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Pocket fairy Pocket fairy

Mini wand massager by Media Craft Inc

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Pocket fairy reviews

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32 reviews

For an orgasm in a hand-sized package, the Pocket Fairy is a great choice. With two power choices, both powerful, it is great for a quickie by yourself or all over the body, and even great in use during intercourse. It's not the most intense wand out there, but it's certainly powerful for such a tiny toy, and I would mark this one as a likely crowdpleaser for anyone who likes vibes.

For its size, the power behind this tiny wand is phenomenal, and it is so easy to conceal. It's a fantastic clitoral toy.

I have been looking a long time for a clit vibe that is extremely buzzy and rumbly. Usually when trying vibes they're either too rumbly and not buzzy enough or too buzzy and not rumbly enough. With the Pocket Fairy, she's both buzzy and rumbly. She doesn't lose strength when she's pressed hard onto your clit. If you've been looking everywhere for something that's extremely strong and rumbly, TRY HER! You won't be disappointed.

She will have you shaking, and enjoying every little second that you use her. Who knew Fairies could be so cool? Try this product for a great time. I feel in love with it right off the bat. I mean who wouldn't like a product that pleases your very desires? You will have some intense but good feeling orgasms with it, and that's all we want in life, right? Have fun with this Fairy - I guarantee that she will not disappoint.

The Pocket Fairy is a power packed little vibe that fits in the palm of your hand. The Pocket Fairy can produce an impressive 11,000 RPM! Styled like a body wand, the vibrations of this toy stay in its head and don’t travel through the rest of its body. This means no numb fingers and it’s incredibly easy to hold onto. The Pocket Fairy has become my go-to clit vibe, it’s a great option for those of us who haven’t had much luck with other popular clit vibes from We-vibe or Je Joue.

This toy is a bit of a splurge, but if you love powerful, buzzy vibrations, you should definitely consider this one. With its small size and highly-focused vibes, it's pretty much guaranteed to get you off! Just be prepared for what may be a slightly unusual experience when charging.

For a newbie looking for something different and strong, you should try this. If you like rechargeable toys that's even better. Also, it's small and compact, so it's portable with good storage. However, for maintenance it gets one star in that category. Maintenance for this toy sucks.

I absolutely love my Fairy wand. I believe that is a toy that every girl should have in her toyboy. It's simple to use, and easy to clean. It's also very powerful. The only downsides are that it is somewhat loud, and that it is not waterproof.

This little fairy is a strong little thing! Strong and almost silent, and ever so tiny, this is an excellent item for anyone wanting a smaller massager!

This toy is simple and pretty, and could easily become anyone's go-to clitoral vibrator. With two strong settings and a small size, it's pretty much great for whatever you need. There are very few faults and the power is good for anyone looking for something like a rocket or bullet, but with more control and variety, visual appeal, and without the battery problems.

This is an excellent wand for clitoral stimulation, sure to satisfy most everyone. I love it and would buy this again and again just to have back-ups.

This was a great purchase. The toy is very small and rather quiet, while not taking away from the power and intensity of the vibrations. It is easy to conceal, which makes it easy to take along with you wherever you go. It has great potential and I look forward to many more encounters with the pocket fairy.

This fairy massager fits right in your pocket! This truly is an amazing little toy: the power of a Hitachi wand with the convenience of a wireless, rechargeable vibe. I was absolutely impressed with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys powerful clitoral stimulation.

This is a great tiny wand that doesn't lack power. For a rechargeable toy, I'm super-impressed and in love with it!

I fell in love with this Fairy. Yes, the design could be improved a bit and it could be quieter. However, it works very well and is SO powerful. The power makes up for any sort of design problems and I don't think I've ever gotten so many orgasms from one toy! This is a must have for any special woman, whether it be you, or a woman in your life! Throw this in your cart!

Do I recommend this toy? Yes, yes, yes! Well, only if you can handle the super strong vibrations that is.

If this broke, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat! I use this toy every time I masturbate and sometimes even during sex. It's great and easy to use! If you're looking into buying the Hitachi Magic Wand, I'd suggest this first. This is so much easier to use, hold, and great for transportation. You also don't need to keep it plugged in all the time.

If you're looking for a wand massager that will fit in your purse or pocket or one you can take anywhere, this is your wand. Tiny and rechargeable with very strong high-pitched vibrations, having this little Fairy on hand is a luxury. Even though it's a little bit buzzy and rattly, it's still a wonderful toy I'm very happy to own.

I’m sure you can tell by the review that I am a huge fan of the Fairy Pocket Mini – for many, many reasons; it’s easy to use, light weight, small and discreet, easy to care for, very powerful, pretty, rechargeable, made of body safe materials, easy to transport and can be used by either a couple or single person! Whether you’re a beginner or Toy Connoisseur this is a product I think every female deserves to have! Trust me, while it is a little pricey, you won’t be disappointed.

Amazingly powerful little wand-style buzzy vibrator that delivers outrageously intense sensation to focused areas. An excellent clit stimulator all-around, and not too shabby for travel either, as long as you turn the TV up in your hotel room(it's not exactly the quietest toy ever, but that's par for the course with this level of vibration). One of my all-time favorite toys - it's a must-have, in my humble opinion. The pocket fairy is guaranteed to make you go all fluttery inside as well.

The Pocket Fairy isn't comparable in strength to other wand massagers, but it does pack a fair amount of power in it's small body. The easy-to-hold design and rechargeability make it a step up from many other small vibrators.

Once again a Fairy has stolen my heart. I just can't get enough of them! The Pocket Fairy is definitely no exception, and actually is my favorite of the ones I have tried so far! Its compact size, wonderfully powerful vibrations and relatively low noise level make it an absolute dream come through.

The Pocket Fairy has replaced my Hitachi Magic Wand when it comes to intense vibrations. It is small and cute, but don't let the size fool you. It packs a serious punch.

This product is worth what you pay for it. Very strong vibes and no hassle of changing batteries. I will recommend to all my girlfriends.

This is my go-to vibe. It is powerful, small, discreet.. I love it. The only thing I don't love is that the cloth handle gets in my way sometimes.

The Pocket Fairy is an amazing vibrator that produces very intense vibrations for such a small vibrator. Cute and feminine, she's the perfect stowaway for your purse or luggage, or to keep at home next to your bed!

This little fairy is definitely worth the price, small and compact it gives some intense buzzing vibrations! Fun for solo or couples play!

I adore this little pocket vibe! Absolutely adore it! I can't believe that I've actually found something that has bumped my previously beloved Golden Nugget out of the #1 spot in my life reserved for a small clit vibe. Never thought that day would come, but it has. The Pocket Fairy is even smaller than I was expecting, so how it can be SO powerful when it comes in such a small package has become one of life's charming little revelations...

This is the single most powerful small toy I've ever used. If you're looking for a lot of buzz, you definitely need to consider it.

Outside of the noise level of this toy, I personally did not find anything I found disappointing about this toy. It is a great addition to your toy box. The higher cost will pay for itself in a few uses when you are not adding money to the initial cost by replacing the batteries after every use. You can have a great experience while saving money and the Earth.

This is a great vibe for any toy box, so long as you aren't a sensitive Sally like myself. The compact size and rechargeable batteries can't be beat. I could find multiple uses for The Pocket Fairy, and look forward to trying them all out. I just wish I had some attachments for this vibe, I might have liked it more.

The Fairy pocket mini offers the most power I've ever come across in a small, portable, package. If you like buzzy vibrations and fast masturbation sessions, this is the wand for you. The Fairy pocket mini is great for foreplay, partner sex and quick solo sessions. This is definitely the most buzzy, orgasmic, powerhouse of a clit vibe yet!

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