it to the top of my list every time regardless of the jelly material requiring condoms with every use.
Great width, strong motor, flicking tongue.
Jelly requires condoms.
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There are sex toys that are "sometimes" toys, sex toys that are "special occasion" toys, and then there are sex toys that you want to use every day. The Eager Beaver is definitely an everyday toy. It's been a hard worker for me and will be one for you too!

My husband used to be gone a lot with his work, so I wanted a sex toy to keep me busy at home that was comparable to his length and girth. With a diameter of 1 1/2," this won't fill you up with discomfort, but will fill all the right spots with ease. It's made out of very smooth and easy to clean jelly, so penetration is always a pleasant experience. The shaft nestles perfectly inside of you and rotates with just two settings, high and low, and when both are used with the "licking tongue" built in clitoral stimulator, you'll be straining to keep yourself from screaming.

The first orgasm I had with this surprised even me. I had one hand holding the rabbit vibrator inside of my pulsing pussy and my other hand was clutching steadfast to the headboard. I was squeezing my eyes shut so tight I had tears trickling down my cheeks and my mouth was frozen in an "O" shape. I usually have to work myself into a frenzy to get off, but five minutes with this vibrator and I was climaxing like crazy. My body was on fire, my toes were curled, and my pussy was quivering. I've never known myself to squirt; frankly, I don't really put much stock into the idea of it, but the sheets underneath me were soaked. It was the best orgasm I had ever had and one of the quickest ones too.

There are days I spend sitting at my desk thinking about coming home to this sex toy. It fits comfortably in one hand and my fingers never cramp up, so it's perfect for curling up in bed with while I'm reading a naughty book. It's insanely quiet so if I want to be able to sneak away without my husband knowing where I am I can cum in secret. I've also used this many times before sex to get myself nice and worked up, and because of the perfect 4 1/2" circumference my husband never knew that I recently had something plunged inside of my happily exhausted pussy. In fact, my husband doesn't know just how much this vibrator means to me. There are days I've used this rather than had sex with him. Truth be told, you'll cum so quickly with this vibrator that you just might leave intercourse on the back burner to simmer and use this as the main ingredient to spice up your sex life!
Follow-up commentary
Every time someone asks me to recommend them a toy, the Eager Beaver is usually the first thing I tell them to buy. I absolutely love this vibrator and in all my years of playing it's been a constant favorite. As a follow-up, all I want to do is simply write up a list about how this vibrator outshines the rest:

  - The price, it's a steal for under $25;
  - The powerful vibrations;
  - It's not heavy and is easy to hold with only one hand (makes phone sex or reading a naughty book easier);
  - The circumference is just enough;
  - The clitoral stimulator actually touches your clitoris;
  - It's quieter than most other toys I've tried;
  - The shaft noticeably rotates;
  - Easy to use buttons;
  - A plus for me is the design, I think the beaver is adorable and the tongue actually licks;
  - It's incredibly durable;

There are so many more reasons to buy this, it's just a great overall sex toy that deserves to be included in any novice or expert toy collection!
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  • sounds amazing!
  • Trust me Ashley, it absolutely is! It's by far the best rabbit vibe I've tried to date.
  • Oggins
    I really like the eager beaver too!  I have noticed that mine will work (while not nearly as powerfully) with the batteries in wrong.  Just wondered if you had noticed this too?
  • Nashville
    Yes, I have Oggins.. it drives me crazy.. I say to myself "why is this barely working" then I open up the battery compartment and I realize I had them in wrong. Maybe it's me but freshly charged batteries give it a lot more power than Energizer ones... strange?
  • The only thing keeping me from getting this one is that it has phthalates and needs to be worn with a condom for precaution, or else I would have had it for a long time now :)
  • Nashville
    Naughty, I understand completely. I wish this were made out of silicone however it would be double the price. I'm a lucky girl, not only does my husband get free condoms from wor, but I have an entire case full of expired condoms that I'm able to use over this toy. As jelly is highly porous and such a disgusting material the condom not only prevents me from exposing myself to bacteria and infection but it makes cleaning easier for me and far extends the life of the toy.
  • Nashville
    Does anyone have any questions about the Eager Beaver?
  • lamira
    Great review, thanks!!
  • MasterBlaster
    Looks good and powerful
  • Kiwi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Hotlink
    wonderful review!
  • pinkzombie
    Nice review!
  • darkkitty
    Great review!
  • Nemon
  • Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
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